Men would wait until they feel it’s time to get married, and in the mean time they would court and date as many women as possible to find the right one. A man wants a wife who would love him as his best friend, pamper him as his mother and would be very possessive about her, as he would with his daughter. This is why, before a man jumps into saying I DO, he should understand if the wife he looks for has the qualities he desires in the women he meets or not. This should be something which he should do before he says yes to getting hitched, or else at a later stage it could pose to be a problem. Here are some more tips on how to choose a wife.

Important information:

1. A man should have a list or he should know what it is that he wants to see in his life, including having the best spouse for company. He should then check his needs and if that of his would be wife’s needs match up or not. For example, is she okay with him watching television all day on a holiday while she slogs in the kitchen and maintains the house?

2. A man should make a list of everything he wants to admire in his wife. He should be real though, and not someone who fantasizes about photo shopped actresses and models. His list should include, religion and background, educational qualifications, political know how, hobbies, socializing styles, career and money, pet lover or not, idea of a hangout and more.

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3. When a man does meet the potential wife, he should spend time or take her out to understand her better. Face to face interaction helps, where questions can be asked and communication channels open for better understanding. He should pay attention on what she tells him, these are important clues which he should not miss.

4. What he should look for is a woman who has her head on her shoulders. She shouldn’t be of high maintenance, unless he really can afford having a doll for a wife. He also shouldn’t think of settling for a plain Jane, when his socializing style calls for women who are outright, fashionable and trendy.

5. If there are nuances which don’t match, the man should understand that in future this may bring up issues. Hence, if he does ask her if she would be willing to change, he should be ready for what she has to say and then make a decision accordingly, because marriages are meant for life, and not just an event where merry making happens.

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6. A man should take time out to meet her family and friends. Friends would tell him more than what the family can about her. He should pay heed to what they say, especially when the past is being spoken off. Remember, she would be your wife someday and you shouldn’t treat her as a fling or a one night fun doll.

7. Charm and beauty aside, a man should know how much of contribution his would be wife can afford to offer, which means he should check if she is willing to work after they marry or not? In this day and age, it is but important for both the spouses to share financial responsibilities and to work for the house to run smooth.

Finally, sexual compatibility is important. Adjustments post marriage has to be made, but to an extent that doesn’t insult the other for the lack of being sexually adventurous. Hence, take notes and be open or honest about your needs. Only when she knows what you want, would she then be ready to be the soulmate you desire.

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