Anyone would be in total pain since they choose to be in a relationship which doesn’t choose them. The person in question would be active, body, mind and soul to make things work. Yet the partner remains a recluse to give back some amount of love. In the bargain, one of the partners would give them all to win the next, and would also go to. The extent to convince their hearts that this is how it should be, especially when the other is non-committal. This is dangerous because it leads to mental issues that have no room for compassion and ends up in bitter scenes later on. We have all been through such a phase, isn’t it? Here are a few tips on how to choose who to love.

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Not Being Loved Back:

Most of us have been through a stage when we contort ourselves into thinking about what we want to manifest. We pray and hope, and we even wish for that amazing love of being one with him or her, and for them to choose us. Deep within we hope that person would be ours and available only to us, for commitment and ready acceptance. However, when we aren’t chosen, we feel awful about ourselves. If that is the case, why then do we choose to dwell and live in such close-ended tangles, especially when are not seen, met, valued and loved?

Tips on How To Choose Who To Love:

Tip 1:

Don’t let yourself be taken for granted at any given point in time in a relationship. It has to be two-way traffic, right from the time we start dating or courting the next. It is natural that one would take a little more time and effort to be with the next, but that doesn’t mean that you do it all to make things work. There is a difference between wooing the one you love and being their slave. You don’t need to convince someone to be in a relationship with you, not when they really care two hoots.

Tip 2:

Don’t cross the line, especially when the opposite party makes it very clear through words, actions and deeds that they aren’t looking for a commitment. Your fantasy may be to have them as a soulmate for life but remember, sometimes the best of friends and soulmates don’t make it to the dawn of the day, because of varied reasons. Hence, respect that and stop playing easy to convince!!

Tip 3:

As mentioned, it has to be a relationship with two ways playing equally to make things strong. If only you have to take the pains, it means you would end into unstoppable suffering being in such a relationship. Let go of your ego to conquer, and allow your mind to take over what your heart says.

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Tip 4:

Don’t be obsessive about winning his or her love, love isn’t a game of thrones to compete in. It would be futile making strategies to win someone’s heart, if love has to be blooming between the two, it will in its own time and pace.

Tip 5:

For love to be unconditional, committed and one-of-a-kind, you need to have patience and time. Be open-minded too, because this would give him or her a chance to open up and understand you better.

Tip 6:

Investing your love in someone you know isn’t slippery. Sometimes family and friends, colleagues at work too would warn you about the person you have a crush on, use your due diligence in matters of the heart. The rumours aren’t to be believed but don’t shun them altogether.

Tip 7:

Let the power sans ego, obsession and domination be yours, and this would be a wise tip. Which could be used to win someone’s love or while making a decision on who to love.

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Honour yourself and watch how he or she gets attracted to you!!


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