What is that one predominant but constant thing in our life that we have all equally hated since our puberty days? What is that one thing that has been blamed for ruining some of the best teenage parties we otherwise would have enjoyed? It is one thing that still, as an adult, you have to worry about. That thing is nothing but acne.

Acne in our life has been born to make the teenage days a living hell, and it is time we take a stand to clear off the acne once and for all. In this article, we discuss how to clear acne.

Causes Of Acne:

Before we move on to the techniques of getting rid of acne, we should acknowledge the very reason the acne is present in our lives. The birth of acne may be different in different persons, varying to their body type and control ability.

  • Heredity:

A smaller but significant part of acne can be blamed on the genes where even if you are born with great flawless skin, at one point, the red rashes are bound to ruin your day. However, this criterion is very likely to bother you for a long time; in fact, this is one of the rarest cases.

  • Ageing:

This is the most common cause of the birth of acne. When our body transitions from a little girl to a young lady or from a small boy to a fine young guy, our bodies automatically secret certain hormones and impulses under the brain’s command, but the body and the heart might fail to keep up with the sudden change. As a result, the revolt of the body is shown outwardly in the form of emotions and acne.

  • Reaction:

This, too, can be a leading cause when the allergic reaction to something in someone at an early stage is seen in the form of excess painful rashes, which with time, our body or we get used to.

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How To Clear Acne:

Here are the right ways and tips to clear acne scars completely.

1. Regular Cleanliness:

The pollution or the allergies outside often reacts to the body’s excess sebum production, and the pollutants get sucked in and stuck to the oil glands in your face, therefore blocking the pores. In such a case, regular intervals or periodic washing of the face, preferably with aloe vera or neem, might be a healthy idea.

2. Diet Control:

One of the first steps to cleaning up your acne is to keep your diet on the chart, your mantra for each day. Start by incorporating more and more healthier diets into your meal and cut off on the junk ones. Oils, fries, fats, and carbs will only accentuate your acnes, whereas the rest of the leafy veggies or the nutrients will help you soothe down.

3. Toxin Release:

Now, these are something that you can do every hour daily without fail. Just carry a bottle of water on the go and keep drinking from it in intervals. Water is known best to flush down your toxins, thereby lessening the chances.

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4. Go Organic:

The best cure for acne is to go organic for some time. Cut yourself off from the heavy chemical tubes and rely on natural salts and elements to keep you beautiful. For instance, baking soda is a reliable salt that needs water and some regular application. Then there are spices such as turmeric and the greens- the neem, or the tea tree, lives. Green tea, too is good for your skin as for your health.

5. Take Some Time Off:

Make sure you have a good night’s sleep and a fun weekend. Stress and tension have been a leading cause of acne, and therefore you must maintain a stress reliever in your life.

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To clear acne, it is important to maintain a consistent skincare routine. This includes daily cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing with products suitable for your skin type. Additionally, incorporating a healthy diet, staying hydrated, and avoiding picking or popping pimples can also help in reducing acne. In severe cases, consulting a dermatologist may be necessary for further treatment options.


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