There are various reasons for which when the season is summer, the hair of a person starts to fall. There are a number of causes for which this may happen and a person quite sometimes can try out certain remedies to control this hair fall problem.

How to Stop Hair Fall in Summer:

Here are a few top remedies for controlling hair fall during summer:

1. Combat The Oiliness:

Generally, there is excessive oiliness as more sweat and sebum gets secreted during the summers. A person should keep the oily food intake in check and also the head should be washed to get rid of sebum. If grime and sebum stays deposited then these can result in oily dandruff may occur.

2. Keep The Scalp Clean:

During the hot seasons it is a common thing that many of us notice is that the head can be dirtier than it usually is. The reason behind this is that the glands secrete more oil is secreted the more dirt and grime get stuck to the section. This makes it dirtier than in other seasons which are the reason it is advisable that a person should regularly maintain the cleanliness and get rid of any excess deposition of dirt. A person should use a deep cleansing shampoo or a cleansing massage to get rid of all the deposited dirt. These can also result in flakiness which can result in further problems.

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3. Hot Massages:

This is a much known term when it comes to stress relieving. A number of spas these days offer these types of services. So if a person has the cash to spend at rejuvenation then they should book some appointments with therapists and get some massages. These can also be done at home with the help of an indirect heating where a person can warm up any type of oil like coconut or the essential oils like lavender and use these on the head. Neem or gooseberry extracts can be applied to get some benefits from infections. These are natural and often are quite helpful.

4. Hair Cuts:

A person can shorten the length of the sections with a bob or chop the excess length to medium to keep the sections manageable. These are easier to maintain during the sweat season especially if a person does not have enough time.

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5. Enough Hydration:

During hot weather, it is important that a person drinks enough water and sometimes more than only 10 glasses to stay hydrated depending on the physical activities. This is another important thing that many women do not do. A normal person who has a properly maintained weight should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water for proper metabolic functions. This helps the food to get digested and in proper absorption by the body cells.

6. Diet:

It is important to have a proper diet and this is for any person who wants a healthy lifestyle. A person should have fresh fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals to keep the body with fibres and also enough proteins. There is often more sweating and more minerals and salt go out of the body. Therefore this should be taken into consideration.

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The diet should be done according to the person amount of physical activities the person does and the amount of sweat or dehydration the person goes through. If there is any excessive dandruff, the doctor or a trichologist should be talked to and they can advise on the conditions. Medicines can also be prescribed for prevent hair fall in summer or other scalp problems.


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