People usually face hair fall during the winters more than they face during normal seasons. These affect a person internally and also externally and therefore should be treated and the person should not neglect these. If the problem gets worse, these should be immediately treated either with some natural remedy or with some surgical and medical follow ups on a regular basis for better results.

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Hair Fall in Winter and How to Control It:

Here is a list of 6 major reasons for hair fall in winter and how to hair care in winter are as follows.

1. Sweat:

People usually like to do more exercises during winter season. This often leads to more sweat and since people wash heads less during this time, this can lead to more bacterial infection.

A person should wash the head with anti fungal medicated cleansers regularly after exercises.

2. Unwashed Head:

Usually, people avoid taking full head washes during this season. Therefore usually this can lead to accumulation of sweat and sebums. These also come with excretyion of toxins from the body. The secretions which also contain salt and other lipids especially if a person has excessive of oily foods, then these are not healthy which can lead to bacterial infections or boils. Regular cleansing is essential to control this problem and to keep the surface clean.

3. Excessive Styling:

People like to sport various different types of trendy styles during this season which can cause excessive usage of heat. Often people also d not wash head every day due to the temperature and this can lead to deposition of chemicals especially during the low temperatures and so this can be a reason behind various thinning problems during this time. Cutting down on chemicals and heat can have better results and also the problem can be treated adequately.

4. Stress:

This can be a regular cause and this can also be a factor to cause thinning during this season. This can be treated with proper medicines and this also can be done with counseling. Often people have busy work routines which can cause this. Improper or lack of sleep can lead to this problem. Hormonal imbalances are also a problem that arises due to this.

A good doctor should be consulted if this is supposed to be a reason. They can suggest proper remedies, if counseling is required or some routine changes can be done to suit the person accordingly. Oten anti-depressants can be suggested. These should not be had without a prescription or these may lead to more damage.

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5. Friction:

People have the habit of wearing head gears like bandana or hats which can cause problems as in friction and more thinning during the low temperature to keep them from catching flu.

These can be avoided and thin scarves can be used instead of these. People of clip the sections very tightly and that can also be a factor behind the problem.

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6. Dandruff:

This is a very common cause for hair loss in winter. There are various reasons which is why due to the change in season and the temperature of the atmosphere the fungal infections can be abnormal. That is why malassezia which is responsible for this may also act quite abnormally and this can lead to more flakes during this time.

This can be prevented by using medicated creams containing nizoral and ketoconazole. These are often recommended as a regular treatment. These are also not costly and often affordable. Some anti fungal remedies can be tried out at home like using packs made of Margosa leaves as a paste or by buying powders from the market from good brands and then using these after soaking.

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