Love has many connotations, definitions and theories, but let’s look above them all because love comes in various forms and genres. What you call love may not be looked at as the same by others, hence each one to their own. The best thing would be not to judge someone for the love that they give out or bring in because, as mentioned, love truly doesn’t have a definition as such. Love can happen in many ways, in various forms and across all gender, orientations, species and more. Society cannot define to you what you choose to believe is love as long as you don’t do anything which isn’t legal or in public that would demolish the basic structure of well-being in society. So if you have an idea of how to define love, do it through your actions, words and deeds in a positive way.

Love In All Its Forms:

In the new age, love isn’t only between a man and a woman. Across the world, same-sex love is gaining recognition, respect and equal rights. This is because everyone believes that love has no gender and love comes first. Humans came later. We are no one to mock, ridicule or insult men and women who love the same gender, just as they don’t interfere in our lives. Love is all about understanding, and when you don’t understand the true meaning of same-sex love, judging it wouldn’t help. There are no etched-in-stone rules that only a man and woman can love one another, so let’s play human and allow love in any form to spread.

Love in the sibling form has its own share of ups and downs too, but that too is love in its strongest portions. When a brother loves a sister or a brother and vice versa, the words, actions, and deeds speak volumes. One doesn’t have to tag or label the love because, once again, over here, there wouldn’t be any reason to do so.

Don’t Define Love:

Defy the tagging system or make a set definition for the purpose of love to exist. When we break the need of forming boundaries over love, we allow the concept of peace, harmony and love to co-exist and spread. The world stands greatly in need of liberation, liberation from bigotry, close-mindedness and hate. Fear leads to the latter three, whilst love in any form doesn’t have any room for the same. Love conquers the toughest of emotions, the hard-hearted and the weak at soul levels too, so why not allow love in the form to spread and take charge of the world.

Wars can end, and people can be united when love in many forms is allowed to exist sans definitions and tags. One would see that there have been instances when common men and women have walked up to large armies and distributed flowers, an act of love. The poor have shared their meals with strays, an act of love which needs no defining, and many more such instances.

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Do we Really Need to Define Love?

Ask yourself why? You wouldn’t have an answer, and when you don’t have an answer, it means you haven’t understood why you want to question. When you don’t understand, don’t judge. Rather learn to love sans judgments.

Love, as mentioned, is an eternal force in this universe; we cannot see it unless we feel it, not through touch but through the eyes. Go ahead now and give yourself some love. Feel it through your senses and be grateful for the human you are. Love is available in abundance; let it not be stolen from you through a definition.

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Love is something that is difficult to define, but it is something that we can all recognize and experience. Ultimately, it is an emotion that can bring us joy, peace, and comfort. Love is something that can be shared between people, as well as between oneself and the world around us. Love is a powerful force that can bring us closer together and help us achieve balance in our lives.


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