Don’t we all remember those days when we would be dragged to the salon where the mean lady would ask us to wait our turn to pierce our ears? The horror of the pain that is going to our friend for the next few days deserted all the happiness from us and then the time would come when we would sit solemnly, all scared as they marked and measured the place. Within no seconds of time there would be a loud click and lo and behold! We had holes peeping from our ear lobes. The day would end well with an ice cream for the road and a chocolate for the home. Today in this article we would relive those moments again with how to ear piercings.

How to do Ear Piercing Save

Safety First:

Now that we know better, it is always easy to be safe and sound while attempting any body art form and piercing is definitely a type of body art that requires a clearance of the medical conditions. Now the primary safety measure for you is to check back on the history to remember if there was any prior swelling or pus formation during any other piercing. Usually it might be the place that is not suitable for the piercing so in that case opt for a different place.

People with diabetes or hepatitis or any other skin condition better be a little more careful than the others, medical consequences might just be a fatal problem while you try to get your trends set.

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Usually now a days we opt for the gun which is an easy way to make a piercing than the age old method of needles and gloves. However, here we shall discuss both. Prior to this sterilize your equipments well to avoid infection or germs. You yourself need to wash your hair with a disinfectant. Now collect a small pad and pour some rubbing alcohol in it. Any other medical disinfectant would do too and then rub it on your ear lobe. This way all the germs will be cleared away.

Now we move on to business where with a pen you decide on the proper place. Usually we are getting both out ears pierced and using a marker can help us realize where the perfect alignment of both the piercings in the lobes would be. Once you are done with the marking and if you are satisfied, get down to work.

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Gun it Through:

Prior to this choose an open end stud earring and sterilize that too. Usually the guns have a place to hold the earring so that while you are making the hole the ring would automatically slide into it. Now place the gun at the marker point. Always take help form a second pair of hand so that you know you’re doing it right. Then start off by pulling the trigger fast but in a controlled way. Don’t get nervous which would cause your hands to shake.

The Traditional way:

The traditional way this time is not preferred since the pain is twice they say but the traditional is one of the best ways to quickly heal your swollen piercing. Start by wearing a glove and then sterilizing the needle and the stud well. Set the needle end at the marker point and make sure it is pointy enough. For this you would need a professional hand. Measure your speed since you have to go full through and then with a quick movement of hand poke the marker point fast and hard so that the needle goes through to the other side.

Finish it off:

Finish off the look by once again using the rubbing alcohol to clean the piercing and make sure you don’t meddle with it much until it’s fully healed.

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