If you are a beginner and you want to experiment with various types of makeup then trying lining is the basic of these. There are various ways in which you can wear a glamorous makeup but in order to make a good eye makeup the basic thing that many have to practice to make it properly is the lining. There are various methods in which you can draw a proper line without smudging a lot.

This is an easy to do tutorial. This can be done in steps by any beginner who is experimenting with these.  The basic things needed for this will be your base ingredients and also a simple dark shadow, a light shadow and a highlighter which can be a silver highlighting shadow or a pencil. You will need a water eye liner or you can use a pencil liner. The gel or felt tip liners are not recommended as these are for those who are more proper with the drawing of lines. You can also take a scotch tape and scissors.

Below are the steps that you can follow if you want to learn:-

How to do a Beginner’s Eye Makeup:

1. To do a beginner’s base, you will first have to cleanse the surface of the skin. This is very important and you should use a deep cleansing face wash. This will also help you to cleanse thoroughly. If you have oily surface then dirt and grime will tend to stick more than on a dry surface. Therefore you should use some oil-free cleansing wash. Dry your skin and then you can use the concealer.

2. Concealer is very essential in case you are a beginner. You will need to cover your blemishes and you will also have to use some on the area underneath the waterline. You can also use this on the lid and at the sides. This will make the eyes look fresher.

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3. Primer is not essential for a beginner’s makeup if you are only trying to experiment with the looks or practicing the lining technique.

4. Apply foundation and you can use a sponge applicator for this. You can also use a stick foundation like a stick concealer. These are suitable for beginner’s than for people who want professional makeup.

5. Now you need to use some compact and dab some on the lid as well.

6. You can now use some blusher for the cheeks as per requirement.

7. Use the lighter shadow like a peach or a pinkish shade on the whole of the lid. Use a darker shade line slightly black or charcoal or any dust colour on the crease and the exterior portion of the lid.

8. Now blend these colours.

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9. Now you can use a silver highlighter on the area of the brow bone. You can also use this below the lower waterline.

10. If you can draw a proper line with a water liner then you should slowly start at the inner portion of the upper lid and then go all the way to the exterior bending slightly upwards. You can also do from the exterior side and then proceed towards the inner side.

11. If you do not have proper hands or you smudge the lining, then cut two pieces of scotch tape and use a single piece to demarcate the upper lid at the side of the eye. Draw the lining over this and then remove the tape. You will get a proper lining.

12. Use kohl on the lower line. Use some mascara for both lashes.


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