That one day sitting with my grandmother I heard all the childhood stories about how organics at home not only helped cure remedies back in those days but was also a potent form of beautification right from the comforts of your own home.

Even though the commercial markets are quiet heavy these days with a new product every week, back in those days, my grandmother swore at home ailments were beyond the best, it was simply wonderful. Taking a cue from that, the busier days can now be narrowed down into some alone “me” time with some of your favorite products from the kitchen as you go through this article of how to do facial at home.

Basically facial can be a broad term that encompasses not only face pack and face scrubs, but a huge part of it depends on the massage technique and style, something only a few professional facial artists could master. However, with a detailed tutorial over here, now you can easily opt for facial at home without any hassle. But we know what’s going on through your mind.’

Why opt for a tiresome facial at home when you can just skip to the parlor and back in no time? Well, a huge part of that has to do with the faulty schedules that we make for the day which at one point of the day you realize is not going to happen.

So you schedule and reschedule and wait for a date and without one, we have all been there sitting in the waiting section, patiently keeping an ear out for our names to be called. All this seems like a much tiresome ordeal and given the benefits of some golden opportunity to beautify yourself with the wholeness of household items, economy can be maintained within your purse at the same time. Given below is the know-how to a facial noon spa day at home.

Know The Kind:

The kind you wish to opt for may not always be the one for your skin type and therefore we strictly recommend that you know your skin type and the requirements before opting for a facial. Often you may use organic home items from your kitchen to complete the facial ritual but for most of the days, people subject to readymade drug store ailments which may promise you faster and less messy result. You must be having an idea regarding your skin type, be it oily, dry or combination skin and knowing so you can act appropriately.

Never Rush:

A huge part of your facial ritual requires you to be relaxed so that the products applied can work their magic without the stress hindering in their work. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend you not to rush through the process and devote some time to the ritual.

Ready The Weapons:

You wouldn’t want to run around the house looking for the tools with half of your face smeared while the other half waits for the locks to be lifted. Hence, before you start gather your tools which precisely will be a smooth operation glove however, this is not mandatory if you are okay with using your hands. The next requirement is a head band so that you can keep your hair and locks out of the way. You may also need a blackhead remover which is a tiny pen like tool, a blender or a mixer nearby, some clean hand towels and bowls, and mainly all your facial ingredients together in one assortment. The primary requirements would preferably be a cleanser, scrubber, steam, exfoliator, face pack and a good moisturizer.

Let The Cleanse Begin:

Now we start with first part of your facial ritual. You would notice often this is a much elaborate and detailed facial care than the normal forty minute parlor ordeal. To start off, you might use a commercial cleanser by dabbing a bit of it on cotton and through circular movements clean your face of any remaining dirt or makeup.

If you are going homemade, you may use gram flour and milk with maybe a sprinkle of lime or lemon to make a cleanser out of it. Another homemade cleanser recipe includes orange zest finely grounded with a little honey and lots of milk. However, the easiest would be a little jojoba or olive oil rubbed in the face and then removed using a damp wet towel. To work on the cleanse, use circular massage movements across your cheeks all the way to the forehead and back not forgetting the chin and then washing or rubbing it off.

Scrub It Off:

Now that you have cleansed your face, you would know all the light dirt on the upper layers are removed but the ones set deep into the dermal of the skin are yet to be scrubbed off. This is why, let’s move on to the next part of the ritual which is scrubber now. Once again, you have the option to use a light weight foaming scrub from the drug store or maybe create one of your own.

To get a scrubber at home, the primary ingredients would require a fine grounded salt mixed with sugar particles and some lemon juice. Often if circumstances are preferable, you may even use some zest from the lemon to add to the look. Another great recipe is lentils and rice in their fine grounded form and to top it off, add a little yoghurt, curd or olive oil to the mixture to make a paste of it.

The scrubber is usually beady and rough which would necessarily mean a coarse facial massage which would go deep in the dermal layers of the skin and work on the tough tan and dirt thereby removing it. After application and massage, simply use water and a wet cloth to remove away the product.

Steaming For Good:

Now that you are done with the scrubbing, start boiling a bowl of water and using a towel give yourself a nice steam facial. This too is a variation of a facial where the steam when enclosed in an area would moisten the tough layers of the strong upper skin while breaking through the entangled layers and going deeper in.

While the water boils, use a towel to drape it over your head as you bend down and take in the steam. After a good five minute, retreat and pat your face dry. The instant glow and freshness in your look will be clearly visible by then. If during the steaming process, you ever feel claustrophobic or uneasy, stop the process immediately after a minute or so. Once again to sum up the necessity of a steam facial in this process, the steam lightens and loosens up the skin layers thereby keeping the pores open for the massage and face pack. Another great help steam can assist you with usually requires the dirt and tough stains in the inner layer to be washed and cleaned out in the process.

The Side Business:

Now that you have steamed your face, your skin would feel soft and pampered and hence the right time to work on those stubborn black heads. If you have a pimple prone skin, you may use condensed coconut oil or lime juice as a spot applicator for your acne right about now. Once that is sorted out, use your blackhead remover to scrape away the sides and wrinkles of your nose. A white head remover at this time can help you get rid of the respective and once done, clean your face with some water and keep on with the rest of the ordeal.


Now we come to the end of the ritual. However, the main parts are yet to happen. A part of the facial helps you flaunt a brighter and lighter skin and this is why the exfoliator has a key part to play in this process. To start off, an exfoliator works as a great tan removal while keeping the dermal and epidermal layers clean and light.Even though you get a lot of exfoliator in the commercial markets, a lot many of them use harsh chemicals which might be a reactive with your skin and therefore a best way to tackle this problem is by making a household one of your own.

For this you will need some grounded almonds preferably with the almond oil by its side. The same can be done by substituting the almond oil with some olive oil. The next requirement is sugar which is a great astringent agent. The coarseness of this element helps in removing the toughest of stains. Oatmeal is yet another requirement when it comes to exfoliation as much like the sugar and lime, its skin lightening and whitening properties make it a good household savior.

Start by blending some raw oatmeal with a little bit of milk and then add the paste to the sugar and oil. Often instead of the oil you may use lime or lemon juice mixed in with a little honey, another powerful exfoliation agent.

Initially start with a good massage and then leave it be on the face for it to dry for a minute or three before washing and patting dry.

Face Pack:

Now we come to the face pack part which is one of the most important part of the ritual. Now a face pack usually caters to specific needs of your skin and depending on that, you need to choose the right kind. Some face packs might make your face look all the more oily which is truly an undesirable trait while some face pack dries your already dry skin to the limit where your skin starts cracking and dying.

Some of the classic face pack ideas for a good facial would be as such:

Juice Cleanse:

Go on a juice cleanse with the best of the organics from your kitchen storage. Start by juicing out a potato and mix some blended cucumber and tomato with it. You can now add the mixture to a fat free yogurt or creamed milk and apply it to your face.

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Vitamin C:

Vitamin c is filled with skin lightening and clearing properties and if you feel the lack of it, you can easily reimburse your skin with the following face pack. Start by squeezing out a lemon and add some orange zest to the mixture. Keep the pack light by adding a bit of vitamin c pill crushed and grounded to add to the effect.

Fruity Affair:

Bananas are more than just a Vitamin K refill. Start by blending some mashed banana with milk and then squeeze a lime on top of it before you apply it to your face.

Egged On The Face:

Sometimes all you need is a little egg yolk and a green tea bag to pass away the noon. Here we can substitute green tea with normal tea bags as well. Segregate the yolk from the rest of the egg and while you can use the yolk on your hair for a better texture, for your face it is the white part that needs your attention. Lather up the mixture by beating it hard and then add a little lavender or chamomile essential oil to do away with the stink of the egg. Now cut open a wet tea bag and mix the constituents in it.

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Now comes the last part of today’s ritual where the moisturizer now helps you give yourself a good facial massage before packing your products away. Often an extra pair of hand is advised but either way the process can be done by you itself.

For this you might use your everyday night or day cream or simply use aloe gel as the moisturizer. If you have a plant in your house, you may cut and scrape a leaf to get the authentic gel. However, often the drug stores supply you with ready made aloe gel or cream.

Start by using your finger tips to make wide circular motions in your cheeks and go all the way in an upward fashion towards the bridge of your nose and back. Make firm circles and keep it in a circular fashion. Now start with the forehead where you extend your finger all the way to the outside of your temples and back to the middle of the head. Next move is to massage the nasal part, preferably the bridge up and down before moving to the chin where you extend your fingers to the jaw line in an upward fashion and back.

This is just a basic structure followed by the massagers. Now complete the facial by wiping your face with a wet towel if the aloe on the face is making your skin sticky.