How to do french manicure? What is French Manicure? A manicure is a cosmetic treatment that basically involves taking complete care of the nails starting from filing, shaping, massaging and finally applying polish.

French nails if prepared correctly look extremely clean plus sophisticated. It appears extremely feminine plus elegant. Acrylic plus gel French manicure must be better left to professionals as they must be done with out most care.

If you want to save your money then read this article to get the best method of French manicure.

Best Method to Perform French Manicure:

1. Requirement:

  • 4 kinds of nail varnish;
    A cuticle stick
    a base coat or ridge filler – a colour varnish
  • a top coat – white or cream tip varnish
  • Cuticle oil or any edible oil
  • A cotton pad
    An emery board
  • Hand plus nail moisturiser – Nail varnish remover

2. Nail Varnish Remover:

Remove any old nail varnish by some nail varnish remover on a cotton pad.

3. Cuticle Oil:

Apply on a little cuticle oil and rub it in. Allow it on whilst filling to alleviate your nails. The olive oil otherwise some edible oil will working just as well.

4. File Your Nails:

There is no point having wonderfully varnished nails which are ragged. Take an emery board plus run it down the nail tip, simply in single direction, awaiting you get the shape you desire.

5. Clear Up Your Cuticles:

Cuticles are natural division of the nail, however oil in the skin means that the nail varnish will not attach to it for long. Consequently to alleviate your cuticles steep your nails in warm water, this can start to 15 minutes. You can also use cuticle remover on your nails, offer your hands a kind coat of moisturizer and enfold in cling film for 15 minutes.

This softens the cuticles plus moisturizes your hands. To eliminate the dead cuticle, massage a cuticle stick around in extremely small circles so that the dead cuticle is rubbed off.

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6. Clean Your Hands:

Fresh away all of the nail dust plus grime in order that you don’t seal it in. Clean the nails down by a little nail varnish remover once again to eliminate any oil remains, because it will source the varnish to flake off.

7. Apply a Base Coat:

Clean off the additional on the side of the bottle. Brush on in 2 otherwise 3 careful strokes. The base coat protects your nails from being stained by the pigments in the colored varnish.

8. Put on The Tip:

Use white or else cream color for the tip. Cautiously draw a thin line of finish crosswise the natural white tip of the nail. Uncertainly the line looks rough originally, allow it dry, plus if you require to, set a second neater line over it. To create the tip application easier, get a little piece of cardboard plus cut out a diamond shape. Place your nail in it and brush down the white tip. It will end the varnish going on your skin.

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9. Smear The Color:

Brush on the color varnish after that. Once more confirm that there is not in excess of on the brush. You can place on more layers if you require deepening the color. Remain waiting the first layer is dried out to touch plus then place on a second layer. The typical color to utilize for a French manicure is translucent pink otherwise beige.

10. Apply On a Top Coat:

The top coat is a solid, clear coating. It locks in the color plus protects the nail.

11. Let It Dried Out:

If you desire a good French manicure you must leave it as a minimum 5 minutes earlier than even checking if it’s dry. Uncertainly you are afraid your nails are still cheap; put a little cuticle oil on them to end lint from your clothes attach to them.

12. Arrange: Now you can apply your top coat of nail color.

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