There are various ways to wear a green eye makeup look. These are quite easy to create. If you have brown coloured eyes then this is a look that can make your eyes look trendier. The green shadows or the green liners are very glamorous. You can wear these with most of your party wears those which are green in colour. If you want to wear a lehenga or a heavy suit that has green and red embroidery then this type of a look can be quite glamorous. Therefore you should try this out. You need to have at least few shades of green and a black shade at hand if you want a Smokey effect. You will also need heavy mascara and a gel liner which is quite popular and trendy these days than water liners. You can additionally use glitters and other glittery linings.

Below are the Steps to Get the Proper Green Eye Makeup Look:

  • To start the basic makeup, you need to cleanse the surface of the skin. If there is oil and dirt deposition, your makeup will not sit properly. You will have to use a deep cleansing face wash and then pat the surface dry. You can also use some oil free cleanser for this. Depending on your skin type you can choose a cleanser to cleanse the pores.
  • You can then now put on some primer. This is important so that the shadow or the liner does not crease. If you want this as an experimental look then you do not need to apply primer. However if this is for a party where you want to wear this for long hours then you should use some primer on the lids and around the eyes. If you do not want to spend on a separate primer then you can use the same face primer.

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  • You can then use some form of moisturizer if you have the habit of the skin getting cracks. You can avoid this if you have oily surface.
  • You can now use some concealer. Dab the concealer on the required areas where you have blemishes or any type of spots or any other patchiness. For beginners they can use some form of stick concealer as well. If you want more professional look then you can wear a cream concealer. You can also use some mineral concealer.
  • You can now use the foundation to complete the basic steps. Use a sponge to use this. This should be blended properly. You can apply compact and do your face makeup with a required lipstick and lip liner.
  • You can now use a silvery shade on the whole of the lid. Use this from the brow bone and around the eye.

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  • Take a green liner pencil. Draw the line to make the tailed shape according to your eye shape. You can now fill in into the exterior portion of the lid with the same green pencil. Now use an applicator brush to smudge the colour. You can now use a darker shade of green at the middle portion.
  • Use some yellow into the inner portion and blend the colours. Take the lighter shade in an applicator and use it along the lower rim for an added effect.
  • Use some thin black lining very near to the lash line for both upper and lower rims. Use heavy mascara and you can additionally use loose glitters for a more party effect.
  • You can also use glittery liners in green for more party and drama style.

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