We being girls can imagine the type of hassle we go through every once a month when we have to renew our nails in the salon. Out of the busy schedule and the expensive offers, it is almost a pain for us women to book time in hand and sit in a salon waiting for our turn to come when we can finally again get them nails done only to go through the lengthy process once again in the following month.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just do all these at home on a Sunday noon when we have loads of free time? Often wouldn’t it be fun to have a slumber in nights with your girlfriends doing each other’s nails and you be the shining one who can offer your friends a free money paid without much problem. It is not only convenient for you to get your pretty nails done at home, it is also a great way to spend some quality time reimbursing yourself with some alone time.

Before we move on further, here is a short note from the beauty book for girls who are still confused about the recent article and its contents. Manicure is one of the most common beauty treatments that focus on your hands especially your nails and works towards perfecting them. This is just a beauty treatment much like facial where nails are filed, evened out, polished and brought back to shape using intricate tools and techniques.

Some of its contents include uneven filing of the nails, pushing back of cuticles, clipping the nails to bring about the required shape, cutting down of the side skin around the nail beds, polishing of the nails so that they glow and look healthy, and many such. The intricate skill of drawing patterns and pictures on the nails also form a part of manicure process. It at times include bejeweling where gem like props are added to the nails to give them a dazzling effect.

Now when the hands have been taken care of, the little feet feels alone and so we have a solution for our feet too. the solution is termed pedicure where the baby feet is polished cleaned filled colored and brightened up. This entire process of money paid can easily be done at home with the help of this article.

For a solid manicure and pedicure in the Sunday afternoon, here are the steps.

Ready The Weapons:

Before stepping into the nail world ready all your supplies and keep them handy. The essential products needed will be cuticle softening cream, hand cream, cuticle pusher, nails files, three essential nail polishes- the base coat, the color and the top coat, nail buffers and a nail cutter. You will also require some cotton ball and q-tips.


Set the work place, a towel or a soft cardboard to get a firm base, using nail polish remover, remove your previous nail coatings properly. Use a hand wash and cream to soften the nails. Use one of the q tips to reach to the nooks and crannies of the nails to eradicate the previous color coat. If you have acrylic or add on nails make sure the nail spirit does not loosen the glue on the add on nails.

Snipping And Setting:

Start by cutting the nails into a formidable shape. the sexiest manicure can only be approached if your nails are not too long and not too short, just a formidable length. Also the best shape is not the proper oval or the square. The ‘squoval’ should be the target. Start by snipping the nails and then use the nail filer to get the required shape. as for the top part, mirror your nail bed base and continue. One of the best tip to filing nail is to lightly use the filer on your nails rather than forcefully using it. Also pivot your hand at angles which match the stroke. Instead of using the nail tip to file, use the filer on the underneath of the nail tip. This way nail scraping or chipping whilst can be prevented.

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Buff It Up:

The next step requires you to use nail buffers and also a buffing powder.  For the buffing, use a stick buffer or pad style buffer, one which you can get a proper grip now. Using the buffing powder, buff up the surface to get rid of unevenness or dullness; Never over do the buffing however since thinning the nails will make it brittle.

Soak And Clean:

A Luke warm bowl of water and some lemons might be needed. For this, fill a small bowl enough to fit your nails in both cases for hands and toes. For toes you may need a bigger bowl to dip in the feet. Squeeze in lemon or lime and add a bit of liquid hand wash. Lather up if you wish. Soak the nails for a little while. The lemon and the soap along with the warm water loosens the dirt and dead skins from the nails. The lemon also acts a brightening agent to fade away certain spots if present on the nail top.

Cuticle Cure:

We all know how a perfect nail can be destroyed by a nasty cuticle at the other end glaring at you and therefore pat those hands dry and at once set on the cuticle cure. you will get cuticle creams in your nearby drug store. Apply the cram on the nail and nail beds and then use a cuticle pusher to gently push back the cuticles. Do not use undue force. The orange stick or cuticle pusher only needs a gentle effort so don’t overdo it.

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The Process Ending:

Now since all the essentials are done with, you need to use the hand cream and lotion to smoothen the hands or feet along with the nail. Use any hand cream so that the nails now can get a little moisture and feel supple. Let the cream soak in for a little while.

Paint The Town Red:

Now comes the fun part, the nail colors. For this, start with a base coat which is usually transparent or skin tone color so that the top color is not manipulated. Once that dries, use the color you want, red green blue yellow. Then use a transparent sheer gloss top coat to seal in the color and protect the nail from chipping away.

And voila, you are done with your nails.

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