What Is Meditation:

Meditation is one of the best forms of exercise that opens your mind and helps you concentrate better. Not only that, it will relax your senses, lower anxiety and blood pressure. Your blood circulation will be improved and if you have a heart problem, expect to derive some benefit out of this. This practice has been a part of Indian culture for several decades and has given the country a whole new image and dimension. There are several kinds of practices that one might do in order to improve your mental skills. Most people like to join classes that teach meditation while some would like to learn at home with the help of a DVD. But you don’t have to take that trouble. Just follow the steps given in this article and you will be ready to meditate pretty soon.

Many people have found many applications to using meditation on a daily basis not only medically but for relief of mental stress as well. There are many kinds of meditation to choose from and though not many people know this there are two kinds of meditation primarily which range from normal non-exertive meditation and elaborate meditation for people who have a hang of the process and know what to do on an expert level.

Meditation and yoga go hand in hand as both deal with the calming of the mind first. It is always better to keep yourself informed at all times making it very necessary for you to do a little research beforehand so that when meditating you know exactly what you are doing. If looking for professional help there are a number of people who are quite well versed in the art of meditation that you can ask for help from quite effectively without any added back draft.

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How To Do Meditation For Beginners:

Here are the best ways and tips for how to do meditation along with benefits for health.

1. Fix A Particular Time Slot For Yourself:

Meditation is all about relaxing and releasing all stress and tension from your body. This practice is too unique and risky to do in the middle of the day or night. However, you need to practice meditation entirely at your convenience. Therefore the first you need to do in order to meditate is to fix a particular time slot for yourself. Make sure you are following this on a daily pattern. Meditating regularly at the same time is going to give you several positive effects.

2. Choose A Quiet Place:

When asked how to do meditation, you must look for a quiet and calm place. Since this exercise is all about disengaging yourself and relaxing your senses, you cannot do this in a place that is full of noise and chaos. You have to go somewhere where there is peace, calm and serenity. If you happen to stay up in the hills, then you are in great luck. The picturesque locations, exotic views and calm atmosphere are going to help you meditate better.

For those of you who live in the city, try practicing meditation in your own room early in the morning. Choosing the right spot to sit and rest your body in order to start with your meditation is a very important and integral part of the process because the more at ease you can keep your mind during this process the more the effects will be fast coming and very effective. You must always take care to stay away from congested areas with maybe too much traffic or people as this may mess with your concentration. For the best results, go to a quiet place like a park where you can easily connect with nature and enjoy a perfectly elaborate meditation session.

3. Sit Comfortably:

Sitting comfortably is the third step you need to take in order to meditate. Keep your legs crossed and place your hands on your lap. Keep your spine straight and your eyes closed. Throughout the entire process of meditation, your eyes should not open or your back shouldn’t hunch. Padmasana which is also known as the lotus pose is the first and basic position you need to place yourself into. Stay still and breathe deeply.

This is the second step to achieving the best meditation effects possible. As you already know there are several ways you can position yourself to enjoy a period of meditation of which some are quite elaborate and some are very easy. It is up to you to pick the pose that is most comfortable for you and do a little research on this matter beforehand so that you can try out all the ways of sitting before making a decision of your own. It is a fun way of occupying your time as well and allows you to learn more about meditation and its wondrous effects and when asked how do i meditate you will know what to say.

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4. Keep Your Stomach Empty:

You cannot meditate with a full stomach, otherwise, you will fall asleep. However, it is very important for you to remember that you shouldn’t meditate when you are very hungry. You will find it very difficult to meditate and the entire process shall be a waste. This is one of the reasons why many of the yoga teachers and instructors tell us to keep our stomachs empty two hours prior to our exercise or meditation session. Meditation is normally done in the morning at sunrise because it is at this time that your body is the most active.

Meditation does involve a lot of breathing exercises which requires you to keep your stomach empty for the best results. because breathing can be quick and fast at times it tends to add a squeamish feeling if you have eaten reducing the effects of meditation so keep your stomach empty and eat a hearty meal after your meditation is over. Having a snack before the session is allowed though because you would not want to feel famished during the entirety of your meditation session making it very important step to do meditation.

5. Do Some Warm-up:

Any kind of physical practice requires you to do some warm-up. And by warming up, we mean doing some stretches. Try doing the Namaste pose, the boat pose and the child’s pose for a couple of minutes before you can really get into the work. This will make your body feel light and relaxed. You will also notice that meditation for a longer period of time shall not be a problem anymore.

6. Take Some Deep Breaths:

While trying to practice meditation it is important for you to breathe the right way. This stands as one of the major techniques of good meditation. Breathing in and out deeply will help you remain in a peaceful and meditative state for a longer period of time. You will also be improving the conditions of your lungs when you learn to breathe in a better way. Always remember to focus on your breathing. You should have a basic idea about your performance.

7. Don’t Forget To Smile:

Your entire procedure of meditation shall be useless if you forget how to smile. A gentle smile will enhance a peaceful situation and improve your meditation in great ways. You will also feel better when you are meditating. Smiling has always had a positive effect on those who meditate daily.

8. Concentrate:

While meditating, you must remember to concentrate. Focus on a single point throughout the session. Avoid any distractions or obstacles. To keep the meditation steady and effective you can chant a single word or maybe a mantra. You can also hold a rosary, count the beads and say a prayer. Since focusing on the mind can be a very challenging task, a beginner might be able to meditate for only a few minutes. Meditating for a longer period of time will only come with practice. To be careful, notice every time your mind is wandering. Refocus yourself that instant and focus again. Throughout this process, your level of concentration will definitely improve.

The Power Of Observation:

To meditate like a professional, you need to be a keen observer. Every time you feel like your mind is drifting away somewhere else, be careful and observe this situation carefully. Through mindfulness and observation, you will be able to judge experiences and also understand your performance. With this practice, your inner balance will develop and you will be able to meditate the real way. You should also learn to be very still during the whole procedure.

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9. Open Your Eyes:

After you have finished meditating, don’t just get up like that. Open your eyes gently and gradually and try to feel the beauty of the world around you. Be an observer and you will be aware of your surroundings. Sit there pondering for a couple of minutes and then you can slowly get up, calling this session to an end. It is a great way to start your day and gives your mind and body that due relaxation it needs to be able to tackle any issue that may arise during the day. One of the best things about meditation is that it gives you a clear aspect of life allowing you to be more aware of your surroundings and allowing you to be much easier to deal with any issue on a daily basis without being overwhelmed by a truckload of stress like before making it the best way to do meditation.

This article talks about the benefits of meditating on a daily basis along with all the steps you must take to enjoy a successful meditation.


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