It is always a wonder the things we come up with. It started off with newer blendable hair colors like the mauve or the blue and then it escalated to the new clothing style where you can now sport a carelessly messed up hair and call it a bed head look. Now we can finally pair the hippie outfits with a perfectly straight pony and that becomes a class factor, maybe a new style. This is where we had come up with newer styles for our nails and this is one right here is called ombre nails.

What is This?

When we use the term ombre, we usually mean a type or a pattern of mixing in color so that the color transition is not exactly pointed out. Ombre means the smooth transition from one hue to another through a soft line that is blending in with the two colors causing a beautiful pattern. This is a type of nail art where you can mix in two colors or simply use ombre for one.

The Materials Required:

For this look you would need a sponge or a cotton ball as a backup. Sponges are more readily preferred due to its flawless finish on the nails. Have a q-tip handy and some cotton and nail polish remover. Based on your decision keep two or more nail polish bottles nearby.

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Procedure Commences:

  • Ombre nails, especially if you are opting for a nude one would need a lot of pre care which is why start by soaking your nails in a warm water bowl with possible hand cleaner or soap suds floating around. Your nails need to be clean so that the color would stick well.
  • Prior to this if you have used any hand softener or moisturizer make sure you have completely wiped that off your nails so that the colors stick well. After the wash, file or cut your nails proportionately to get an equal look. This however is not a mandatory point if your nails are already done up and filed well from before. Dry your hands properly.
  • The next step is to apply a soft nail coat or base coat which should preferably be transparent if you are going for more than two colors. You can even use one with a simple gloss or the one with the nude look. Let the base coat dry and make sure there are no bumps on the base coat. Once the base is done start by applying the primary color coat. If you are using only one color you don’t need to put any other primary coat. While your top coat dries, on a sheet of plastic or paper, the thick kind, pour two or three drops of the required color you want the ombre effect to be in. Here use the nail polish brush for the drops. You can use more than one color here too. With a toothpick or a safety pin mix in the color and then comes the use of the sponge.
  • Dip the sponge in the nail paint blob and then start dabbing your nail tips with the sponge. You would notice the ombre starting to take shape. Your sponge consistency should be easily airy to avoid too much color during the ombre effect on the transition line so it is often advised to use the sponge corner to create the transition line.
  • The transition if repeated will follow the same procedure. Now let the ombre part dry out and then seal the look with a fine clear top coat.

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You can even add the nail colors on a strip of paper and then stick them to the top coat to get the ombre look which is a much easier and quicker version as compared to the sponges. The outlook however might vary a bit.

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