Ponytail is a very common hairstyle loved by almost everyone and there are hundreds of ways to do it. Ponytail has been the oldest way of styling one’s hair. Even a simple ponytail can look good if you do it properly. Ponytail can be used as a everyday style by almost all age group woman and can be made into an elegant hairstyle with some extra effort. The correct procedure to make a good ponytail is written below step wise to help you.

1. Making a High Ponytail:

Firstly, you would need to shampoo your properly to get clean dirt-free hair for making a ponytail. Then, use the required product you need for increasing the volume and texture of your hair. Brush your hair properly. If, you do not have the product handy at home think of using baby powder in the ends. Once, the hair is ready for curling, you would need to heat the curler properly and start from one side of your head. After you, complete curling the entire hair as per your requirement.

You would have to take a fine-toothed clean comb and softly raise the back hair towards the crown. Then, gather all the hair in your hand properly and tie it using a good color rubberband. To finish it softly brush the hair.

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2. Making a Side Ponytail:

Like the normal ponytail one can also think of making a side ponytail that will look better on round and heart-shaped faces especially. Any type of ponytail looks good if the volume of the hair is dense. Thin hair should be tied into a pony. For a side ponytail, you would require to apply the product to increase volume on clean hair and then brush lightly.

Then with a comb create a deep side parting on either of the sides that you find comfortable. Then gather all the hair on the opposite side of the parting using your hands or comb. The tresses will have to be tied with a matching color rubber band. Lastly, you can smoothen the ponytail with your hands.

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3. Latest Braided Ponytail:

Like the above two ponytail styles, you can easily make a braided ponytail. This will give you a prettier look but it is essential that you have thick hair if you want to style your tresses into a braided ponytail. You have to divide your hair into four quarters. The two side quarters will be used to make two braids that will eventually come to the center and mix with the rest of the hair. All the hair will have to be gathered into a tight ponytail using a good quality elastic.

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4. Making An Unfinished Ponytail:

This is another interesting ponytail style that is a combination of a braid and a ponytail. The look is messy and unfinished. You would have to brush your properly and create a center parting at the nape of your neck. Hold the two sections of your hair in your hands and tie them like a shoelace. Repeat this thrice and loosely tie a rubber band at the end of the braid. Use a bobby pin to secure the hair in position from behind the hair. You are ready to go and get compliments.

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You can select any of the ponytail style for yourself for different occasions. These hairstyles can be done with any kind of outfit whether it is trousers and shirt or denim and t-shirt or even a maxi dress. It is a  universal hairstyle is comfortable and looks elegant as well.


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