Hair care is one of the essential things that all of us need to do. However, sometimes the simplest of hair care, like regular shampoo may be very confusing or incorrect at times.

If we do not shampoo, the hair products we use and the dirt we carry while traveling, can build up over time in our hair and scalp and cause irritations in the scalp and damage to hair. So avoid this unpleasant feeling, shampoo is a daily essential.

As easy as it may seem to many of us, but most of us do not shampoo our hair correctly. In this article we will read about the simple steps which may be useful in a proper shampoo and ensure health to our hair.

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How To Do Proper Shampooing:

Identify Your Product:

Identify the right product for your hair depending on the size, texture, strength, color. You may consult your stylist for the same.

Get Your Shampoo/Conditioner/Comb Handy:

Take a shampoo, conditioner and a comb. Use the comb to brush your hair before shower so as to avoid all tangles.

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Wet Your Hair:

Soak your hair properly in water as much as you can for at least 30-45 seconds so that the hair is completely wet. This is essential so that while you shampoo the hair is not dry. Soaking hair in warm water is good for removing dirt accumulated in the hair. In case you have long hair beneath your shoulder you can prefer to condition your hair before you apply shampoo to keep ends healthy and fill cuticle with moisture.

Take Shampoo :

Depending upon the length of the hair, take shampoo at least an amount equivalent to a coin size in your palm of your hand.

Be Gentle:

Massage your hair and scalp gently with your fingers to lather up. You need to ensure that you are not massaging with the finger tips. Massage should be more on the top area of the head. The roots should be gently massaged and shampooed. The hair which is closest to the scalp is the youngest one and will therefore have more oil so the best way is to lather from roots to the end. Ensure that the tip of the hair should be well conditioned with shampoo.

The strokes you use become essential while lathering. Be gentle and avoid circular strokes which may only tangle your hair. Start from your roots in a vertical motion. This will also increase blood flow to the scalp.

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Rinse Well:

Now rinse all the shampoo out with lukewarm water before you proceed further.

Condition Smooth:

Take a small amount of conditioner, depending on the length and texture of your hair, onto the palm of your hand. Apply the conditioner by starting at nape of the neck. Now start combing the conditioner with your fingers so as to reach the tip of the hair. Comb with your fingers in a manner that the condition is spread evenly.

Rinse Conditioner:

If your conditioner so instructs, leave the conditioner for two to three minutes on the hair to soak. Unless it is a leave in hair conditioner which need not be washed, rinse hair again with warm water after spreading the conditioner more evenly. Rinse till the conditioner is washed out.

Dry for Healthy and Shiny hair:

Make the hair dry with a towel without having to squeeze your hair as his makes the hair weak. Do not blow dry to dry hair as blow dry makes the hair more frizzy after sometime. Natural dry out only leaves hair shinier and healthier.

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