When we have a party to go to, usually the purple eye look is a very popular one. You can also do these types of looks for a variety of occasions. You can do light Smokey effects for those times that you go to your college. Even for a girl night out party, you can do these looks. You can use various glittery effects to these and make these more club going. You can also do these with heavy mascara and heavy shadows for a heavier look which can be done to team up with your party wear getups. You can also wear feathery lashes with these which can be worn using some lash glues. For the look not a lot of ingredients are generally needed. You can do these with two shades of your suitable purple colour and you can do the rest of it in silver for a more fresh effect.

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Steps for How to Do Purple Eye Makeup:

Below are the steps to get glamorous purple eye makeup look like the image shown above.

  • You should always remember that doing makeup when your skin is not cleansed properly can leave you with patchy effects and clogged pores which will later dampen the whole freshness. Therefore start off on a cleansed surface and get the face properly cleansed and also pat it dry.
  • If your skin has the effect of creasing then your shadow will not hold good. Therefore it is advisable that you apply some eye lid primer. Face primers can also work for this.
  • Foundation is a key ingredient to a proper base. You can buy this separately from stores of you can use the pack that you are using on face. Next, you should use the concealer that you are habituated using. You can use a soft sponge to wear this. You can also buy mineral powdered packs.
  • Now take the lighter shade of the shadow and use that on the whole of the lid.
  • Taking the next darker shade of purple you can now blend this on the outer edge of the rim. Line the lash line with an angled brush. This will give a Smokey effect.

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  • Next for a fresher look take a non-glittery silver shadow and use this on the whole of the lid. Blend well with the darker shade at the edge. If you want a party look then you should use loose glitters over this silver or you can use a shimmery shade. This is choice dependent as per what type of dresses you want to team this with.
  • Now you need to use a darker shade of purple on the crease area. Blend well.
  • Next take an angled brush if you are using a gel liner. Put enough liner gel on the brush and then a line in an evened-out pattern. You can do any form of lining with this.
  • Take another brush and coat this with glitter if using glitters and you can use it along the line you already drew with black liner. You can also use purple liner for this.
  • Now take your mascara and coat the lashes in a proper way. Use 3 coats for a proper finish.
  • You can wear false lashes if you want to. In that case, you should wear the false lashes first and then use mascara.
  • You can also wear feathered lashes which are quite easily available these days. These give more effect for parties.
  • If you have small eyes or you want a more shimmery effect then use a highlighter on your brow bones.

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