How to increase weight is common question among many. The ability of the human body to extract nutrients from food, convert excess energy to calories and to store them in the body as Fat and muscles are known as weight gain. Being underweight may also be an indicator of some underlying problem.  Weight gain largely depends on the type of food you eat. Ideally, men and woman should gain weight in the form of more muscles and less fat. Having an exercise routine further helps in achieving this.  It is also to be noted that woman need a higher fat content in their body than men.

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The ideal weight for men and woman depends on their age and height. A perfect body weight not only gives good aesthetics but also help in producing hormones that are required for the body in order to function correctly. The best way to gain body weight should be in the combination of good food and exercises.


The BMI Machine is an instrument that helps in determining the composition of the body, mainly divided into Muscle, Fat, water content, and bone density. A BMI machine could be handheld, or a weighing machine, both of which functions in the same way. A small charge of electricity is made to pass through your body, which is then read by the machine. Different components in the body conduct electricity differently. Fat and bones conduct less electricity than muscles and water. However, the results can change and differ depending on the time of the day, health condition and state of the body. Use this calculator to calculate your body mass index (Open link in new tab).


While there are several ways to increase wight, the period it takes to gain weight is subjective and depends on your goal. If your goal is to increase muscle weight, which is by far the best way to gain weight, then it would take about 2-3 months in conjunction with proper diet and weight training. However, if you want to gain weight without being concerned whether its fat or muscle that you put on then you will be able to increase your overall weight in a month.


What’s best way to gain body weight? The best way to increase weight is possible if you can inculcate and follow a strict diet and exercise routine, you will start to see changes right by the end of the first week. You will be able to add a kilogram of weight every week. However you need to understand that as the weeks pass, your body will adjust to the new intake of calories, and the weight gain will get stagnant after the second week, and hence you will have to keep adding an excess of 500 calories every week to your ongoing diet.


  • Genetics: One of the most known reasons for being underweight, is genetics. It can easily be traced back to your parents. If both or one of your parents also suffers from being underweight.
  • Diseases like HIV, Tuberculosis, Cancer: The early signs of these symptoms consist of tiredness and weight loss. If not treated and looked after at the right time, these diseases could end up taking your life, and hence you need to get medical attention if you doubt having any of these diseases.
  • Hyperthyroidism and Diabetes: These are conditions that affect one or more of your organs, which renders your body not to process food properly, and to extract sufficient nutrients and minerals, and therefore create an imbalance in metabolism. In such cases, one needs to get diagnosed, and medical help at the earliest. If you fail to get the initial treatment you may end up being terminally sick.
  • Depression: This is a state of mind triggered by recent events or changes, that renders a person to be moody, tired, and unable to do daily activities, and sleepiness. Loss of appetite is another side effect of depression that will cause weight loss and hence is essential that one get medical assistance for both mind and body.
  • Other Factors: Other factors that can lead to weight loss, and being underweight could be your lifestyle. Medication, over-exercising, stress, and enzyme deficiency could lead to loss of weight, and a change in your current lifestyle can bring forth changes regarding weight gain.


Let us see how to gain weight naturally.

Internal Ways: A balanced diet which has adequate nutrients and calories will ensure that you gain weight at a constant pace. Proteins are well known to be as the building blocks of life, and it is the main component you need in surplus to increase muscle mass. In addition to the protein, you need vitamins that help in processing food. You should always be at a state of surplus calories. And you can do this by limiting and looking after your food intake, and the calories present in the diet. You need to be at a surplus of 500 calories at any point of time which is one of the easy ways to gain weight

External Ways: For those who ask I want to gain weight and how, to convert protein to muscle mass, you need to be exercising. Exercising in the form of weight lifting will help in increasing muscle mass. In addition to diet, you can opt for supplements to get more dose of protein, and vitamins.


A common question is I want to gain weight and how to do. For asking how can I gain weight, Weight gain should always be healthy. They should not be temporary or through quick tips and shortcuts. Hence always have a balanced and protein-rich diet. One should not gain weight through unhealthy fats and carbs as they do no good to your body but rather show it up in the form of bad and unhealthy fat. Hence it is advise to have good protein foods regularly to increase and gain weight healthily. Further, have dry fruits and nuts too.


What can I do to gain weight? Here are ways to gain weight. Every person needs 7-8 hours of sleep/ day. Make sure that you stick to a particular time for your body to wind down and rest. It is during sleep that your body rejuvenates, and breaks down food and convert them to calories and process these excess calories. Let us see the answer for how to gain weight in a healthy way.


Easy ways to gain weight is diet. Weight gain program should include diet.Keeping a balanced diet is essential to weight gain. Specific food that can drastically increase your weight is peanut butter, Nuts, Milk, Potatoes, Homemade smoothies are a great option to get the much-needed refreshment and protein. Hence nutrition for weight gain is important to balance.


What can I do to gain weight? If working out in a gym is not your cup of tea, then you can also work out at home, just with body weight. Keep changing your exercise routine on a weekly basis, as the body tends to cope up to changes quickly and identify them as a habit. Avoid aerobic exercises.


Healthy ways to gain weight also includes supplements. Here are steps to gain weight. These are safe way to gain weight naturally. Whey protein is one such protein supplement that is proved to have no side effects, and increase muscle mass when taken adequately in conjunction to exercise(1 , 2).

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Now, here we are giving you a list of some beneficial tips to gain weight as well as your confidence. They are as follows:

1. Eat Three Meals Per Day:

How can i gain weight is very non similar type of question. But we have different types of answers for that problem. In those first main thing is eat heavily before you follow. It is highly recommended that consume three meals as well as two snacks for each day. Consumption on a regular timetable is very helpful to make sure that you are receiving sufficient calories every day. It means that you consume generously-portioned breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as two snacks in in the middle of it.

When you’re eating such meals, they will tend to digest fast. And this is why you should keep your stomach filled by providing it with sufficient amount of food at certain time intervals. This will allow your body to be filled with quite some amount of protein, nutrients, etc and this can be said to be one of the best ways to provide you with good quality nutrients. This will allow you to gain weight by staying healthy at the same time. Another important thing is to kept in mind, that your diet should only include all those foods which actually provide your body with some natural beneficiaries such as fruits and herbal drinks. These will promote the weight and allow you to get extremely fit from the core.

2. Eat Healthy Fats:

Consume large amount of healthy fats. Have your egg yolks, meat with animal fat, coconut oil, and extra healthy fats. Rise caloric intake of the healthy kind of course. Consequently, those bananas total well here that helpful for how to gain weight for girls. Having such high amounts of healthy fat surely assist you to gain quite some amount of weight. This can be said to be one of the best ways to gain weight naturally without causing your body any harm. These are not trans or processed fats, these are natural fats that are actually necessary for our body to a certain limit.

This process will allow you to gain weight quite easily and keep your stomach filled and healthy at the same time. If you’re consuming such amounts of foods daily, then you are surely doing yourself a favor as within a few days (or months) there will be a considerable change in your weight.

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3. Avoid Overdoing:

Series of binging or overeating as well as fasting have been exposed to have bad effects on glucose and insulin levels. It also shows probably injurious metabolic processes. As an alternative of pigging out at one meal since you want to eat as many calories as conceivable, attempt to extent that eating out above the complete day. What ever you do, do with all heart. If you do something that is recommended by your heart, then don’t do it. For example, no one like overeating. This is one of the prime misconceptions that people have regarding weight gain. A lot of people tend to think that, if you eat a lot you will increase weight. But that is not true.

These obviously have some bad side effects as discussed before and also hamper the day to day functions and activities of the body, since your body is not habituated to that kind of food intake. Instead of applying this technique, there is one thing you can do that is by eating the right food in the right amount at the right time. This will surely allow you to keep the body healthy and the organs active so that all the internal activities of the body are in your favor and they will assist in weight gain.

4. Achieving Muscle Mass:

Mostly the athletes want to bulk up and therefore they add protein as well as sufficient calories beside with correct strength exercise to make sure that they achieve bulk in the right places. They consume protein-rich refreshments such as low-fat chocolate milk, high-protein energy bar, or a protein shake directly later weight exercise to bounce muscles the essential post-workout energy. Enthusiastic exercisers who are not annoying to build muscle mass also requisite everyday healthy snacks to fuel their bodily activity and to keep or increase weight. At the same time, one thing should be kept in mind that when you’re consuming such protein-rich beverages you are actually allowing your body to grow.

Now all of these protein rich smoothies or protein don’t work like the labels of the products promise. The worst part is that, these protein rich foods sometimes have some side effects. So before buying these artificial protein supplier, you should definitely recommend your doctor and this cab be said to be one of the most important steps that you will have to take before consuming them. Don’t be ignorant and consult an expert in this mater as it is about health.

5. Consume More Calories:

This includes some calculation. Consuming more calories is the perfect method for gaining weight.The estimated usual everyday caloric requirement for a normal male who achieves light movement is 2,200; for a female, it is 1,900.You want to eat about 1,000 additional calories each day to increase less than half a kilo a week. Do the calculation. Consume higher portions and have at least 3 meals a day. Your real caloric responsibility can change dependent on your height, weight, action level and your body’s metabolic rate.

Some experts prefer offering their clients who are suffering from low weight issues, with diet charts that come with meals, which further allow them to have tons of calories throughout the day. But at the same time, they will have to workout a bit so that they can burn quite a few calories at the same time. This is just to ensure that the high amount of calorie intake doesn’t hurt their internal body.

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6. Drink Milk:

If you want to increase the calorie value of milk, enhance 1 cup powdered milk to one quart of 2% milk. At that time complement Spray Instant Breakfast, Nestles Quick, Oval tine, malt powder, or other essences. After mixing this it will be prepared and waiting for you in the icebox. You can also make mixer drinks such as fruit smoothies, milk shakes and frappes. It has been proven that people who are consuming milk for more than three to four times per week, have made a considerable grown their body weight(3). Some people who have problems with liquid milk can add some milk protein weight powder to their diet. That helps as well. As long as you are working on your weight by eating protein-rich foods and milk quite frequently, your weight growth will not face any kind of barriers.

7. Confirm Regular And Soothing Sleep:

Remember one thing that regular as well as relaxing sleep plays an important role to your capability to increase healthy weight. Your muscle cells want time to improve from exercise. To develop superior as well as tougher, your muscle cells need ideal manufacture of growth hormone and testosterone; the majority of your growth hormone and testosterone supply is contrived and out into your circulation for the duration of quiet sleep. Sleeping also plays an important role for how to gain weight naturally. When our body is at rest it tends to accumulate all the food broken down by the intestines and transfers them to the different organs of the body.

This can be said to be one of the best ways to increase weight by allowing your body to get good amount of rest as well. If you have a proper sleep, them that will help you to rest the stomach and wake up again to start the weight gaining process.

8. Create Smart Selections:

For sample, select dairy products, fish and meat above bread. Pick eggs over potatoes. Have diets with high protein content such as beans, pulses and peas, and foods with tall starch content such as rice, potatoes and tapioca. This type of eating is best way to gain weight. Selecting the right food is a good process to make your own die plans and include those healthy foods that you like and the ones that will be good for you as well. This is one of the best ways to increase your weight naturally, as you are supposed to make your own choices regarding food. How to gain diet naturally? Start including some nice foods into your diet so that you can gain weight naturally

9. Exercise Regularly:

Even exercise and movement is responsible to benefit your body to gain muscle as well as not the irritating fat. To increase weight in a strong way, possess your bones strong and your body toned. Confirm fixed bodily movement for 30 minutes, 5 times a week. Therefore, you try to do sharp walking, spinning, pedaling or join a gym. Take care and avoid being excessively energetic. Because, too much energy exhaustion can burn the calories and reduce the body weight. But do try to life some heavy weights. Do the heavy lifts such as dead lifts, squats, bench press, etc.

If you are someone who is continuously on their feet, create time each day to decrease. Recall that you need to ingest more calories than you can burn up. As continuously, checked with your GP first if you haven’t work out for a long time. Exercise is vital to get a toned body and thus involve in a weight training, balanced mix of cardio, elasticity exercises every day.

10. Eat Less:

If you consume in in the middle of meals, cut it out. It is recommended to gain weight that you have to eat three large meals or 5 to 6 small meals in a daytime. Intake less is more. Pick out food with nutritive calories and rise eating of starchy diets like potatoes. Think of, the added junk food you consume, the more you take away your body of healthy nutrients. A skinny person who depends on junk food will feel pain the same unnatural significance’s as an obese person with deprived eating behaviors.

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11. Increase Protein Intake:

Under no circumstances lease your protein eating go lesser than 1g or lb. of body mass when you are directing to enhance long-term strength. It’s the building block of muscle, and your body is accept to be having nothing to eat for it. Protein taking also very useful thing for how to gain weight for females.

12. Consume Like A Horse:

You have to know that how much a horse eats every day. If you want to consume like a horse then you require too many and a lot of calories than you are used to eating that means consume around 4000 calories a day. It’s only strong to lose or gain around 2.5 pounds a week, consequently if you discover yourself achieving more than that, scratch back your daily food eating rate by 500 calories and wait two weeks.

You can also add 1000 calories shake every night to your regular meals. By this way you achieve about 2 lbs. per week. Weigh yourself, at the equal time each week; on the same day to see how much you have achieved. This type of eating and adding calories to our body also beneficial for how to gain weight for women.

13. Involve Fats In Your Diet:

Even though fats are the most focused system of calories, you can effectively and healthfully gain weight by selecting foods that become most of their calories from starches relatively than fats. If you maintain on increasing your calories with great heavy foods, at least create heart-healthy choosing such as antiquated peanut butter, corn oil butter, canola oil, olive oil, and salad coverings prepared with olive oil, Bound your consumption of saturated fats such as, butter, bacon, chicken skin, juicy steaks, and also ice cream. These all foods are very effective for how to gain weight naturally.

14. Chew Your Foods Well – Until Liquid Is Best:

By chewing your foods while waiting for liquid, you take load off of your digestive structures and raise the probability that most of the nutrients in the foods that you consume create their way into your circulation. This is one the best food taking method for how to gain weight for girls. An expert opinion would be to drink zero water during the big meals. This will allow the solid food to accumulate and allow the digestive system to work less during that time.

15. Consistency Is Important:

Gaining weight is not a stress-free task because it takings a long time to display results. Some people get discouraged and leave. Any alteration will be obvious only when dependably keep an eye on. So regularization of the weight gain program is essential.

16. Confirm Physical As Well As Emotional Rest:

Your stomach, pancreas, small intestine, gall bladder, and liver need additional blood movement to digest an important meal. If you are physically energetic or emotionally worried even though you eat then it turns away the blood away from your digestive body part and nervous system and to your skeletal muscles. Shortage of ideal blood supply to your digestive body part for the duration of a taking meal drops digestive effectiveness.

17. Foods That Support You To Gain Weight:

There are several foods which are responsible for how to gain weight for females. Some of them are as follows;

  • Tuna: The dynamic fatty acids in tuna comprise a crowd of healthy fats, which not only help in weight gain but also support in keeping physical health.
  • Whole Eggs: It is inexpensive as well as weighed down with protein, vitamins A, D, E and decent cholesterol.
  • Whole Wheat Bread: You can eat strong and package on pounds at the same time by consumption of whole wheat bread which accounts for about 69 calories each slice.
  • Butter: Butter is related with extensive period weight gain. Eating of butter has to be in control, as steady ingesting of butter is corrupt for your heart.
  • Normal Fruit Juice: A strong and nutritive way to increase some pounds, drink 100-per cent fruit juice that’s occupied of sugar as well as additional nutrients.

18. Yoga For Weight Gain:

The yoga is very ancient form of exercise having numerous health benefits. Some of the yoga poses that help to gain weight are as follows;

Yoga Breathing:

These breathing movements are vital as they decrease stress, aid as relaxants and bring decent sleep.


This asana pose supports to balance the metabolic system and hormones as well as recovers breakdown.

Lifting Of Buttocks:

This weight lifting workout raises your muscle mass as well as strength.

Suryaved Pranayam:

People who are skinny can significantly profit from this pranayama as it improves both physical as well as mental power.

Sit up:

These workouts will grows muscular strength and excite your body into development.


A calming posture which bring back peace of mind.


By applying pressure on the stomach, this asana supports in curing intestinal problems such as heaviness, dyspepsia and constipation, in that way, growing the hunger.

Leg Rising:

This pose helps to strengthen not only the hips but also the stomach muscles.

Ardha Kurmasana:

Your body can be recharged by carrying out this asana frequently and every organ of the body gets overextended to the supreme.


This pose is also known as Fish posture and is the best form of yoga to gain weight. This yogic approach bounces virtually each serving of the body and comforts in overall growth.

19.  Lots And Lots Of Healthy Vegetables And Meat:

If you want to gain weight quickly involve far more and more meat and green vegetables in your daily diet. In the meantime, body arrangement is 80% diet; you are profitable to have to stuff yourself. You need to offer lots and lots of proteins for those hormones to manufacture.

20. Food Habits For How To Gain Weight For Girls:

There are some healthy as well as unhealthy habits that benefit you to gain weight. Some of them are given below;

  • Cook vigorously, using a wide change of food picks that are useful for health.
  • Chew the food correctly to advance digestion. Avoid extreme intake of liquid refreshment such as coffee and tea directly after meals, as this delays the interest of minerals like iron.
  • Habit a diversity of fruits and vegetables to create salads, and depend on strong appetizers.
  • Have a path of your weight gain as this is vital; it is well to rise around 5 to 6 kg. Weight each month.
  • Some unnatural habits for attainment unhealthy weight, are  eating in the car, Food groove – intake the same thing day in and day out,  sometime lack of sleep may be creating you fat, Finishing the whole thing on your plate and peer pressure, “Coffee shop” or for some of us it is the “meet up for a drink”  and Consumption in front of the TV.

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21. Lift Weights For Lean Mass:

If you want to build your body and also want to make a strong physique then do a number of heavy lifting in order to set on lean mass. The basis of your routine must be the big complex lifts: Squats, pull-ups, dead lifts, presses bench as well as overhead, rackets, dips, and power cleans, snatches clean and bumps. These involve numerous strengths whereas starting your hormonal response organizations.

22. Breakfast That Gain Weight Fast:

One of the best ways to gain weight is to raise your consumption of calories, thus pick out those foods that are rich in calories.This type of breakfasts mainly helpful for how to gain weight for women.

  • Dried fruits and nuts.
  • Milk or orange juice as beverages.
  • Toast with plenty of butter.
  • Omelette with cheese and vegetables.

23. Lunch Or Meal That Helps To Gain Weight Fast:

Your dinner or lunch should be ideal to gain weight fast for example;

  • Fresh fish, poultry, eggs, or lean meat for protein.
  • Extra Dal or Lentils.
  • Whole-grain pasta with extra cheese.
  • Add powdered milk to a creamed soup.
  • Vegetables such as potatoes and corn. Rise consumption of green and colourful vegetables.
  • Rice.
  • Legumes, such as black beans.

24. Best Snacks For Gain Weight :

We are given a list of such snacks that are very beneficial for weight gain. They are as follows;

  • Nuts and seeds(4),
  • 100% fruit juice,
  • Whole-grain crackers with cheese slices,
  • Apple slices with peanut butter
  • Dried fruits
  • Peanut butter, powdered milk, or protein powder added to a fruit milk shake.

25. Foods Ironic In Good Calories:

There are many foods that are high in calories and some of them are a follows;

  • Fruits: Bananas, raisins, dates, pineapple, dried apricots and other dried fruits contains more calories than watery fruits such as rapes, plums, peaches. One banana comprises just about 100 calories.
  • Cheese: One plateful of cheddar cheese contains a good 69 calories. Cheese is strenuous milk, so it is great in protein and, fat, cholesterol, calcium and cheese calories.
  • Hot Cereal: By cooking hot cereal with milk as an alternative of water, are very helpful to increase both calories as well as nutritional worth. Enhance lots of mix-ins, such as powdered milk, wheat germ, margarine, on-walnuts, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, and dried fruit.
  • Oils: Addition of added fat to your food is a calm way to improve calories, choose olive oil, canola oil, etc. which is decent for your health and also complement those much desirable calories too.
  • Soups: Hearty lentil, minestrone, split pea, and barley soups make sure more calories than chicken and beef types’ .To make preserved soups such as tomato or chowder more significant, exchange water or regular milk, with faded milk, or add extra powdered milk. Enhance with low fat cheese and croutons.
  • Salads: You can also increase the calories of the low calorie lettuce rapidly improved into an extensive meal by addition of cottage cheese, raisins, garbanzo beans or chick peas, chopped walnuts sunflower seeds, tuna fish, assorted vegetables, lean meat, croutons and salad dressing and if possible olive oil based.
  • Potato: Add butter and additional powdered milk to crushed potato. On baked potato, habit sour cream and gravy carefully because these saturated fats are deprived choices in terms of heart health.
  • Vegetables: Peas, corn, carrots, winter squash and beets involve more calories than green beans, summer squash, broccoli, and other watery vegetables. Top with cooking oil, slivered almonds or grated cheese.
  • Juices: Apple, cranberry, canape, grape, pineapple, and apricot juices contain more calories than grapefruit, orange and tomato. To rise the calories in ice-covered orange juice, enhance less water than the guidelines advice.
  • Energy Bars: It is burdened with good-for-you nuts and oats. One bowl comprise of about 500 calories, which is fit as well as delicious for breakfast.
  • Breads: Hearty and thick breads, such as whole wheat, pumpernickel, oat bran and rye, are more healthful than white bread. Cut dense slices and spread kindly with peanut butter, honey, jam, hummus, or cream cheese.
  • Desserts: By pick out desserts with nutritious value, you can like a treat as well as encourage your body. Attempt frozen yogurt, oatmeal raisin cookies, pumpkin pie, and chocolate sweet, stewed fruit compote. You can also try blueberry muffins, banana bread, corn bread using honey, and further sweet breads can dual as dessert, as can any of the frequent low fat baked goods obtainable in grocery stores.


How do I gain weight? Foods and beverages that mainly comprise empty calories in which the primary source of calories are sugar should be avoided altogether. The add no value to your food and body, as calories from sugar and sweet will be converted to fat, which in turn is harmful to the human body. Fast food should also be at any cost, avoided, as they are soaked in oil, and will increase the cholesterol content in your body. This can further enhance your chance of heart diseases and other cardiovascular problems. Processed foods like popcorn have zero nutritional value and fill up the stomach and make you feel full.


How can we gain weight? Healthy weight gain is always advise. How to gain weight easily is good only in healthy way. If you are putting on weight at a fast pace, it might be because you are doing it the wrong way. Ideally, you must be putting on muscles, which take time, and since you are gaining weight faster, it might be because you are gaining weight in the form of fat. This can cause other health problems like cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Malnutrition is another side effect of increasing weight at an alarming rate. If you lack nutrition you will have loss of energy, tiredness and sleepiness will be another side effect that will disrupt the quality of your life.


How do you gain weight? The key to being normal weight and to carrying a bodybuilder lifestyle is to be consistent, and resilient at reaching your goal. Getting disciplined is the first thing to do. You need to have a routine for the day, right from getting up in the morning to going to sleep in the night. Intake of adequate foods containing protein, and vitamins and reduced levels of fat in the diet is vital. This is your answer for I need to gain weight.

What’s the best way to gain weight? After a session of workout, your body will crave for the much-needed proteins and vitamins to repair itself. It is during the repair session that your body gains muscles. Working out for 45 min to 1 hour six days a week will be adequate. You need to concentrate on isolated workouts, or a group of muscles alternating every day. This ensures that every muscle group is targeted, and gets adequate rest the next day. Taking protein supplements will also assist in maintaining muscle mass.

Hope we answered what to do to gain weight question. While common question is how to get weight gain, it is important to do it well and healthy way. Though being underweight and looking thin is not aesthetically appealing, and there are remedies and ways to gain weight. Though there are easy ways to gain weight, they pose long term health risks. The best way to gain weight is to adopt a weight gain program as well as a diet plan to give the best results. The natural way of gaining weight will, therefore, have a balance of weight training, diet, and intake of necessary nutrition. Want to gain weight, make sure you inculcate above mentioned routine in your daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

User1: I need to gain weight, no matter what I eat, I am not able to gain weight. Can you suggest me how do I gain weight?

Expert Advice: Dear user1 sometimes, eating alone won’t suffice in gaining weight. Therefore you will have to start exercising. If you could let us know with your contact details, we can assist you in planning a diet and exercise routine.

James Foster: How young is too young to start weight lifting?

Expert Advice: Dear James Foster, children, can start exercising right from their early teens. It has been scientifically proven that there are advantages to beginning to work out in your teens, as it will better help in regulating the hormones, and also help in putting on muscles better. Be sure to follow a proper diet, which will help in the overall growth of the body.

Barry Allen: Can you suggest an exercise routine to gain muscles and to reduce fat. I have a lot of belly fat?

Expert Advice: Dear Barry Allen, please bear in mind that there is no way to spot reduce fat from your body. The fat accumulated on your belly can only be reduced by reducing the total fat percentage in your body. Now, when it comes to gaining muscles and losing fat at the same time. Well, this is also not possible as to gain muscle you need to be on a calorie excess diet, and to lose fat you need to be on a calorie deficit diet. You can either choose to gain weight and muscle and cut down to decrease your body fat or vice versa.


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