Love is not a commodity or a product which can be manufactured or generated from a source. Hence don’t even think of it. It is an emotion or an aspect of being human, that we are all born with. There are many ways to bring love in varied forms into our lives. But not necessarily only the romantic form should be spoken off. This is why; today, we would like to show you three simple but outstanding ways in making yourself feel loved. In spreading love and in conquering the world through the eyes of love. So if you too want to learn how to make things happen through the eyes of love.

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Please read on and be well-informed about the same. You never know who is watching you from a distance and how they feel attracted to your charming loving ways at the end of the day. Here are some best tips on how to generate love in life.

Tip for How to Generate Love in Life:

Tip 1:

Ever walked down the lane and seen a pack of dogs or cats, or maybe a bunch of school kids? Look at them, their innocence and the non-judgmental ways in which they live and dwell. Does it make you go ga-ga over the thought that this, too, can be yours sometime? It sure does, and that’s why we encourage you to go over to the gathering of cats and dogs or the kids around. Smile and approach them, pat them on their heads with love, ruffle their ears, play with them a little if possible, don’t worry about the paw marks and the dirt that comes on your clothes, count it as a blessing and carry the love they give you.

Take that gift of love with you ahead, spread that happiness and generate smiles at your home or at work. If you have a camera phone on you at the moment, take pictures of the same and share them on your profiles online. Spread the love, let others enjoy the frozen moments, and let them capture the essence of love and imbibe in it too.

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Tip 2:

Help a specially-abled individual or an animal today. Help them cross the road, carry a bag for them, feed them, just be with them and look into their eyes, and they have stories to tell which would rejuvenate you. That is love as well. It would fill your heart with compassion, verbally and non-verbally spoken. Give yourself a chance to be loved by the blessings from a feeble hand, or maybe a gentle lick from the furry mouths. You may have sacrificed time to help them cross the road or read a book or feed them, and the boss at work may be furious, but at the end of the day, it pays with love. You feel great about it and would want to keep it cherished.

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Tip 3:

Love yourself a little more today. Take some time out. Listen to your favorite melodies on the radio, CD or DVD. Also, ensure that you don’t judge yourself today. Wake up in the morning and smile at your reflection in the mirror. Tell yourself how beautiful you are, how talented you are and how powerful you are. Give yourself that moment of love and dwell in it. Appreciate the person you are, the body you are in and the soul that dwells within. Enjoy your breakfast, pet your dog or cat, smile and bid goodbye to all at home when you leave for work. Make someone’s day special at work by complimenting them, coming back home, and, no matter how tired you are, you should smile.

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Good luck in generating tons of love, for you and for your close ones


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