Sighh, boys and their weird ways! Surely most of you women may have that one “weird boy or man” in your lives who just wont give up, on loving you. Even if you don’t want him around, his talks or his mannerisms and the gossip behind it all drives you nuts. Worse still, when he goes telling all and sundry about his love for you. This is when you would want to catch him by his collar, whip his behind with the handbag, shoe or the leather belt by Gucci and ensure that he is erased from the face of this planet. But that is just another dream, since you don’t want to end up being penalize by the legal authorities for misconduct. Now if this guy isn’t a stalker and you know that his advances are harmless and innocent, there are still ways to stop it all, by making him hate you. Hence, please read on how to get a boy to hate you?

How to Make Him Hate You:

1. While talking to him, don’t connect eye to eye. Even if you connect eye to eye with him and talk with disgust, men take it as a challenge or as a way for women to tell men that they are ready to be with them, hence no making eye contact, period.

2. Maintain distance as much as possible and when you see him approach, buddy up with someone and start talking or laughing out loud. Do this especially with a male friend, because male ego would arise in your admirer and he would want to hate you more for ignoring him and talking to another man in his presence.

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3. Stop taking his calls gradually, no more instantly replying to his sms’s, whatsapp, emails, social networking posts etc. Do it gradually and don’t make him feel awkward or shunned, instantly hate doesn’t happen, do it nice and slow and it would take time but he will surely start hating you more each day.

4. Flirt with another boy, tease the boy lovingly, pull his hair and play around, but ensure that this plan is known to the player as well, and do all of this while the admirer watches you do it. This would again bring out the male ego which would push him further to hate you.

5. Now that you know he has feelings for you and if he ever comes forth with the three worded nightmare, let him know you have a boyfriend already. If you do have a boyfriend, introduce the two of them, and if you don’t, you’d better be good with the story or else you would be in a false position when he finds out

6. Don’t be too nice with him; don’t smile too much at him. Don’t offer helping him with his homework; speak only when spoken too, you don’t have to go that extra mile for him. Being horrible and nasty will make him love you more, remember, men are predators since time immemorial, and they take it as a challenge to secure everything they want.

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If the man or boy still doesn’t get the message and wants to get too close for comfort, TELL HIM OFF. If need be sometimes you have to up your ante and if it is in a public place, good enough for you and bad for him. Just because you are friendly and charming, it doesn’t mean any man would have the right over you. NO MEANS NO!! Make that very clear to him, and watch how he feels more hate towards you.

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