Top 15 Yoga Asanas For Flat Stomach (Tummy)

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Are you irritated by your bulging tummy? Do you know that yoga offers flat stomach? Yes! It is right. Nowadays, lot of people is suffering from the obesity and due to this their tummy increased. At the present time, people are so much busy in their life that they have no time for gym or workout.  The wrong lifestyle, consumption of junk foods, absence of exercises, besides beyond all randomly great stress levels and thus flabby tummy occurs. Thus, today in this article we are telling you how yoga helps to get a flat tummy.

Best Yoga Asanas To Get Flat Tummy

Yoga not only provides you a flat tummy but also gives a fit and healthy body. So, remember to take proper diet joined with a decent fitness monotonous that benefits you to decrease the fat to a better level. The yoga supports in declining the stomach fat, as well as permits you to regulate your physique and mind.

Best Yoga Asanas To Get Flat Tummy(Stomach):

1. Tadasana Yoga or Mountain Pose:

Mountain pose yoga


  •  Stance with, heels slightly extensive, keeping the spine straight, by hands on any side of your body, palms fronting your body.
  •  Expanse your hands to the opposite and joint the palms.
  •  Inhaling acutely, stretch your spine. Raise hands up bounce as ample as you can.
  •  Retain your feet on level on the earth in upward direction.
  •  Respire typically and grasp the posture on behalf of 20 to 30 seconds.
  •  Breathe in and however exhaling, leisurely lessen and carry your feet back to the surface.
  •  Recurrence the position 10 times, rest for 10 seconds earlier you try the next recurrence to get flat tummy.

2. Utkatasana Or Chair Poses:

Chair Pose

This yoga pose is Utkatasana one of the best and simple yoga exercises for getting flat stomach.


  •  Stance straight on mat by your hands in Namaste in opposite of you.
  •  At the present, curve at the knee such that your thighs are equivalent to the surface equally if you are sitting on a chair.
  •  Then, elevate your hands beyond your head and you can retain your hands collected or discrete.
  •  Twist your torso somewhat onward and inhale.
  •  Stop in this position for as lengthy as you can. Stab dipping deeper into the location if you can. Think of to breathe generally.
  •  To exit, only flatten your knees and carry your hands sad to your chest.

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3. Side Plank For Flat Tummy:

Side Plank


  •  Take up the position for the plank posture and formerly as you gasp stack your right foot preceding the edge of the right base.
  •  Currently, by left hand, elevate your body up in the manner to situated oblique. Validate your left hand is openly beneath your left shoulder to offer full backing to the body.
  •  At present, gradually change your right hand up to make it upright to your body.
  •  Grasp this locus for 5 to 10 sniffs.
  •  To finish, return to the plank pose.

4. Padahastasana Yoga Or Standing Forward Bend:

Standing Forward Bend Pose


  •  Position in Tadasana by your hands on any side of the body whereas bases relax together, heels is joined.
  •  Retain your spine straight. Breathe in intensely, boost your hand up.
  •  Breathe out; curve onward so that your body is comparable to the floor.
  •  Gasp and then breathe out, curve forward totally, body dropping away since the hips.
  •  Attempt to trace the ground, palms straight, minus winding your knees.
  •  Grasp your breath, pleat your tummy in, plus grip the spot aimed at 60 to 90 seconds.
  •  Respiring let your toes and high your body to return to Tadasana.
  •  Repeat the pose 10 times, departure and break of 10 seconds among two recurrences.

5. Vinyasa Flow For Flat Stomach:

Vinyasa flow

Do you know how to get flat tummy by yoga pose Vinyasa flow? here are the steps to do.


  •  Maintain the downward dog pose. Take breaths generally and embrace this pose for 5 breaths.
  •  Currently inferior your body by your arms to lesser your upper body. Exhale however you prepare this.
  •  After you are on the ground, boost your chest above the ground with the intention of you is in bhujangasana. Grasp this posture for 5 sniffs.
  •  At this moment, respire and drive into the plank pose. Clutch this position for 5 smells.
  •  Return into the downward facing dog and replicate the complete cycle 5 times.

6. Warrior Lunge Twist Yoga:

Warrior Lunge Twist Yoga 6

This is one of the most effective yoga asanas for getting flat stomach.


  • Start by standing straight with elbows bent palms folding in front of your chest. Take a deep breath and straighten your spine.
  • Lift one leg and place it forward, bending your knee until it becomes parallel to the ground. The other leg is kept straight possibly stretched at the back.
  • Bend a bit forward so that your abdomen tightens a bit while keeping the spine straight.
  • Now twist your upper body from the waist up and hold the position for 2 seconds before doing the same with the other side.

7. Bow Yoga:

Bow pose 7

This is very effective and perfect yoga exercise for flat tummy that removes extra fat from your stomach.


  • Yoga for flat tummy also includes dhanurasana or the bow pose. Start by lying on your stomach, your hands rested at the side of you, palms up.
  • Now bend your knees and bring your ankles as close to your hips as possible.
  • Lift your arms and grab the heels so that a tight stretch is felt in your abdomen while your spine bends down much like a bow.
  • Lift your shoulders up now as you tug at the ankles and hold it so that your upper body is pulled back and tugged by the hold.

8. Seated Forward Bend Yoga:

seated yoga asana


  • The seated forward bend yoga is yet one of the yoga asanas for flat stomach. We have already heard of the standing forward bend and this is yet another addition to it.
  • Sit with your spine and neck aligned, straight as a pin as you do the same with your legs, outstretched in front of you.
  • Now take a deep breath and suck in your stomach.
  • Slowly bend down reaching out for the toes with your hands.
  • Use the hands as a catapult to keep you stretched on the front as your head goes all the way down touching your knees, limbs straight all this while.

9. Boat Pose Yoga:

Boat Pose Yoga


  • This at the beginner’s level might need some external assistance, a back rest or a support.
  • Start by sitting up straight your limbs out stretched in front of you. Your spine should be pin straight aligned with your neck.
  • Take a deep breath and slowly start lifting your limbs. Your legs together should be straight even whilst lifting. Suck in your abdomen for easy access upwards.
  • Recline back a little trusting the weight on your spine and abdomen. Lift your limbs now and use your arms as a balance by stretching them forward.

10. Cobra Pose Yoga:

cobra pose for bee


  • Yoga for flat belly starts with you lying down on your front, your palms at the side of you facing upwards. This is a good abdomen strengthening message that burns fat easily.
  • All this time your face is facing the front rested on your chin.
  • Now take a deep inhale and start raising your upper body by stiffening your shoulder.
    Bend your elbows and use your arms as a support as you prop your upper body up while bending your spine.
  • Tilt your head all the way back and hold the position before releasing the breath.

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11. Lotus Hip Lift Yoga Asana For Flat Stomach:
Lotus hip lift yoga


  • Yoga exercises for flat stomach are never always easy and this is simply one of them.
  • Sit in lotus position with your limbs folded as you straighten out your spine and neck aligning it together. Your arms should lazily rest beside you.
  • For this one would need immense upper body strength and of course practice. Place your palm on either side of your torso and lift your body by wrenching your abdomen.
  • Raise yourself a few inches above the ground and hold it for a second.

12. Raised Foot Pose Yoga:

Raised foot pose yoga


  • The raised foot yoga is yet another yoga for flat belly. This is fortunately one of the easiest where you start by lying down on your back.
  • Your head should be facing up, neck and spine straightened as your arms rest beside you.
  • Now simply lift your lower limbs all the way up so that your lower limbs are perfectly perpendicular to your torso. Hold the position for a good minute and then lower it back to the starting position.

13. Camel Pose Yoga For Flat Tummy:

The Camel Pose yoga


  • Yoga for flat belly also includes this easy camel pose that starts with you kneeling down on the floor on your knees.
  • Your spine should be straight as you align your neck. Place your arms in front of you, palms facing down wards.
  • Keeping your neck straight start reclining backwards thrusting your hips forward as you now tilted focus on your chest with your arms balancing you supporting at the heels.
  • This has been done by most of the professionals to get flat tummy.

14. Wind Relieving Pose Yoga For Getting Flat Tummy:

Wind-Relieving Pose yoga


  • For starters keep your arms rested on your sides as you lay down on your back. Take a deep inhale in the next step.
  • Now start by bending your knees and bringing your thighs closer to your chest. Use your arms to lock in the position.
  • Now exhale and as you do lift up your neck in an attempt to touch your chin to the knees.

15. Downward Dog Yoga Pose Variation:

Downward dog variation


  • Yoga for flat stomach also includes the infamous downward dog yoga pose, this time with a variation.
  • Start with the usual downward dog pose, your head tucked underneath hanging low as your limbs are straightened at the back.
  • Now the variation includes lifting one leg way high to create a slight stretch in your abdomen.
    Hold that position for a while before doing the same with the other lower limb.

Yoga for the new generation is a respite, an escape from the turbulence of the everyday busy hours. Yoga is a calming process of body and mind transformation that would take you from the turmoil of the office hours to a passage of serenity and tranquility. Here, while we look for the passage of calm we can also use above simple yoga poses for flat stomach that keep your belly fat in control with in short time.

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