If you have always envied movie actresses who have long hair which is shiny and silky and you have wanted longer hair for yourself as well, you can make use of these 15 top methods which actually help when it comes to getting longer hair. You should always remember that movie stars have their own stylists who style their hair and often use fake hair or styling products to conceal balding or even thinned-out hair. Since you do not have a personal stylist of your own running behind you all the time, you need to properly care for your own hair.

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How To Grow Long Hair Naturally At Home?

Below this article guide you for how to grow long hair naturally at home.

1. Proper Diet:

What you take in inside shows outside on how you look like. This is an important thing that many of us don’t consider. If you do not eat healthily then it will be reflected by way of bad skin or bad hair. Diet plays the most important role in getting long hair. How to grow hair long, you need to stay away from junk and fatty foods. You also need to focus on eating green leafy vegetables, coloured fruits and vegetables, fish, dairy products, lean meat, liver, eggs and vitamins such as B12, Omega 3 fatty acids, etc.

You should quit the bad habits if you have any. If you like to go to the pizza parlour now and then to munch on some cheese-loaded junk pizza then you cannot get long hair. The excessive amount of cheese or oily food even potato chips can harm your hair. You need to eat healthy and have a good diet plan which not only includes vegetables but also fruits.

2. Supplements To Go With Diet:

You should check with your dietitian or health doctor as to if your body lacks any vital nutrients or vitamins. You should supplement the body with these vitamins in the form of supplements. This will help you maintain proper body growth and also to have a better cell renewal. You can take supplements in tablet or capsule form.

You can even take liquid vitamins. However, if you eat healthy and include fresh fruits, vegetables, green peas, yogurt, soybeans, tofu, and different nuts like almonds, peanuts, hazel nuts, etc., you shouldn’t need these supplements. However, if you are facing extreme hair loss, and you want to grow long hair, in that case to arrest hair loss you should consult a doctor and take the required supplements in required and suggested dosages.

3. Hydrate Your Roots With More Water:

Do you know how to have long hair naturally at home? You shouldn’t cut off on water consumption at any cost. Some of us go without water for long hours. This is incorrect. You should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day. Our hair consists of 95 % protein and 5% water. So if you do not eat enough water, your hair will not grow properly. If you want long and healthy hair, you should drink plenty of water. This will also keep the roots moisturized and hydrated. Hydrated roots will help in proper hair growth and you can get longer stronger and thicker hair.

4. Work Out Of  Your Entire Body Is Necessary:

As we all know exercising helps in blood circulation. Blood circulation in turn helps in the proper growth of the human body and faster cell renewal. So if you follow a good exercise routine everyday then you will have faster hair growth due to better blood circulation. It can be anything from during zumba dancing to practicing yoga. If you do not like any other forms of exercising like hitting the gym or even doing rope skipping, you should at least jog in the morning or evening for 20 minutes. You can even do freestyle dancing if not anything else.

Meditation is also proven to be helpful but when all of your body gets a proper shake and jump that leads to a better blood circulation than meditation. However to calm the whole body down and for a relaxed breathing, you can finish the exercise routine with a 10-minute meditation. This will enhance the flow of blood and relaxed breathing throughout the whole body.

5. No-Stress Sleep Is Essential:

A proper 7-8 hours of sleep each day is necessary for stronger longer hair. If you have lots of stress and tension or you cannot sleep properly then you will have excessive hair loss or the rate of growth of hair and regeneration will get retarded. This will cause you to have bald patches and over time your hair will thin out. So you need to invest time into proper sleeping. You can do this if you meditate daily. Proper meditation helps in sleep. Some people difficult to concentrate on meditation because they find it difficult to focus their mind on to something, then you can switch on your favourite music and go to sleep.

A slow music helps one to sleep and hence you can get a proper sleep. If you have problems of waking up in the middle of your sleep or you have disturbed dreams then you should get a proper consultation done with your doctor and take the required and suggested remedies or medicines. It is however not advisable to take sleeping pills because in the long run they may be more harmful than you can think.

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6. Keep Split Ends Away:

Keeping the split ends trimmed every 2 months or even every month by chopping down 1/4th inch from your hair, and you can maintain the good hair. If your hair has split ends, you should try avocado hair packs or egg hair packs. These provide a lot of nourishment to the hair and help you stay away from split ends. If your hair has split en problem then over time if this is not cured then your hair will split into halves along the length of the hair and hence become brittle and get torn easily. You should not also pull the hairs that have split ends.

This will increase the problem further. You should consult a good hairstylist who can suggest you good ways of trimming the hair off split ends. You can try another option right for how to get long hair at your home which many women try. You can take sections of hair, twist it and the split ends will show. You can take normal crafts scissors and chop the split ends. This can be done once every month and since you are chopping down only just a tiny bit of your hair, your hair will not lose its length or volume. You can get stronger hair in this way.

7. Use Deep Cleansing Shampoo:

You should always invest in a good deep cleansing shampoo. This will get your scalp rid of all the bad oil and dirt. You should always keep the scalp clean. It is again said that when your scalp is very clean then it will secrete more oil. This is not a bad thing. If you have oily hair then cut off on using more oil and let your hair get its natural oils from its roots. Using more oil can actually make the hair oilier. One thing has to kept in mind that when you are using a deep clean shampoo, getting rid of the chemicals in it is necessary.

Even the best ones that guarantee the content of essential oils and moisturizers in them can contain some chemicals that can degrade the quality of the hair. The chemicals can make your hair bad and there is a way you can get rid of the chemicals and still be able to get all the good features of the shampoo. You will need to mix a suitable amount of shampoo (that you wish you apply) with some water (very less quantity). You don’t want to wash it off totally with water. Just take some water and mix it with the shampoo. This will wash off the chemicals in the shampoo leaving only the best things in that product for your hair.

8. Cut off On Styling:

Styling products and equipment do a lot of harm and damage to your hair. In most cases, it has been seen that styling can have some serious side effects on the growth of hair and can degrade the quality as well. Sometimes the hair products penetrate deep into the skin and cause serious damage in the scalp. Most of the hair styling products and fancy coloring materials come with harmful chemicals which can one of the reasons behind split ends.

If you are willing to reduce the degradation of hair, then styling will be one of the primary things that you will need to avoid. The best thing that you can is to depend on natural ways to make the hair look attractive. Apply the proper oils and a good shampoo to keep the hair clean and comb it properly instead of applying fancy and trendy colors on it. This process will keep the hair healthy and allow it to grow well also.

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9. Oil Massages:

You can try hot oil massages which further help in increasing blood circulation. You can try using different oil on to your hair. You can use warmed up jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil or even castor oil. These oils increase the natural strength of the hair, give it a good shine boost and also massage helps to give you a relaxed head. You can also increase the blood circulation with a good massage. This will help you have better cell regeneration and will also help your hair growth to increase. You can then get stronger hair and also longer hair. Along with increasing blood circulation and making the hair strong, it acts like a stress-relieving therapy. Oil massage is one of the best solutions for how to have long hair naturally at home.

There are certain products available in the market these days, that comes with all the beneficiaries of nature along with the goodness of the essential oils that provide the hair with ultimate care. One can easily make the hair grow with the help of application of different oils on it. A deep massage will remove the stress. This is often practiced by the elders on their children to remove the stress of school or work and is done especially at night so that their loved ones can wake up with strong hair and a head full of comfort that will further be an element of success in their lives.

10. Natural Hair Pack:

How to grow long hair by using natural hair packs, here is the solution. There are different types of hair packs that are natural and you can try these 30 minutes before you go into the shower. These can be henna pack, egg pack, avocado pack, fenugreek pack, etc. These are easy to make and you can easily prepare these and wear these on your hair and scalp.

These will give your hair a good boost in strength and nourishment. Now and then you can invest your time in preparing these hair packs. Using these will result in more effectiveness than any parlour treatment. These hair packs come with the natural stuffs and contains the best of nature. These provide the hair with the benefits of natural elements that no artificial product can ever do. The home packs have been proved to be working for ages and have been promoting hair growth effectively.

11. Visit Your Dermatologist:

If you have the problem of dandruff or itchy scalp and you want to get rid of it, you should consult your dermatologist. You need to take care of your hair and dandruff problem when you first notice it. If the dandruff problem increases it will make you lose hair at an enormous rate. Dandruff is a type of scalp skin infection and it spreads very quickly. If not properly taken care of, it can spread through your entire scalp and it can even cause you breakouts when these flakes fall on your facial skin. It can even go up to your eyebrows and you may face bacterial dandruff problems on your eyebrows too.

12. Homeopathy Treatment For Hair Loss:

Do you know how to get long hair by using homeopathy treatment. If you do not trust allopathic treatment for your hair, you should invest in a good homeopathic treatment for your hair. However you should remember that homeopathic treatment offers result only over a long haul. You need to be patient and then only you can get some benefits out of it. Follow-up is necessary and if you have a busy schedule then you should not invest money into homeopathic treatment.

The natural treatments are what used to work for people (at least, for the most) before the advanced equipment and products came in front of the eyes. These days, there are thousands of clinics and brands promising to provide the best stuffs for you to reduce the rate of hair fall and promote hair growth. But unfortunately, very few of them work and some don’t work at all, and leave us with bad side effects. That is when the old school homeopathy treatments come in handy and make hair grow longer with the budget.

13. Minoxidil Topical Solution For Hair Growth:

Minoxidil is a popular topical solution which you can buy from any medical store. This comes in various concentrations like 2%, 2.5% %, 5%, 10 %, etc. You should consult your hair doctor to know more about what type of hair loss you are facing and only then use this. You can buy this without any prescription but you have to be sure before buying this.

If you start to use this once but stop later on or do not keep up with regular maintenance then you may face hair loss once again. Hair may initially fall as well when using minoxidil. Some patients who have breathing troubles or nausea they should also not use minoxidil. The use and effectiveness of minoxidil in patients who are more than 64 years is also not known to be very effective. You should consult a trichologist before starting out on using minoxidil.

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14. Fake Your Hair Length:

If you are looking to make your hair longer and thicker in minutes then your best option is to invest in good quality hair sections of clip in hair sections. These are also known as hair extensions. You can get these from branded drugstores and when you use these underneath your natural hair, you can get an immediate increase in the length and thickness of the hair.

These can be used when you are to go for a party or you have an occasion where you want to try a longer hair look but you either naturally have medium hair or you recently chopped your hair. This can be good for the summers as well when you like sporting short bobs or medium length hair but for parties, you may want longer hair. You can use hair extensions at that time and you will get a natural boost in volume.

15. Haircuts That Help Your Hair Look Thicker And Longer:

If you want your hair to look longer and thicker, you can try a few haircut options which give the illusion of longer and thicker hair. Side-cutting is a good way to do this. You can also try natural waves and a side part or go for something like volume curls. A parlour blow-dry can also help your hair look fuller and thicker. You can try layered haircuts which give the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. The layered are one of the best haircuts right now and women seem to love them as well since there are a variety of them and there is definitely one for everyone’s different needs.

This is one of the detailed articles that will help you achieve solution for how to get long hair and that too in the most natural way. Make sure you follow these remedies on a consistent basis to get the best results.


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