One of the best features of the face that can add beauty or have a negative effect on the overall personality is that of lips. Pink and smooth lips are always directly connected with attraction whereas chapped, dry and dark lips are a reason of ugliness on the face that becomes an embarrassment in public.

However, not everyone is born with flawless features and therefore it is important to understand the ways and natural remedies through which you can achieve your goals for a perfect feature. The same is valid for lips. For those who desire to have pink lips, the idea is to follow some home treatments and safe ways which should be followed on a regular basis to get maximum results.

The list below is prepared for the convenience of the users who have an aim of pink lips. Check the various ideas and tips that you can use without second thoughts on getting flawlessly pink lips gradually but without any side effects. Make sure you use the treatments regularly for the desires results.

1. Scrubbing is Important:

It is important to scrub the lips from time to time to flush out the dead skin layer as well as the dirt. All you need to do is use a soft bristled toothbrush at night to rub the lips gently. This should be done at night to prevent chapping and to keep lips soft and supple.

2. A Good Massage:

To lighten the dark lips it is important to nourish it at regular intervals. Dryness and lack of moisture can be a reason for dark lips. Mix some lemon juice as well as almond oil and massage it on the lips for 2-3 minutes each night before going to bed. It will make the lips pink for sure.

3. Nourish The Belly Button:

According to old grandma remedies, oiling the belly button is an indirect way to nourish the lips as well. A few drops of mustard oil in the belly button or desi ghee for that matter is a good way to treat dry and chapped lips and make it pink and soft in return. This is a proven idea according to many users who got desired outcomes with this tip.

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4. Use Pomegranate Seeds:

All you need to do is crush some of the pomegranate seeds into good quality milk cream. This should be applied on the lips before you sleep each night. The effects might be gradual but is surely effective and will start giving visible results in a couple of weeks.

5. Hydration is Significant:

It is important to keep the body hydrated from the inside to keep the skin as well as the lips soft and supple. Drinking plenty of water as well as healthy liquids will help in flushing out the toxins from the lips as well as dirt and dryness. It leads to pink lips as well.

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6. Stop Licking:

Whether you know this or not but constant contact with the saliva can make the lips drier and add on to flakiness. It is highly recommended that to keep the sensitive skin of the lips soft and pink, you should stop licking it all the time. This simple idea is surely going to help you here.

7. Keep Away from Smoking:

One of the killers of good health and colour of the lips is smoking. With constant smoking, you will see the lips getting darker in colour as well as drier. The best to attain pink lips is to stop smoking completely. It is bound to help along with other options available in this list.

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