Plump lips are the perfect way to look absolutely chique for any woman around the world. There are many medical ways in which a lady can make her lips plumper but most of these processes are quite expensive and therefore out of the reach of a large number of women. There are a few well-known ways by which a person can get plumper lips at home by using natural means of increasing your lip size. These natural means are so easy to find but it is not actually well known. Plump lips are not harmful and are actually quite fashionable and look great on ladies that have naturally thin or smaller lips.

Getting plump lips is a testament to the fact that any part of your body can be accessorised to better suit your needs, even naturally. Given below is a detailed account of how to get plump lips so that you can be the complete center of attention at the event that you wish to visit-

Complete Care:

The first in the list of getting plump lips is taking complete care of those lips of yours. Taking care of your lips will reduce the problem of drying and cracking and will improve the quality of your lips. After all your lips are flesh and the proper care of your flesh will definitely make it grow faster.

The fatter your lips the better the possibility of you having plumper lips. Drinking water is a very important part to stay healthy and get a proper set of lips. The water will help in the exfoliation of your lips thus helping it to get much plumper than it was before. Try to carry a good lip balm with you rich in SPF so that you can keep your lips moist at all times.

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Steam is a very important part of getting plumper lips. Steam and petroleum jelly work for hand in hander to give you moister and thicker lips. The more your lips are thick in moisture the better are your chances of having thick and plump lips. To carry out this process properly apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly to your lips before going in for a hot shower but do not wash it off. The steam from the hot water will help the jelly to penetrate your lips by widening the pores in your lips. The more petroleum jelly that enters your lips the better it will on the route to plumper lips.


Exfoliation is another good way of getting thicker lips. This is best when you make your very own mix at home. Try mixing some honey with some brown sugar at home itself with some water to increase the density of the paste. The best way to go is to directly apply this paste to your lips for a period of three minutes before removing with a clean cloth. Exfoliation will help to increase the breathing space of the pores on your lips thus making it plumper over time.

Toothbrush Exfoliation:

Toothbrush exfoliation is probably the fastest way to get plumper lips. After brushing your teeth in the morning try exfoliating your lips with your toothbrush after cleaning it. the toothbrush bristles will move over your lips and immediately increase the strength and plump of your lips which will last for over 4 hours before it goes down.

These are some of the best ways to get plumper long-lasting lips at home so try them out today. They will surely help to increase your lips over time.

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