Split Ends! Are you irritated with your split ends? Can’t getting the perfect solution? Do you know that there are there is a standard of 1, 50,000 strands on a human head. Split ends are the effect of fraying of the hair shaft owing to extreme heat, dryness and mechanical stress.

Causes Of Split Ends:

  • Shower your hair by hard water, similar to chlorine mixed water of pools.
  • Requirement of routine protection, like cutting plus trimming.
  • Extreme utilization of hair styling tools, similar to curlers plus strengtheners.
  • Extreme utilization of hair styling cosmetics, like gels, sprays and serums.
  • Contact of hair to the sun, dust, heat plus pollution.
  • Blow drying can be said to be one of the prime reasons behind split ends. The hot air that is emitted from the blow dryer steals the moisture from the hair (the natural moisture) and makes it quite dry and that leads to massive number of split ends.
  • Certain commercial shampoos promises to be the best in the market but they come with some harmful chemicals as well which might cause excessive damage to the hair and thus will lead to split ends. This is why, you need to be educated about these things. All of the bottles come with the list of ingredients used in making the product and you will need to study that. Since, sometimes a shampoo which might not hurt a person in anyway, can be really harmful for your hair. This is one of the most neglected reasons behind split ends.
  • Excessive brushing of the hair can lead to split ends and this is yet another one of the most neglected or ignored facts about hair damage. Some things about combing the hair has to be kept mind. Excessive and rigorous combing and brushing should be avoided. Do it gently and never do it when the hair is wet. Wet hair when combed hard enough can give rise to split end issues.
  • Over washing of hair is one of the min causes behind the occurrence of split ends. If you wash your hair quite frequently (more than the permissible limit) then you are more likely to suffer from hair issues such as split ends. They won’t just go away if don’t stop washing your hair so frequently.
  • The last but definitely not the least reason behind split ends can be blamed as genetics. Some genetic conditions can be claimed to be responsible for causing split ends. For example, if someone in your family was suffering from split end issues and ignored it and never took proper care of her hair, then that puts you in a good place to be suffering from hair split end problems. This has been proved and can be said to be one of the prime reasons behind split ends. It is quite rare but still a good number of women are suffering from split end problems specifically due to this reason. The genetic conditions basically cause defect in hair growth and that is why at some points the hair is very thick, while at other points it is normal. The uneven texture of the hair is also a massive issues these days and women are quite scared of it and it all happens due to genetics. So what’s frustrating is that there is literally nothing that can be done about it, since it is in your genes.

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Greatest Ways For How To Prevent Split Ends:

This article given below some the best tips and home remedies for how to get rid of split ends naturally at home effectively without side effects.

Simple Tips For Get Rid Of Split Ends:

1. Apply Lukewarm Water To Wash Hair:

This is will stop hair from losing moisture plus keeping it soft moreover in ideal condition. This is an obliging precaution to prevent the split ends in hair. Comb your hair once it is totally dry. You can style your hair in any mode simply. Remember that that wet hairs are weak plus combing them can guide to breaks plus cracks in them. Therefore first totally dry your hair moreover then comb it. This is a obliging precaution for preventing split ends.

2. Select The Right Product:

Evade using cheap shampoos plus conditioners for your hair. These products might enclose harmful chemicals which can damage hair plus lead to splits moreover loss. Use good hair bands that are hair friendly plus relaxed for wearing. Moreover apply good combs by wide gaps among its teeth for styling hair.

3. Carry Swimming Cap Before In Going The Pool:

You can also solve the problem how to get rid of split ends by wearing swimming cap in swimming pool. Pool water contain chlorine which leads to discoloring plus drying of hair. Normal hair contact by this water can create it rough plus guide to hair fall.

4. Condition The Hair:

Condition your hair 3 times a week for improving its health plus making it stronger plus longer. Smear a good brand conditioner, shampoos and serums for counting the excellence of hair. Smear conditioners to hair plus leave it for a little time. At the moment clean it by cold otherwise lukewarm water. This will assist in keeping your hair soft plus moisturized.

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5. Evade Rubbing Towel To Wet Hair:

This is single of the most common reason for split ends amongst people having long hair. To avoid this, individual must utilize a towel to steep the moisture from the hair. Just wrap your hair by a towel for 15-20 minutes. Rubbing towel energetically can lead to split of hair and in the worst case guide to hair loss.

6. Trimming Can Prevent Slit Ends:

It is one of the best way to get rid of split ends. It is direct to cut 1 inch of hair in a month to eliminate the splits in hair. Slice 1 inch of hair each month till you discover your hair to be ideal. The longer you wait to trim, extra splits will happen in your hair. Therefore regular trimming is vital for removing split ends. Currently you require following the above safety measures to get ideal hair.

7. Evade Using High Temperatures For Drying Hair:

Hot temperatures eliminate moisture, building hair dry plus lead to splits in between. In its place, lower the hair dryer temperature to dry up your hair plus to maintain it healthy plus strong. Protection next to the sun is moreover extremely important. Coat your hair by a cap otherwise hat during sunny afternoons.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Split Ends:

Here is a list of 11 effective home remedies to remove split ends naturally at home.

1. Dal Or Else Black Lentil Pack:

Get ½ cup of black lentil and crush it to obtain a smooth powder. Include a spoon full of fenugreek seeds. Now, combine this by a cup of yogurt. Put this to your hair for 2 hours and clean off by a mild shampoo afterwards.

2. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is yet again a great oil treatment to battle with roughly all the hair problems. Massage your hair by warm coconut oil to pleasure split ends, dreariness, plus hair fall.

3. Olive Oil:

Offer your hair a relaxing plus successful spa by warm olive oil. Rub your hair quietly by olive oil. You can moreover keep it overnight otherwise clean it after an hour.

4. Chamomile Tea:

To limit split ends plus frizzed hair, provide your hair a wash of chamomile tea. Steep a little chamomile tea bags in hot water. Allow it cool. Wash your hair by this solution to release your hair from split ends.

5. Egg Mask:

Combine up egg yolk in 3 tbsp olive oil plus 1 tbsp honey. Softly massage this mask in your hair plus coat by a shower cap. Depart it on for half an hour plus rinse it by a mild shampoo.

6. Papaya Mask:

Papaya is wealthy in proteins that your hair desires in arrange to keep its shine, dampness plus growth. Crush 2 medium slices of papaya by a fork otherwise in a blender. Combine 2 tbsp yogurt in it, Smear it to your scalp plus hair. Coat your hair by a shower cap to lock the moisture. Depart it on for 30 minutes, and rinse with shampoo.

7. Honey:

Honey is a huge treatment for split ends. Blend a spoon full of honey plus some curd. Offer a massage to your hair by this mix, particularly at the hair ends. Allow this mixture stay on your strands for 20 minutes plus wash it out afterwards. This blend will not only alleviate you from split ends, however will also award your hair by a gorgeous luster.

8. Aloe Vera Gel:

This process explain how to prevent split ends by using aloe vera gel. It is an extremely good natural product that is an anti-septic in addition it has anti-oxidant moreover various extracts that extensively used for hair care. Take out the gel of aloe plus Smear this gel to hair. Allow it rest on hair for 20 minutes plus then clean it with warm water. Do again this procedure twice a week and you will see that your split ends are being decreased.

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9. Fish Oil Repair Mask:

Combine a few capsules by coconut oil and lavender in a saucepan, after that heat the mixture on low heat for concerning five minutes. Empty it into a large bowl, wash your split ends in, and job the mixture up your hair (avoiding your roots). Enfold it up in a towel otherwise Saran wrap and allow it on your hair for 40 minutes. Chase with a double-shampoo to decrease buildup and avoid limp strands.

10. Beer:

Yes! You heard it right. Bear can be a stoppage element to split ends. Beer comes with all the goodness of a conditioner and thus it conditions and nourishes the hair effectively and can be said to be extremely effective, when you are going to take it’s assistance for curing split ends. It offer a certain shine and glimmering texture to your hair that lasts quite long. Proper rinsing of the hair with beer can be a good and easy way to treat split ends. For certain women, it might be the more preferable manner of getting rid of split ends. That is why a lot of hair care brands these days have come up with so many beer shampoo products.

11. Banana:

Banana can be said to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the split ends in the hair. How you will do it? Well, first you will have to completely smash a ripe banana and add some suitable proportion of milk, honey and a whole egg into it and use it as a hair mask. Then wash it off. It will moisturize the hair and fill with good proportions of protein as well.

This article is the solution for how to get rid of split ends naturally at home. These are some of the natural ways in which you can prevent as well as remove split ends from the hair. Make sure whatever you pick, you follow it very consistently to get the expected results.