Getting straight hair is a very easy affair and requires a very limited amount of time. It helps though if you have naturally straight hair. Many women around the world are born with naturally straight hair which is a very elegant trait. If you are not one of these women there is nothing to worry about because getting straight hair is very easy.

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There are plenty of devices and cosmetic products available today that will help you to get straight hair fast. These products have become a necessary part of any household because of their function. Straight hair looks great with almost any attire and will help you to pull off mind-blowing looks at any event thus the popularity of straight hair has slowly grown at an alarming rate.

How To Get Straight Hair Naturally At Home?

Given below are a few quick and easy steps to getting straight hair whether long or short. These simple and natural steps will surely help you to get straight hair fast.

1. Combing:

Though not a very long-lasting process, combing can come in handy when you want quick straight hair. To get the best results try to shampoo and then apply hair cream to your hair to achieve a very high level of smoothness that will allow the comb to swiftly move through your hair thus allowing you to achieve quick straight hair. Using a hair smoother always helps thus making this a very natural way of achieving straight hair fast.

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2. Straightening Products:

Straightening shampoos and conditioners are a great way to achieve straight hair without the use of irons. This wash-and-dry regimen will allow you to loosen those pesky curls that are keeping you away from clean dry hair.  The straightening products are very adept at giving you the best straight hair in the business. There are plenty of straightening products to choose from and you can rest assured they will give you the results you require if used properly. Though most of the products are good it is always necessary to check the popularity of the brand before purchasing the product.

To completely achieve the full effects of these products first leave the conditioner or shampoo in your hair for a period of 15-45 minutes. The longer you keep it the more prolonged the effects will be. Though a quick 15-minute wash is perfect to achieve long hair for as long as an entire day if maintained properly.

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3. Heat Protecting Serum:

Blow drying your hair makes it dry and rough which is quite harmful when you want to keep straight hair. After washing your hair with hair straightening products apply the serum extensively on your hair and then comb to evenly distribute the product. After this process blow-drying is safe and will help you get the results you require.

After doing this blow drying your hair will not damage but instead help you pave the way to more manageable straight hair. First part your hair into manageable sections then blow-dry each section separately using a brush to comb through the hair while doing the blow-drying. If you are not comfortable with providing so much time to your hair then using a heat-generating straightener is very beneficial with the help of a smoothing agent.

4. Styling:

After effectively blow drying or using a straightener on your hair now apply a styling agent such as a mousse for your hair to keep it effectively in place. The styling agent will help you to keep your hair straight for a longer period of time. Do these steps effectively to get quick and easy straight hair.

5. Hot Oil Treatments For Straight Hair:

The next time you are wondering how to get straight hair at home naturally, don’t. One of the best and easiest ways to get your hair smooth and well hydrated is by regular hot oil treatments. The heat and saturation relax the light wavy and curly pattern of the hair. Evenly distribute the oil on your hair. Dry and wash off with a mild shampoo.

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6. Try the Overnight Pin Method:

Don’t stress over how to get naturally straight hair at home. Instead, try the overnight wrap method at once. For doing this divide your hair into 4 equal parts. You can increase the number of parts if your hair is thick. Take one section and brush it downwards while holding your hair straight with the brush. You can also use hairpins to hold your hair in place if you are not good at managing the length of your locks. Repeat this until all your hair parts are pinned. And in the morning remove the bobby pins and you have your straight hair.

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7. Twist Hair Into A Bun:

If your hair is already wavy to begin with, not the highest level of curly, this method will most certainly work its magic on you. It might not be long-lasting, but it will get you through the day. To start, wet your hair. Make a ponytail and twist it around. Make a bun out of it and secure it in place with pins and a rubber band. Do not blow-dry. Allow hair to dry naturally and once it does, brush it out like a pro and there you have it- your brand-new straight hair.

8. Milk And Honey Mask For Straight Hair:

Milk and honey work wonders to get naturally straight hair.

  • For this DIY mask, use 1 cup of milk, a little lemon juice and olive oil.
  • Stir and apply to your hair.
  • Owing to its smoothening properties, the mask will most certainly make your hair noticeably straighter than before.

9. Homemade Straightening Flax Seed Gel:

Even though the name isn’t that fascinating at first go, Flaxseed gel a widely tried and tested treatment to get frizz-free smooth hair. You can make your own DIY gel by using 2 tsp of the seeds and boil it on low flame with 2 cups of water. Once the consistency is close to a gel, remove the heat and use it on your hair once it cools. Leave for about 15 minutes and then wash off with a

10. Olive Oil & Rosemary Leaves:

How to get straight hair naturally by using olive oil and rosemary leaves. To begin with these hair care regimes for straighter hair in no time, take about a cup of olive oil and add dried ½ cups rosemary leaves to it once you get the oil heated. Allow the mixture to cool down Wrap a warm towel around your hair and let the mixture dry naturally. You can wash your hair afterwards with a mild shampoo.

11. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Keratin And Castor Oil:

Curly hair needs nothing but a great deal of moisture to untangle itself and appear rather straight. Keratin does the trick better than any other natural product. Aloe Vera, egg yolk and castor oil are all rich in keratin and hence a pack of them would bless you with a fine gorgeous straight mane to flaunt. Mix them all and apply twice on hair every week before a shower to see a difference.

There is no denying that the products out in the market could give you better straight hair results in no time. However, trying to save your hair from additional damage is the least you could do and taking the natural route with an extra effort will be worth it.


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