After the age of 30, many of the body’s normal functions begin to slow down … or even to break down. The decline in health may be due to many different factors, but more and more older adults are asking about how to get more testosterone. Whether you are looking for natural methods to combat Low T, or if you are ready to explore medical programs to increase testosterone levels, the information which follows will support your efforts.

5 Simple Steps to Get Testosterone Naturally:

According to advices of TRT Medical Center for those whose testosterone levels may have dropped only a little, it may be possible to follow these 5 simple steps to get testosterone naturally and see positive results.

Exercise Moderately:

This is one case where more is not better. Avoid over exertion which can cause a release of cortisol, the body’s stress reduction hormone. Cortisol works against your efforts to get more testosterone and can reduce available levels making your low T issue even worse.

Plenty of Sleep:

A good night’s sleep can do wonders for the general health of the body, but primarily it is during the deep uninterrupted sleep with complete cycles that the brain is able to produce the hormones needed to keep the body running in the most healthy way. Healthy sleep cycles are a very important ingredient in getting testosterone naturally.

Reduce Stress:

Along with over exercising mentioned above, stress of any form can increase the body’s production of cortisol. Whether the stress comes from home life or work life, or somewhere in between, living with stress is seriously detrimental to just about every function of the body. The cortisol hormone is the known enemy of all other hormonal balance. The body is simply trying to protect itself, but overall the testosterone levels decline when cortisol is high.

Lose Body Fat:

Studies have shown that stored body fat will convert testosterone into estrogen in the body. The only sure way to prevent this from happening is to lose excess body fat and work toward having a leaner and trimmer physique.

Avoid Toxins:

The chemicals found in highly processed foods interfere with the body’s ability to utilize testosterone. This also applies to those toxins which leach out of plastic containers and bottles when warmed. Avoid these contaminants in order to make the most of your testosterone.

10 Useful Foods to Get Testosterone Nutritionally:

The most important foods to help get testosterone nutritionally include those with zinc, proteins (amino acids), B vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids. Overall, an anti-inflammatory diet is recommended. While it is possible to get all of these from either an animal or plant based diet, researchers have found that many animal products can actually lower testosterone and increase estrogen because they are acid-producing when digested, and often because the animals themselves contained hormones.

So, continuing with our steps to get testosterone naturally, we’ll mention some of the most potent foods here:

Cruciferous vegetables are useful in blocking estrogen in the body making testosterone more effective. They include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, and turnips, among others.


Whether you eat coconut fresh, as a milk or raw coconut butter, this is an outstanding source for healthy fats. It promotes muscle growth, lean body mass and balances the hormone levels.


Include pumpkin, chia, hemp, flax and sesame seeds for their benefits in supplying omega-3 fats. These are a also great source of zinc and provide tryptophan which helps the body’s hormone levels balance. Flax and sesame are useful since they contain polyphenols which reduces estrogen in the blood stream.


These are useful because they block the production of the enzyme aromatase. Aromatase should be blocked because it is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. Look for Portobello, crimini, baby button and shiitake mushrooms, and eat them either raw or cooked.


In addition to boosting and normalizing hormone levels, maca has also been shown to improve the libido. It is also helpful in boosting your energy level for working out … which in turn also helps boost testosterone levels.


Healthy plant based fats work wonders on the body’s hormonal system and the energy level. This fruit’s fats and abundant vitamin B6 help reduce cortisol and increase testosterone.

Whole Grains:

Similar to seeds, polyphenols can be found in whole grains, such as:

  • Wheat
  • Rye
  • Oats
  • Corn
  • Barley
  • Rice
  • Millet

Polyphenols are useful because they help reduce estrogen in the body.

Green Tea:

This is a great source of phytochemicals helps reduce estrogen. Green tea has a wide range of other benefits, including cholesterol reduction, lowering blood pressure, and cancer prevention.


Eggs are naturally high in saturated fat, omega-3s, protein and vitamin D all of which are necessary for testosterone production. For these reasons, it is useful to include them in the diet.

Wild Salmon:

Even when following an alkalizing plant based diet, it is often healthy to include this fish for its remarkable properties. It is high in magnesium, omega-3s, protein and vitamin B. It also lowers the levels of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) which makes testosterone ineffective.


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