Take a look inside yourself. Do you love who you are? There are a few questions such as this one which you should make an evaluation of. In doing so, you would know if you really are open to the concept of being loved and love at large. Wise men and women, since time immemorial, have always opined unless you don’t love yourself, you cannot expect love in any form from any quarters. Here are a few tips on How to Get the Love of Your Life.

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How To Get The Love Of  Your Life?

  • Start by honouring yourself.
  • Are you happy with the body you are in?
  • Are you happy with the features you have?
  • Do you happy with the thought process you own?
  • Are you happy with the circle of friends you have?
  • Are you happy with your career?
  • Do you happy with the family you live with?
  • Are you happy with the environment you grew up in?
  • Are you happy with the life you are leading at the moment?
  • Do you happy being happy for others?
  • Are you happy in life?

Some of the few questions which we ask you to answer alone. Sit by a coffee table and pen the YES and NO to each of them. If you have a moderate answer or too many NOs, it means you need to start honouring yourself.

Why Get The Love Of Your Life?

Put yourself in the shoes of the next. Would you like to be surrounded by people who;

  • Whine and crib constantly
  • Are too loud about their vagaries in life
  • Complain if the bus was too crowded or the tube train was over-packed every day
  • Only talk about their problems
  • Shame and belittle other people around
  • Judges and passes opinions about things and people they aren’t related to directly.
  • Would make an issue of everything in life
  • Doesn’t empathize or sympathize appropriately
  • Doesn’t behave well
  • Is unkempt and unhygienic

If your answer is a YES to any of them, you now have the key to realizing that your personality is a mirror image of the next.

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Stop Being Judgmental:

We all have ups and downs in life, but that doesn’t mean you sit and dwell on the sadness. It is easy to blame the world for not allowing you to be happy but ask yourself the meaning of being happy. Some of us equate falling in love and finding the love of our life as being happy, which is okay. However, have you made an effort to better yourself to attract the love you desire?

The Law Of Attraction:

Rhonda Byrne, in her book “THE SECRET”, says very clearly that like attracts like. This means if you start honouring and loving yourself from day one, it would send out the same signals to the universe. This would be a signal to the cosmos out there that conspires to work on the wish you have, which is to bring the soulmate of your dreams close to you.

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What You Can Do:

  • Bless yourself for the person you are
  • Wake up each morning and count your blessings
  • Be positive no matter what the situation is
  • Honor and love everyone you meet
  • Pass a smile to a stranger
  • Do an act of kindness every day
  • Sit with the elders and share a cup of tea
  • Meet and socialize with new people
  • Cultivate a hobby and share it on social networking sites
  • Accept yourself, mind, body and soul completely

When you do any of the above, you would notice people with the same interests would be attracted to you. A smile is important, though, because you never know who is falling in love with the pearly whites every time you flash them.


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