“I don’t feel for you or love you, like the way it was” she said. That one line shattered you last night, and as you snuggled into bed right beside her, you felt that ache, that pain of slowly seeing your marriage fading into the oblivion.

However, as every dark cloud does have a silver lining, so does the night of horrors to a bright morning. Here are a few tips on how to make your wife love and respect you, infact more than before. Hence, please read on How to Get Your Wife to Love You Again?

What Is Motivating Her To Say So?

There might be so many things running through her head at the moment, hence don’t assume. You wouldn’t make her “love you” any better, by making her empathize with your sad life. She doesn’t bother about that anymore, since she has made it clear that the love is “gone”.  So why do you think she says so?

  • Have you been ignoring her complains or suggestions in the past?
  • Did you dominate your visions over hers while planning on a better future together?
  • Did you expect her to change FOR you?
  • Did you allow her to express what she wanted to say or feel?
  • Did you say or do something or didn’t say or didn’t do something which has caused this?
  • Were you emotionally available for her when she needed her man the most?
  • Were you always raining on her parade, emotionally draining her and belittling her?
  • Did you not see she was unhappy for a long time, even though the sex was good?
  • Were there family obligations that you forced her into, which she was not ready for?
  • Did you cheat on her, and did you get caught?

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There is no smoke without fire, and there must be something (either the questions above or more) that has happened, which in so many years has made her say this to you. Maybe now you have to shift focus from the problems, sit and talk things out with her and understand why she wants this marriage to end.

Don’t Convince Her She Is Wrong:

In doing so, your wife would want to move away further, because she has already begun contemplating a better life without you.

Yes, we understand how hurt, annoyed and angry you got when she said “It’s over”, and all the promises and begging you did last night didn’t work, so step back for now and wait for the dust to settle. She needs her space to contemplate further, and so do you. Making her see the light of the day won’t help, she needs her time and she needs you no where close to her as of now. Respect that!!

No matter how much you apologize or make promises of a better future ahead, it won’t work at the moment. You need to put yourself in her shoes and understand her point of view. Work on the false promises alone, maybe if you did promise her a trip to her parents each summer and forgot it, book one for next month. She may not agree instantly, but overtime she would.

Fixing The Issue Doesn’t Solve It All:

She needs to start being in love with you, the man she married. Dont expect her to reconcile unless she loves you more. There is a lot that needs to be fixed and if talking doesn’t help, speak to a certified marriage counselor, one last time.

We hope things work out for the two of you!!

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