We often look at couples and sigh the romanticism, the love, the togetherness, et al., and we wonder if that could be us someday. Snap out of the fairy tale romance, get real, and yes, it can happen if you are willing to walk the extra mile. Love is sugar and spice with a dash of everything nice, but let’s not get carried away by the likes of what’s shown on television and in films. It is important for us to understand that life has its own share of ups and downs. Every individual would have characteristics that wouldn’t match those of our own. However, when one is in love, we tend to go blind and overlook the flaws in the beginning. This can pose a threat at a later stage to the Loving Relationship status quo.

When two souls meet, they get entwined in love. Nights pass by, talking romantically with one another. However, when they have to live with each other, all hell breaks loose!! Here shows below How to have a Loving Relationship?

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How to Have a Loving Relationship:


There are plenty of reasons, such as;

  •  He left the toilet seat up
  •  She is too nagging
  •  She is almost my mom
  •  He isn’t bothered about the household chores
  •  Why should I take the garbage out?
  •  Why is he coming home late every day
  •  Why does she talk to her mom every day
  •  He or she makes our lives public on social networking sites
  •  He or she spoke to them about my issues instead of me
  •  This is not what I wanted

In the Beginning:

No, we aren’t quoting Holy Scriptures here; rather we are telling you that when you meet him or her for the first time, we don’t want to know about their flaws. Human mentality is what shines sells; maybe this was why we got attracted to the person in the first place. Money, power, looks, and status all made it reason enough to be in love with the mate.

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The dating scene was fun. Eating out, dancing and burning the dance floors, drinking and merry-making was awesome, but all of that was a whirlwind romance. It’s Monday, and reality slaps you hard. He snores when he sleeps, and she talks in her sleep. The two of you can’t sleep because one of you kicks in their sleep and the works!!

Irritation happens, frustration comes about, and you don’t know what to do. You keep it all within, and in doing so, you start avoiding eye contact and, later on, drift away from the love that once was. This confuses your partner; they try hard to realize what has made such a scene come about. You don’t give them clues, and you don’t speak with them about it.

Late nights at work, third party interference, gossip indulgence, all of these creep into the relationship. This makes matters worse, and ultimately the couple calls it quits just because of other negative elements and situations around.

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Talk and Sort it out:

1. If something is bothering you about your partner, speak to them one on one. Go private and talk to them about it, don’t make it public.
2. If there are situations that you cannot handle, ask your partner to help you overcome them.
3. Don’t gossip about your ex with the current one. Make no comparisons of your ex to your current; this is a certain demolition formula in the market when done.

Love doesn’t happen overnight, and a relationship to be successful takes dedication, loyalty and acceptance with a large dose of patience. Remember, Grandma always said, “In my time, we didn’t give up. We learnt how to fix things”…….. Makes sense, doesn’t it!


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