When it comes to attraction in women, one of the key roles is played by the size and shape of her breasts. Whether we agree or not, breasts in women are the first thing that catches the attention of men. It is very important for a woman to have a good size and shape of breasts to attract the men towards her. However, each woman is born with a different size solution and among them, some are born with a really small breast size that does not look appealing at all. However, in this article, we will explore some best and easy tips on how to improve breast shape naturally at home.

How To Improve Breast Shape and Size?

If you are a woman, who desires to have that perfect breast shape and size, then there are some efforts you will need to put in. This guide below will guide you in the right direction on how to improve the breast size and shape in an effective manner. Check out the suggestions along with  breast shape and size and follow them:

1. Have A Breast Healthy Diet:

Along with improving the shape of the breasts, having a good diet will also improve the health of the breasts. There are some categories of foods that are very important for achieving this goal. Fruits and vegetables that are yellow have beta carotene that helps in breast health and shape. Apart from that, flax seeds, cranberries, walnuts and omega 3 fatty acid-rich foods are highly recommended when it comes to breast shape and size. This is a very important and useful tip to improve breast size and shape.

2. Gain Weight:

In most of the cases, The dramatic are the ones who have smaller breasts. If you want to improve the shape as per your desires, then one of the best things to do is to increase the weight. By balancing the body weight, you can have larger and more attractive breasts.

3. Work On Pectoral Muscles:

Pectoral muscles are the ones just below the breasts. By working on exercises that build and strengthens the pectoral muscles, you can actually achieve the right breast shape in an efficient way. It will also make them firm and perky as extra benefits. Chest presses and push-ups are the most important ones to adhere to.

4. Take Herbal Supplements:

There are herbal supplements that are safe for the body and helps in increasing the hormone secretion in the body of a woman thus leading to breast growth. The dose might be suggested by a professional herbalist but the herbs that work best are fenugreek, fennel and wild yam. These should be taken on a regular basis to start getting visible outcomes in a couple of weeks.

5. Give Them A Massage:

Breast massages are very important not only to improve the breast shape but also to maintain good breast health. Giving a massage helps in the improvement of blood circulation and thus leads to the good health of the breasts as well as an increase in the size and shape. This should be done with each of the breasts for 10-15 minutes each day using good quality oil like olive oil or coconut oil. It is bound to give you the outcomes you want. Breast massage is one of the effective solutions for how to improve breast size and shape.

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6. Wear The Right Bra:

For those who want to improve the breast shape instantly can wear the right size bra or a padded bra to get the size they desire. In fact, two bras can be worn together to make the breasts look perfect. This is one of the ways that give immediate results on the breasts. Push up bras is another thing to consider when it comes to enhancing the size and shape of the breasts.

7. Work On The Posture:

Another of the instant ways to get good breast shape is to work on the posture. When you walk with the shoulders back and the head high, this really helps in improving the ways people perceive your breasts.

8. Breast Masks:

Needless to say, when the question of how to improve breast size arises, much like the face masks you use, breast masks are available in the market as well and help in firming the skin around your breast. These can be used twice a week for results that you desire.

9. Vitamin E Oil And Egg Breast Mask:

First, make a paste that has a composition of yoghurt, egg and Vitamin E, 1 tablespoon of each. Now, apply the paste evenly on your breast and rub it dry. Keep the paste for about half an hour. Thereafter, rinse it with cold water.

10. Cucumber And Egg Breast Mask:

For this mask that tells you how to improve breast size, grind a cucumber and to that, you need to add butter and egg yolk. This mixture is to be kept overnight preferably in a refrigerator and then the next mornings apply it to your muscles. Leave again for half an hour and wash off with cold water.

11. Essential Oils:

How to improve breast shape using essential oil? We will take you there. Well, oils like spearmint, carrot, fennel seeds and cypress contain skin tightening and rejuvenating properties, which help work with the elasticity of your skin that has begun to sag. What you have to do for the same is massage your breasts every now and then with these oils through the day and that will tone your skin around your breasts well enough. Also, do remember to use the oils in little amounts, since they tend to burn the skin.

12. Avoid Dieting:

Mix and match your food and exercise if you want the answer on how to improve breast size and shape. Never diet out of the blue, since apart from an abrupt reduction in weight, it also loosens your skin around your breast area. The dramatic loss of weight will most certainly lead to saggy breasts if undergone in a short span.

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13. Opt For Ice Compress:

Ice helps your skin perfectly in getting back to a firmer shape. What you need to do for the same is take a few cubes and crush them. Place in a cloth and massage your breasts in a circular motion. Also, massage for a little while only since too long an exposure to ice can be harmful to the blood vessels and tissues.

14. Fake Perfection:

In case a plunging neckline is your thing for a day or so, and you want to make the most out of it, here’s how to improve the size of the breast with makeup. Wear your favourite bra first, preferably a push up one. Next, rub around a dusty matte shade of bronzer around your cleavage. With the advent of contouring kits, your task of creating an illusion of a fuller breast shouldn’t be too hard.

15. Quit Smoking:

You don’t need a reminder on how smoking adds to a saggy breast over time apart from the usual illnesses. So, quit smoking right away if you find your breasts losing their shape and you will find desired results in no time with the other reversal remedies stated here.

16. Apply Sunscreen:

You’ve been warned about skin cancer, but you couldn’t care less. However to improve breast shape naturally and avoid premature ageing, always make sure to apply a UVA and UVB protected sunscreen. The best option for you is PA ++ and SPF 30 individually acting as shields for the two ultraviolet rays.

So, now that you are aware of all you must do to keep your breasts fuller and in shape for long naturally, you know what to shop for the next time you send out your grocery list. If you have any concerns or doubts about how to improve breast shape, then write to us. We will provide you with the relevant information for your concern.


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