We have been gifted with the privilege to view the world at its best and worst because behind our little peepers are some of the complex networks of optical mesh connected and interconnected to the brain to ensure the smooth mechanism and gift of eyesight prevails. In a nutshell, eyesight is the capability to use your vision to see the world. Now just like any other body part, every eyesight has a nerve behind it which at times might malfunction and just like any other body part, even this too is subjected to damage when the term ‘poor eyesight’ comes to the scene.

The usual suspects and the most common eye disorder is long-sightedness or short-sightedness depending on the situation you are suffering. Then there are the diabetes and cataract patients. Cataract causes an opaqueness to cover the eye, causing loss of vision and glare intolerance. Even an undue amount of stress on the optic nerves can cause damage to the eye nerves causing the eyesight to degrade. Some of the common eyesight disorders can be blamed on diseases like glaucoma.

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What Are The Causes For Poor Eye Sight:

Poor eyesight can be caused by various different reasons the main reason could be genetics; genetics has a great hand to play in the degradation of your eyesight. To further explain genetics it is the problems that your parents and grandparents have which unknowingly have been passed on to you, and in the case of eyesight this is a common factor; it is often seen that people have an eyesight problem because their family has a history of eyesight problems.

Other than genetics high blood sugar is also an instigator of bad eyesight. High blood sugar causes diabetes which in the long run causes a form of blindness known as cataract. Poor eyesight is a problem that 5 out of ten people suffer from today leaving only 50% of the population with good eyesight. There have been many advancements to eradicate the problem of bad eyesight so that people can see clearly again.

There are a few major causes of poor eyesight which range from meager to extremely dangerous. Bad eyesight can be caused by hereditary problems firstly, if you see that any of your parents have a history of wearing spectacles because they have an eyesight problem then is highly likely this problem has been passed to you. Another cause could be that you are having a high blood sugar problem. High blood sugar has two instigators, either you are obese or you have a history of diabetes. Obesity is the main cause of high blood sugar. High blood sugar leads to blindness and has been recorded in many known cases.

However, sometimes the cause of poor eyesight can be as simple as eye strain. In a world where we are constantly reading -be it books, computer screens or smartphones, our eyes can become easily tired because of this intense and prolonged concentration and this can lead to poor eyesight. Focusing on smartphones and computer screens for long hours can lead to eye strain which makes it hard for eyes to focus on objects which are located far away.

Ageing is also a common cause of deteriorating eyesight. Though any part of the eye and vision can deteriorate over time, the most common cause of vision loss during our later years is the lens of the eyeball becoming thicker and more rigid. Laser eye surgery can correct visual problems during our early years but few of us will reach old age and still retain 20/20 vision, with or without surgery.

Other causes of eyesight problems could be trauma to the head, infection in the eye, birth problems and so on. The growth of scar tissue called Age-related Macular Degeneration, which is a condition where the cells of the macular in the eye degenerate because of the growth of abnormal blood vessels in the retina also leads to poor eyesight. All these problems though have one single and similar outcome; they will destroy your eyesight slowly and steadily. So take the necessary actions today to allow you to keep seeing the beautiful world around you.

How To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally – Best Tips:

Below are a few extremely handy tips to help you improve your eyesight efficiently in a very short time. Your eyesight is one of the most important parts of your sensory organs therefore keeping them safe is extremely important; some of the best tips are:

1. Exercises For Improve Your Eyesight Naturally:

There are a few exercises that when practised can help you improve your eyesight to a great extent. These exercises are worthwhile as in no time you will notice a great difference in what is clearer to you; these exercises are:-

♦ Blinking Session :

Blinking helps create a film around the eyes which protects it from dust in turn protecting it from infection. Though we blink naturally if we take out a little time and dedicate it to just blinking say for 10 minutes where we sit still and blink periodically it will have a great impact on our eyes. Not only will we be resting them but we will also help protect and cure them from any dust or matter.

♦ Left To Right Movements :

Close your eyes are start moving them from left to right. This exercise helps soothe the tension in the eyes giving you a more relaxed feeling. It is always good to do this at night because after this exercise a good sleep is required. Doing this before bed for around three weeks will improve your eyesight for sure.

♦ Yoga :

Yoga provides us with many exercises which can help us improve our eyesight. Palming, blinking, rotational viewing, front and sideways viewing, sideways viewing etc. are some of these exercises.

Palming-Rub the palms of your hands until they become warm and press them gently over your eyelids.  Feel the warmth of the palm being transferred onto your eyes and your eye muscles relaxing. Stay like this till the heat from your hands has been absorbed by your eyes completely and repeat this at least three times.

Blink around 10 times quickly. Close your eyes and relax for a few seconds focusing on your breathing. Repeat this exercise about 5 times.

2. Home Remedies For Improve Eyesight Naturally:

There are a great number of home remedies available for curing your eyesight, to some people these remedies are the only thing that helps their eyesight; these remedies are:-

♦ Steam:

Steam applied to the eyes can help soothe tension around the eye sockets. Bad eyesight is usually caused by excess stress on the nerves in the eyes. Steam can help cure this problem.

♦ Low Light Therapy:

For a more advanced patient with eyesight problems, low light therapy is a great home remedy; in this remedy, a person is kept away from harsh light and only introduced to soft light thus allowing any wound to heal in the eye. Harsh light further hurts the eyes causing more eyesight problems. Low-light therapy is a great way of keeping your eyes safe and improving them slowly.

♦ Heat:

Heat provision on your eyes every night when you have suffered from trauma to the head is the best way to keep your eyesight in check. Trauma causes you to be hazy at times. This heat provided by a simple dab of a towel on your eyes will give you the comfort you desire and will soothe the nerves in your eyes thus helping you to keep your eyesight in check.

♦ Vitamins And Antioxidants:

Two kinds of vitamins and antioxidants help improve eyesight. They are: Vitamin A, the deficiency of which hurts our supply of rhodopsin a pigment that’s critical for seeing in low light and at night and Lutein

♦ Carrots:

If you are having a sudden problem with your eyesight, then incorporate raw carrots into your everyday. It is an old home remedy to help restore eyesight. If you notice that your eyesight is becoming blurry and you need to squint to see things too far away or too small to read then it is likely you are having an eyesight problem. Carrot is rich in vitamin A which is a great remedy for the eyes. Vitamin A strengthens the nerves in your eyes and provides you with better eyesight in the long run.

The incorporation of carrots or any food for that matter that is extremely rich in vitamin A will not only give you a healthy diet but will also increase the possibility of you having great eyesight. Eyesight is hampered greatly by the vitamin A deficiency in your body. This deficiency can be overcome by carrots when eaten raw or cooked.

♦ Green Vegetables:

For diabetes patients is not too long before they start suffering from certain eyesight problems. To keep your diabetes in check so you do not have eyesight problems incorporate a lot of green food in your dirt. Greens will keep diabetes at bay by controlling your blood sugar. This will only delay the problem though therefore diabetes needs to be checked by a proper doctor so that there are no side effects.

♦ Cod Liver Oil:

Fish liver oil which is full of nutrients is a rich resource of vitamins A and D and it helps to improve vision when consumed appropriately. If we regularly consume it, our vision will improve greatly.

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 ♦ Bilberry:

Bilberry is a popular herb for vision and eye health which can also help improve night vision as it stimulates the regeneration of the visual purple component of the retina.

It also protects us against macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts etc. It is also good for retinal problems which are related to diabetes and high blood pressure because has a high quantity of a chemical called anthocyanoside that has very powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

♦ Almonds:

Almonds are amazing for improving vision because of their rich omega-3 fatty acid, antioxidant content and vitamin E content.

  • Soak 5 to 10 almonds in water overnight.
  • The next morning, grind these almonds after peeling their skin off.
  • Ingest this paste with a glass of warm milk.
  • Repeat this daily for at least a few months.

♦ Fennel:

Fennel contains antioxidants which promote healthy eyes and also slow down the progression of cataracts. In the past, fennel was regarded as the herb of sight.

♦ Wild Asparagus :

Wild asparagus is another home remedy which helps improve eyesight. This herb also promotes a long, healthy life for the eyes.

Eyes are a precious gift to us and we must cherish them. Not all of us can have perfect eyesight forever but if we make an effort to reduce the strain on our eyes and actively try to improve our eyesight, we can definitely say bye-bye to glasses.


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