As surprising as it may sound to you, you sure can grow your breast in two days. And by grow, we mean increasing the size of it. This happens by the growth of your breast tissue that is dependent on the nutritional level you receive every day, hormonal changes you may be subjected to and woman’s cycle. So, the right way is to attend to the nutritional needs of your body. But, no! We do not mean to say smaller breasts are any less attractive. But in case you like to have bigger ones, here are some suggested and natural ways to increase breast size in 2 days at home.

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The primary hormone that can help you with this is the estrogen hormone in the body. Therefore, the surest way to increase your breast size in two days is undoubted, having higher levels of it in your body. So, here is how you can increase the level of estrogen and other nutrition that are required in its growth. Read on to know the best foods to consume and simple exercises to perform for breast size increase in 2 days at home.

Best Ways To Increase Breast Size In 2 Days Naturally:

Here we enlisted the 3 best ways to increase breast size in 2 days naturally. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Exercises To Increase Breast Size In 2 Days:

Exercises are a wonderful way to achieve faster results in less time. These exercises are very simple to perform at home and need no expensive equipment.

  • Push-Ups: Push-ups are an easy and efficient way to increase breast size. They can also tone your muscles and give your body a good shape. You can also modify these push-ups to achieve quick results.
  • Chest Press: Pressing a chest against dumbbells or exercise balls can increase breast size in 2 days. All you need to do is to place your chest against the objects and press gently. You can also use a hard bed or a bench to do this.
  • Rare Lateral Raise: Using dumbbells you need to perform the rare lateral raise to increase bust size. This is a very easy method that can be performed at home.

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2. Best Methods To Increase Breast Size In Two Days:

Along with food and exercises, there are alternate methods to increase your breast size quickly at home:

  • Breast Enlargement Cream: A number of creams are available in the market to enlarge breasts. These can help in improving blood circulation in the breasts and improve the shape of your breast. It also prevents the chances of breast cancer.
  • Breast Massage: Using circular, breast lifting, breast rolling and pumping motion, you can massage your breasts to render a firm shape. Massaging breasts with an enlargement cream and almond oil can increase your breasts.

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3. How To Increase Breast Size In 2 Days With Foods:

Well, you really don’t need creams and other cosmetics for this. Let’s start with the simplest of the ingredients available at any time in your kitchen.

1. Oil Seeds and Nuts:

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Oilseeds and nuts are estrogen rich sources of food. The next time you get really hungry in the day time, much on some cashew nuts, almonds, chestnuts, pistachios and walnuts. But remember to keep an eye on the quantity. 5-6 nuts per day is a good dosage. Excess consumption can lead to weight gain. Try to include fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds and flax seeds in your daily diet. You can add the flax seeds to your salad or simply grind it and add to your favourite juice.

2. Legumes:

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Legumes are excellent sources of estrogen. It not only helps in breast growth but also keeps your body rich with nutrition. They keep you energized and their fibre content will keep you full for a long time. Include soybeans, beans, green beans, mung beans to your diet quite often. Steam cook them or eat them in the form of a typical Indian curry that you may enjoy on any day. The constant supply of legumes for your body is also a good way to stay healthy.

3. Soy Products:

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don’t we all love the soy products? Well, here is another reason for you to enjoy them guilt-free. Take in adequate yoghurt, soy yoghurt, soy milk, tofu, soybean oil, soy protein powder and soy nuts. Replace your regular oil with soybean oil. Give way for tofu in place of paneer and try a classic soy yoghurt after your dinner. When you include them in your diet, you will actually see an improved breast size. Start today, right away!

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4. Meat Products:

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Meat products are also packed with estrogen supplements to act on your body. Chicken and chicken products are the right ones to take for increased breast size. We sure know, you love chicken and so, here one more reason to eat them. Take them for two days in the right quantities and see how your breast size increases. For the sides, include some legumes and finish off with soy yoghurt.

5. Vegetables:

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In case you are a vegetarian, here are some veggies rich in estrogen content and so you don’t really have to worry about not including meat products in your diet. Alfalfa, liquorice root, beets, garlic, winter squash, yam, potato, cucumber, clover, fenugreek leaves are all rich sources of estrogen. Make a classic salad and sprinkle some flax seeds on top of it for a crunchy taste.

6. Fruits:

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How can your diet and nutrition level ever be complete without fruits? Take in ample peaches, pomegranates, plums, carrots, watermelon for a complete diet. Make a bowl of mixed fruits and enjoy with a tall glass of soy milk for your breakfast.

7. Whole Grains:

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Whole grain cereals and slices of bread actively contribute to the estrogen level in your body. They are also healthy sources of nutrition. Replace your regular bread with whole-grain bread. Munch on to some popcorn during your movie hour. Barley, rice and wheat also need to be added to your diet to increase the breast size.

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Well, hope we have answered your question on how to increase breast size in two days. The good part is it is all safe and natural, that targets your entire body to ensure you also stay healthy in the process. Thus, your result is twofold. So, go ahead and start following them and see how surprised you get at the success of our remedies. That’s the power of the natural ingredients!


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