Have you missed your growth milestone in your teens? Are you shorter by a few inches as per the height-weight chart? Now that you are 21, you must have lost all hopes of growing tall! But, what we tell you how to increase height after 21? Yes! 21 is not too old for your body to grow. You need to regain your confidence and get back to a healthy lifestyle to see the difference yourself. Read along to learn some effective, all-natural methods, which can add a couple of inches to your existing height.

How to Increase Height After 21 Years:

When you search for ways to increase height after 21, the first few options which guarantee an increase in your height are pills and medicines that are readily available in the market. These are shortcuts but not really safe. Listed are a few slow but safe changes you can bring in the daily routine that can help you gain a few inches.

1. Eat Healthily:

To help your body grow, it is necessary to eat healthy foods rich in iron, manganese, zinc, phosphorus and calcium. This helps the body and muscles to absorb necessary nutrients from the food it consumes and keeps the body fit. Include plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and lean meat to indulge in a balanced diet.

2. Sleep Well:

It is necessary to be active in your daily routine and equally important to give it rest. Get good sleep at night for at least 8 hours to help the body repair itself and get charged for the following day. Growth hormones are also generated in human body while it is sleeping. Therefore sleep, and proper rest is essential.

3. Balanced Food Routine:

Most of the youngsters do not eat properly as they are conscious about putting on extra weight. It is important for them to know that eating regularly at frequent intervals with the breakfast being the heaviest meal during the day is necessary to keep the body fit and growing. Experts recommend breaking a large meal into 5-6 meals; each had at 2 hrs of time gap.

4. Exercise:

Exercise is the best way to increase height after 21. Forms of exercise can be yoga, meditation, workout, gymnastics, swimming, dancing or adoption of any kind of sport regularly. This keeps the muscles active and helps one increase height too. You can also do skipping, hanging from the bar, standing on your toes etc. to increase your height. Taking up Yoga to increase height after 21 is also an effective way!

5. Maintain Body Weight:

For boys and girls who are overweight during growth ages, it becomes difficult for them to reach a good height. Obesity pressurizes the spine and causes its compression. Therefore, It is necessary to maintain an ideal weight and prevent obesity as it deters height growth. This is a very simple process; all you have to do is maintain a healthy eating and sleeping routine.

6. Drink Loads of Water:

Drinking plenty of water has manifold advantages. Firstly, it keeps the body fresh by flushing out toxins; secondly, it keeps the organs fit, especially the digestive system, thus promoting better absorption of essential nutrients in the body. This is also advantageous for growth in height. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to keep your body light and active.

7. Maintain Proper Posture:

Wondering how to increase height after 21 for female? Keep your posture, right! It is necessary to prevent too much pressure on the backbone. This can be done by maintaining proper sitting and sleeping postures. Slouching and bending deters height growth as it puts pressure on wrong places in the back and other parts of the body. Also, do not lift heavy weights as it can stunt your growth forever!

8. Avoid Drinking and Smoking:

During adolescence, it is normal for people to get into habits like drinking, smoking and drugs to appear cool among the peers. However, they fail to realize that this prevents proper growth in the body and is one of the causes of low height and high weight which they do not want. Keep yourself away from all these bad habits, which not only affect your height but also your life!

Besides these, there are various other ways for height increase after 21 years, which have a 100% success rate. However, those are not natural ways and involve intake of health supplements and surgeries which are not safe for health. They might have side effects in the later years too. The above methods might be slow but are natural ways to gain a good height even after 21. Have patience, and you are sure to achieve your goals with regular practice!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Q1. What are the factors that determine a person’s height?

Ans: Human height is determined based on numerous factors. The important one is the nutrition intake. During the growing years, the person who has better protein and vitamins intake are likely to grow taller than those who don’t. Other than this, genetics also play a key role in height. Also, lifestyle, hormonal changes, health conditions and even certain medications may effect a person’s height!

Q2. What is the average height of a 21 year old?

Ans: As per a study, the average height of individuals varies from country to country. Racial characteristics play a key role in determining the height of an individual. In India, the average male is said to measure anywhere between 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 9 inches. People in Japan might find this measurement to be quite tall, and those in African nations might find it shorter than their average male!

Q3. Are height enhancing surgeries safe?

Ans: No! Any surgical intervention that is not backed with ample research and study is not safe. These surgeries come with a lot of risk, that is never revealed by the physician. They involve cutting of bones and inserting rods to allow them to grow. Many people have tried them and experienced irreversible damage to their system.

Q4. Are home remedies effective in height increase after 21?

Ans: There are many home remedies which claim to increase height. You must remember that there is no magic wand to growing tall. You have to have it naturally or try it using natural methods. Some of the said home remedies may work partially by stimulating the growth hormones or supplying the body with additional nutritional levels, but are not instant methods!

Q5. Can Ashwagandha and Shatavari increase height after 21?

Ans: Ashwagandha and Shatavari are ayurvedic herbs which are widely used in many formulae. It is a myth that these herbs increase height directly. They only work by improving the stamina of the body and give you the energy to work out. These herbs also induce good sleep, which is important for your height increase.

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