Height increasing is one of the major social problems a lot of people these days are facing. Standing amongst a group of friends, a small height amongst your leggy girlfriends does put you in a compromising position. The same affect is felt by the boys too. In fact, boys face more of a problem dealing with height issues than girls. Physical appearance has always intrigued and influenced people, be it a girl or a boy and in the world of strict competition, this is just another hurdle they want to overcome.

The Goal:

The goal is to gain height within two weeks. The present generation believes in instant results. The fruit for waiting needs to be tasted at the instant and therefore this instant want to achieve something at the fastest has lead them to arrange their bodies in such a way that strict consequences can be faced. Usually with a short time gap and a lot of achievement to complete, the intensity increases along with instantaneous set goals.

Consult Beforehand:

Before commencing with this two week ritual make sure you have taken a consultant class with your gym trainer and your nutritionist. For the next few days until the completion of the two weeks, you have to give your all in and work hard as your best.

Eat Right:

Certain foods as prescribed by your nutritionist should be the only meals for you. At this time go on a strict diet and only incorporate in your system the necessary healthy ones. Unhealthy food at this time may stunt development of body and thereby growth.

Start your mornings with a protein shake before you work out. These should conclude of two raw eggs, one glass of soy milk and bananas blended in together. After exercise, have a breakfast of bread and two boiled eggs with a glass of milk and following that some orange or lime juice. During the noon and for dinners, have plenty of chicken or beef since these two are enriched with body building nutrients and would help you in fast growth. You can even throw in fish on the deal. For the brunches or evening snacks make yourself a salad with yoghurt and green leaves such as spinach and beans and lettuces.

Work Right:

If you work right since day 1 at the end of week you would definitely feel a change within you.


First and foremost thing for you to do is enroll your name in swimming and practice it for at least 25 minutes every single day without fail. Swimming is a great method to stretch your body and build the muscles so that you can develop at a faster speed.

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Hanging is a proven method to stretch your body. For this you would need a proper hanging bar that can support your full weight. Use your hands to now hang from the bar and maintain a two feet distance from the ground as you do so. Now stretch your toes and try to touch the ground.


Cycling is yet another major exercise that would help you by putting your lower body to a good use. Flexible muscles will help you to grow faster and without any hurdles. Go on a bike ride around the town every evening.

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Stretch it Out:

Perform easy enough exercises at home like hamstrings or yoga which are a proven way to increase height rapidly without any major side effects. You can always alternate between the two or allocate different time to different exercises.

Be Stress Free:

Stress is one of the leading causes for stunted height so make sure you are doing away with the stress by opting for a good sleep at night.

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