Having a sharp mind is a nice quality which everyone does not have. Though one can build up a sharp mind over a period of time by practising various other activities. Whereas having a good attitude is not that much simple, one needs to have luck, of good upbringing and good parenting to get a good attitude toward every situation in life, as one’s perspective is being copied by the type of background that person belongs to! But if one wants to have both of these qualities or wants to improve one’s own attitude and mind’s sharpness, one can follow the following tips.

How to Keep a Sharp Mind and Good Attitude

Try to Write Than Remember:

You must make a habit to write important tasks and reminders of the day rather than depending upon the mind to remember. You might think that such a suggestion may make you look funny in public, but it is not like that at all, as you will find discipline in your life by doing so, and remembering things when you need to accomplish them. No matter how sharp your mind is, you cannot remember everything. Therefore, don’t beat yourself up trying. Learning to write things rather than to remember them helps.

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Find or Observe Your Hidden Talents:

Can you grasp things easily? Can you remember digits at once? Or are you good at observing things? These are some of the talents which not everyone can find within themselves. You must look into yourself and see what you are good at. And follow that talent and convert it into your passion! Do Not be sad if you cannot find any. As you may develop one.

Mental and Physical Exercise:

To be healthy mentally and physically is really important, not just for the sake of the saying by doctors but in real life also it has a huge impact on your attitude and your behavior with others. For e.g. If your body is fit and healthy, you will feel more confident and energetic to do daily tasks easily, with this quality, you will always lead in your field. Also, It will help to relieve tension, as Relieving tension alone can improve your thought patterns. This will result in less tension and sharpen your mind. You will begin to develop a better attitude as time goes on.

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Some More Tips:

1. Sleep is really very important to keep a sharp mind and a good attitude. Sleeping should not be confused with lying in bed, tossing and tumbling. A few hours of good sleep (min 8 hrs) is better than those sleeping in broken amounts of hours of slumber.

2. Think before you do anything thoroughly and always seek good advice.

3. Try to keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum or avoid it totally, and stay away from drugs!

4. Make friends who have sharper brains than you and consider them as healthy competitors.

5. Try making out new formulas to do arithmetic calculations quickly, or you can also surf the net to know more. For e.g.

6. you need to add 433 and 433, well 33+33=66 and 4+4=8. So you’ll come up with a total of 866.

7. While grocery shopping, try to round off the sums rather than making them in even quantities. Try not to use a calculator. For e.g., If something is .69 cents, simply round it off to .70 cents in your head. You will always come close to the exact amount (dollar-wise) at the checkout register.

8. You may also Read knowledgeable books and newspapers to gain knowledge.

9. Reading story books is not a thing for kids only! You must also read them it helps your mind to become sharp.

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