Do you have breathing problems? Do you want to keep your lungs healthy? Nowadays, there are many people suffering from lung problems due to their unhealthy as well as unbalanced lives. Air pollution is the main cause of unhealthy lungs. Your lungs ensure wonderful work each day. Strong lungs supply great quantities of oxygen into your blood in addition to permitting you to effort, live and perform well. Similar to our body lungs also require everyday care as well as devotion. Hence, today in this article we are telling you some tips to keep your lungs healthy.

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If you have lung problems then you may experience such symptoms and they are as follows;

  •  Ache when breathing
  •  Cough and Wheeziness with exercising
  •  Shortness of breath in simple actions
  •  A persistent cough
  •  Faintness with a variation in activity

Best Tips to Keep Lungs Healthy:

Now, below we are telling you the best tips that maintain the health of your lungs. They are as follows;

1. Huff Cough Technique:

The Huff Cough method is a sequence of mini-coughs equally faced to a single large cough. For doing this your respiratory therapist helps you.

2. Perform Crunches:

It is very essential for your lungs to work in 10 to 20 crunches a day. Your chest as well as stomach muscles permit you to draw air. Strengthen them, and you can also try deep breathing.

3. Stay Hydrated:

It is vital to drink 2 quarts of liquid or water every day to benefit clear saliva. For this, you have to first consult your specialist to make certain which works through the rest of your treatment strategy. So, drink extra water because good hydration aids in keeping the airway saliva wet, which makes it relaxed to cough up.

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4. Use of Stairs Instead of Lift:

In order to keep healthy lungs you must mark numerous trips down the stairs towards the basement each day. There are many exercises which make your heart beat faster like riding a bike, climbing stairs, or walking briskly. They benefit to keep your heart as well as lungs in decent form.

5. Have Antioxidants:

Consumption of foods similar to broccoli as well as mushrooms which are rich in antioxidants that benefit you to wash your lungs of entirely the free radical harm which is triggered by contamination.

6. Use a Defensive Mask:

It is essential for those who are working from place to place dust, chemicals or asbestos to attire protective outfits including a gas mask in addition to aerate work zones. While you travel in pollution a face mask or a scarf is used around your mouth and nose, as industrial exposure is a chief danger to lung health that leads to lung cancer, COPD and asthma.

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7. Postural and Percussion Drainage:

Refer to your doctor if you need Postural and Percussion Drainage. In this process, the mucus is eliminated from the lungs into the airways thus they can be coughed out. Percussion, assured drainage positions, deep breathing plus coughing are altogether recycled in this method.

8. Avoid Smoking:

Smoking is the main reason for severe lung illnesses such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD as well as lung cancer. Smoke can damage your lungs because the smoke from cigars, pipes and cigarettes, covers above 4,000 damaging chemicals. Also, prevent yourself from secondhand smoke. Carry out a no-smoke region in your home.

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9. Be Attentive for Air Pollution:

It is very necessary to become aware of air pollution plus ensure your portion to keep the air fresh. Inside as well as outside air pollution can source health difficulties, particularly for individuals who have lung illnesses.


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