There are no signs to show if he or she is into you and vice-versa. Believe it or not, unlike in fairy tale romances on the silver screen, love just happens and with all it’s ups and down entwined. So to tell you exactly if he or she is the one for you, would be falsifying your expectations.

Sad yet true, there are many across the world that promise you instant chants, spells and mantras to attract someone, please be clear and away from them. Free will is what you cannot interfere in, which means love when it has to happen with someone, will happen at the right time and place, and as humans we cannot force someone to love us. Here a few tips on How to Know when You Love Him or her.

A Big Question:

You haven’t been dating your mate for long, its all just begun and you are confused if it is too soon to call it LOVE!!

Well, congratulations on realizing that you are lovable and can find love, but let’s get real. Being in such a feeling or an emotion is a big deal. Add to that the fact that you now are in love or falling into its grips, the biggest deal of all. Don’t pressurize yourself into thinking of is this love!! Promise yourself some more time to fathom it all.

No Magic:

It happens magically without magic, quite an oxymoronic statement isn’t it? However, that is how love happens to the best of all couples across the world. There has to be immense respect, care and comfort for two to be in “love” or in a “relationship”. Longing to be with them and lust should be passed away with due diligence, because they are not the steps on finding true love. You have got to know him or her, in and out, which is how you would love them regardless of the past or the number of flaws they have.

Beyond The Genetics And Generics:

The connection of being one, two bodies’ one soul is beyond genetics and generics. You learn more about the person’s place of work, place of stay, their daily life and so on. There are dating sites which can provide more tips on the same, self-tests are good too, but not foolproof or the BIBLE of love.

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Question Yourself:

1. Who does she like to hang out with the most, friends or family?
2. How would he best spend the lottery money, should he win one?
3. Her favorite songs, books or movies are?
4. The most memorable moment of his life is?
5. How good at you remembering their likes and dislikes, birth date etc?
Be honest when answering the questions above. If the answers are positive and clarified by you to be true, maybe then you are indeed ready to make the move of saying those three magical words.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Don’t divulge your negative emotions towards the next post sex
  • Don’t be intoxicated and talk mushy, it is not romantic or fun to do so’
  • Be original and don’t fake grandeur.
  • Cut your cloth to the limit you can
  • Don’t think too much of if this is the right time or not

Just Be Who You Are:

Keep a diary with you; make a note of the days happenings when he or she was with you. What did you observe about them, which made them happy, sad, disappointed or angry? Work on those lines, and watch how the answer of knowing when to pop the three magical words comes along.

It’s only in getting to know the mate and yourself better, would you be able to know when to propose.

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