People come into our lives for a reason, and some do for a season. Now in the journey of life, we make friends, some of them stay till the end, and the rest walk away. However, the ones who walk away aren’t bad people; it’s just that this friendship was not meant to be. Sometimes a split can happen because of misunderstandings, lack of communication, lack of interest in keeping the bond alive and kicking or simply because the sync that was there between you and him or her, or even them, isn’t there anymore. When things turn sour, it is, but humans, that our psyche to resonates the same.

How to Let Go of a Bad Friendship?

This leads to malicious backbiting, rumor spreading, fights and more harm in the bargain. Save yourself that trouble, when you know too much water has flown under the bridge, let go. Do yourself a favor, love yourself and move on. People will speak, let them do so. Don’t bother about the rumors and the gossipmongers. True friends are rare, and they will stick by you, no matter what. The rest are like seasonal flowers, they fade over time. Please read on and understand the importance of letting go, when things turn sour. Here are some best tips on How to Let Go of a Bad Friendship?

You’ve done your best:

If the friendship has to be salvaged, it will in time. Yes, as humans we tend to be impatient, and we disregard our own feelings in order to salvage situations and relationships, friendships especially. However, sit quietly by yourself and ask the inner voice within, is it worth lamenting over a friend who cares two hoots about your feelings? Is there something to learn from this incident? Did you do or didn’t do something to stop the untoward situation from happening? Maybe there is something for you to learn from this episode in life, maybe this was meant to be so that you could come out as a better person.

Take yourself on a higher platform and surround yourself with people who are positive. This will up your spirit, you would be motivated to socialize more, and you would feel nice as well. When you feel nice, you attract nice. Positive people and true friends are always looking for someone with a smile, someone with an internal force of positivity and optimism. Crying out once or twice is okay, but remember, the chapter is closed, and you need to move on, or else the second chapter wouldn’t begin. And who knows what lovely people are ahead, willing and waiting to meet you.

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Goodbye to the old:

One should look back with love and bless the episode gone by. Yes, easier said than done but not impossible. There could have been something grave which happened, because of which the split took place. However, that doesn’t mean it is the end of your life, and the world has stopped rotating. You need to appreciate what you have because you haven’t lost anything. Count your blessings because there are millions out there who would want to be in your place.

Pick up a book and read, make notes, start a blog, share your experiences, and your life, make video blogs using your camera phone, indulge in a hobby, cook your favorite meal, do some charity work, listen to music that makes you dance or happy, talk to people, network online, focus on your job, eat healthy and exercise, meditate if need be, pamper yourself at the local salon, join a club, pet a dog or a cat, spend quality time with those who matter, take mom and dad out on lunch, but don’t be stuck forever in a moment.

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Remember, the law of attraction works here, your thoughts make you!!


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