The most delightful and blissful moment for any women is pregnancy. A woman becomes a mother, and happiness cannot be explained in words. But pregnancy comes with its own set of challenges – body changes, weight gain, and what not! Post-delivery, a woman often notices putting on weight and losing it again is quite a challenge. Today, we are here with the best ways on how to lose weight after pregnancy!

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Losing weight can be quite a task. One requires to take the right amount of proper diet, safe lifestyle changes under appropriate medical supervision. Let us see some of the proven tips and methods to make your task easy – how to lose pregnancy weight at home!

Why is it Important to Reduce Weight Post Pregnancy?

The pregnancy phase and process lead to weight gain to the mother. Further, post-delivery, she is responsible for breastfeeding and taking care of a new baby. An average weight gain during pregnancy is said to be around 10-17 kg depending on the original weight of a woman. Since one needs to maintain a healthy body and fitness level, it is crucial even for the new mothers to gradually lose weight. But one should note that this should not come as a one time task. One can consider losing the extra pounds only after six months at least, post the delivery and baby birth. This helps for healthy weight loss.

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How to Lose Weight After pregnancy:

Note that it is always essential that one drops the extra weight healthily and in a sustainable way, under medical supervision. In this section, we will give you a picture of how to lose weight after pregnancy naturally in the right manner. There are several methods for healthy weight loss- ranging from diet, safe exercises, and home remedies. The ultimate goal here is not to get skinny or slim fast after pregnancy, but rather be healthy. Here we go!

1. Food and Diet for Weight Loss:

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One must maintain a healthy weight loss method to reduce the extra pounds. Here are some suggestions on how to go about a healthy diet and nutrition for decreasing weight after delivery and pregnancy.

  • Never crash diet. As a new mother, you would also be breastfeeding, and hence, you need extra nutrition and care.
  • Work on the calorie count. You can slowly reduce the total calorie intake by around 500 calories per day during post-pregnancy, which can help you gradually shed around 0.5 kg weight per week. Remember, you do not need to worry about milk production during your weight loss regime, as you would be simultaneously taking healthy nutrition, too.
  • Take foods that are high in fibre. Any soluble fiber can make one feel fuller and reduces hunger levels.
  • Never forget about proteins. Intake of more proteins in your food will reduce the overall calorie intake. This gives sufficient nutrients to the body and at the same time, required body energy. These include lean meat, eggs, nuts, dry fruits, and dairy.
  • Avoid foods with refined carbs. Any sugary drinks, desserts like cakes and pastries, and other baked foods can lead to weight gain again.
  • Last but not least, never take alcohol while you are a new mother and breastfeeding. This can reduce breast milk production, and further, the alcohol can even be passed through milk to the baby.

With these easy and right tips for diet, you can quickly even lose weight after pregnancy without exercise. But the active body, as we all know, helps to keep oneself fit and healthy. Hence, activities are always recommended!

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2. Exercises for Weight Loss:

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Not just about the right diet, one can even get rid of weight after pregnancy with simple exercises and cardio, even during the breastfeeding period. When exercises can be combined with proper nutrition, you can reduce over 1.5 kg per month on average. Simple walking, jogging, and running could do the magic too. Alternatively, you can even choose simple yoga exercises. You can have long evening walks with your baby and cherish the moments also. Remember, if you are working to lose weight after c section delivery or cesarean, it is vital never to undertake hard and intense exercises or training. Also, never forget to take your medical provider’s advice while you begin the exercising routine.

3. Home Remedies for Weight Loss:

Besides the right diet and safe exercise regime, note that specific home remedies can help lose weight after the baby quickly. Be it the case of giving birth through normal delivery or surgery, and these play an immense role in keeping the mothers’ happy and healthy. Especially if you have had a miscarriage earlier, then you must note these to be very important for an overall healthy being.

  • The right amount of sleep is required to reduce overall stress and give proper rest to the body. This, in turn, can have a positive and right effect on weight loss.
  • Always stay hydrated. Take the required amount of water every day.
  • Stay active. Never be passive or lazy as this can inversely affect the health of both mother and baby.

4. Breast Feeding and its Significance in Weight Loss:

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Do you know that even breastfeeding can help significantly for weight loss? Yes, you heard it right! It provides nutrition to both mother and baby, reduces the size of the uterus gradually, and lowers the risk of diseases in both mother and baby.

There are even studies that proved that breastfeeding could help the mother to get back to pre-baby weight faster and quickly. It boosts immunity immensely and aids in overall health benefits. Regular breastfeeding hence does a lot of good to both mother and baby.

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Additional Tips for Loss:

  1. Besides the food and exercise routine, there are few more suggestions to help in losing weight after childbirth.
  2. Make sure to follow a regular diet. Due to breastfeeding, you may need an extra amount of calories on a few days; do not hesitate. But this does not mean you eat up everything you wish to!
  3. Reduce stress. Stay happy and positive. Mental peace also has equal positive results to contribute to weight loss.
  4. Do not have dense processed foods and baked items. This can increase your weight immensely.
  5. Avoid smoking and alcohol as they can be harmful to both mother and baby health.
  6. Stay motivated. Never lose motivation. You can always find a support group and help each other in weight loss during this phase.

Taking Help for Healthy Weight Loss Weight After Pregnancy:

Being a new mother can be a quite challenging and daunting task. There are several factors such as lack of sleep, stress, and a depressed environment due to new conditions in life that can result in adverse health effects. Postnatal depression is among the common cases found these days, and it is essential to acknowledge and take help as and when required. It is always good to get back to pre-pregnancy weight and body but remember, and it takes time. So, never get anxious, but rather give it time. In case you need help and are feeling depressed, never forget to reach out. Go to a medical practitioner or family nurse or psychologist as required.

You are losing weight after pregnancy is not an easy task. It takes immense time and effort from anyone. I hope this guide on how to lose weight after pregnancy helped you. Do let us know your thoughts!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How do celebrities lose weight after pregnancy?

Ans: Celebrities, in general, have personal nutritionist, dietician, and trainer, who assists them to lose weight healthily post-delivery. One must follow the same routine and steps with a healthy diet and proper lifestyle to lose weight. Be it celebs or an average human like us; the secret is the same – a healthy diet and safe exercises.

Q2. When can the new mothers begin steps to lose weight after pregnancy?

Ans: Generally, it is recommended to wait for at least six months before one begins to diet and exercise for losing weight. This gives the body good time as required to get back in the original phase and also helps to get prepared.

Q3. How to lose weight after twins?

Ans: Giving birth to twins can be a second job – taking care of two babies and having put on more bodyweight than others. One also requires more nutrition and intake of food than others, given the energy needed during care activities. Hence, while the procedure and secrets for losing weight remain the same (healthy diet, exercise, and peaceful lifestyle), you can always increase the intake of food as required. But never forget to eliminate a bad diet. Never skip on regular physical activities. Give it time, and you surely will achieve the result.

Q4. How is much weight loss possible after delivery?

Ans: It depends on your original average body weight, the weight of the baby, and health conditions, it is possible for any woman to lose around 5-8 kgs post-delivery. As mentioned, a regular healthy diet and exercise can help one to drop off weight. It is not just about shedding pounds but also about maintaining weight after pregnancy continuously healthily and sustainably.


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