Early morning on the way to the park, we can people from every walk of life passing us by engrossed in their fitness bubble. One can see youngsters cycling, teenagers running, old people jogging, some of them standing in a circle laughing dramatically to sweat of their everyday troubles. As we all know, losing weight is the new mantra of this season. From youngsters to the youths to the middle-age and as of late the old age, everyone is thriving to keep their body in shape. To all our youth, weight lose comes with heavy hours spent in the gym, sweat and extravagant work-out, but is that always necessary? Weight can be lost even without gym-ing and to prove that here is today’s article.

Strict Diet:

The first step to a proper body without the gym is a strict diet. One cannot expect to have it that good, so from the early morning a formidable diet should be followed. We have often heard our parents say how important breakfast is and they are absolutely right. Start your day with a bowl of cereal and some milk and occasionally maybe some pancakes or toast. A proper meal at the very beginning of the day keeps your metabolism on its peak so that you can function well throughout the day. The trick is to have a light lunch and dinner probably avoiding all food that might aggravate the weight gain and eating less but more times a day giving your body that space to digest up the food and process them.

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Right Food:

Along with a diet the right kind of food is also important and that means saying bye-bye to all the burgers and French fries on the Sunday evenings. Although this is breaking an age-old myth, spicy food does help you get rid of your extra flabs. The Endocrine society in their annual meeting in San Francisco declared spicy food like hot pepper or jalapenos, onions and garlics can help you get over your problem of over-eating. Science says when the food tastes better; we get a feeling of being full and thus curbs over-eating and weight loss. Then again the small snacks around the day should be only fruits and light weight snacks otherwise the weight will tend to remain the same.

Good Night’s Sleep:

The next step is to get a good night’s sleep. A kid grows in his sleep we know. But it also works for us too. While we are snoring away our worries, our body works on the regulation of the damage and repairs and heals the affected area which maybe anything from a sore back to a depressed mind. But what happens, when the body void of any other work looks for something to do, they digest the food and breaks down and process them thereby preventing fats and carbohydrates to accumulate. So this way sleeping and being lazy for that few hours in the night actually benefits you.

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The next best thing to exercising is blasting off them speakers and letting yourself free. Dancing is a sure shot method to shed some sweat whilst having fun, and when fun mixes with work, it is a sure shot method to lose weight too. Dancing uses up the body’s energy and the body to produce more breaks down more sugar and carbohydrate which also gets used up in the process. This way it provides the same benefits a treadmill does only with much more fun. So you can either enroll for a dance class or just dance carefree to your will. Dances like Zumba, street dance, hip hop, belly dancing and even ballet can help us tone down our body.

Self Defense:

If gym is not your cup of tea, self defense should be. There is no harm in finding out where your strengths lie and if you think self defense is important and fun to learn go for it since this is yet another way the body gets a routine work-out without the gym and burns a good amount of calories thereby shedding our weight. So kick-box and punch away.

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Liquid Intake:

And last but definitely not the least is liquid consumption and this comes in many forms mainly water. It may be a secret but water does help you burn your calories at the same time maintaining the body temperatures for a better skin. So when we get two free things with just one product why not try it? Every morning a glass of luke warm water with some lemon or honey and maybe a glass of luke warm water plain at night before the bed- that’s all it takes. Other than this many power drinks, protein drinks, juices or energy drinks can also benefit us by keeping the energy level in our body high thereby burning more calories.

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