How to Love Others?

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Before you start loving others, ask yourself if you love the person you are or not? If the answer is a positive affirmation, you then wouldn’t be looking for answers on how to love others. A negative thought about yourself would actually trigger the fact that you need help in loving others, but only by loving yourself first. They say we are but mirror images of one another in this world. What we hate in others is actually a deep rooted sense of negativity within us. For example, if there is something we don’t like in the person next to us, there must be the same thing within us that we do and hate doing it. It is human nature for us to pass judgments on each other, to criticize and shame one another, to belittle our closest ones too; it is but human to do so. However, that doesn’t mean we continue being the vamp for others around. We too are humans with a soul of love that can pour and drown the hate away. Hence let’s learn together on How to Love Others? Please read on and be well-informed for the same.

How to Love Others

No Judging Please:

We all have a battle of our own to fight, and we really don’t know who is going through what at any point of time in their or our lives, so why judge. Maybe staying with one another too, our partner could be a recluse and a lonely soul, although he or she smiles and talks, there maybe something pressuring them to behave otherwise when in public or alone. Let’s not hate them or judge them too harsh, rather talking things out will help. It would help them gain trust that someone really cares for them, and that they can overcome whatever hurdles are there which plagues their lives. Hence, judging someone for something which you find is not right and you don’t understand is wrong

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In this day and age, individuals are judged and scaled by one another on various counts. For example, caste, creed, race, gender, skin color and more, which is sad, but it is happening. Remember, the world was not made for you alone, and the world doesn’t revolve around your existence. Everyone was placed on this planet for a reason; some come into our lives to teach and go some to teach and stay and the rest to be a part of our journey forever. Instead of dwelling on something which is not right, find ways to sit and talk things out, so that both you and they can lead better lives, sans opinions and judgments. When you speak and take care to talk and understand with love, miracles happen.

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TLC at All Times:

TLC also known as tender love and care, the three most important factors that would shun away hate, anger and the seven sins of mankind. Once again we reiterate, you never know what is going through the mind of an individual. You also don’t know the day to day battles they go through, so be indifferent to the crime and not the criminal.

You don’t pay someone’s bills, you don’t feed them or you don’t buy them clothes or a home, so why take the pressure of trying to change them by judging them. Everyone is made of love and love is what makes the world go round. Look through with love and judge not, for one day the same can happen with you, which is what you really don’t want happening. Be kind to one another and love as you have been loved, in abundance.

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