She is an amazing person to hang around with, and she turns your world with love, upside down. Isn’t it great having her around? Someone you can be with as and when you want, someone to talk to, to hold and cuddle and exchange sweet kisses with? Well, she is your girlfriend and the soulmate you’ve always wanted. However, falling in love with her was the best thing ever, so now work on this and make it successful, one day with her walking down the aisle as husband and wife.

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What we tend to forget is that love these days is not respected. One should know that a girl is a beautiful human, made with love and should be respected. Women if not around, the world wouldn’t go further. Hence, treat your girlfriend with respect, and as a famous singer once said “Treat her like a lady”.

Best Tips to Love Your Girlfriend:

1. Men should not dominate their thoughts, views and opinions on a woman, especially not on their lovers, wives, girlfriends or live-in female companions. Talking about girlfriends, a man should know that just because he is in love with her and she is with him, it doesn’t make her his “property”. She as his girlfriend has her own personal life to deal with, and she needs her space too. Breathing down her back makes no sense because if a man cannot respect her space and her time or needs, there is someone else waiting to be with her and do it all for her.

2. Don’t baby her or molly cuddle her too much, she is a grown-up woman with brains of her own and needs no underestimation for the same. Men love pampering their girlfriends, showering them with gifts and giving their lady love all the comfort and care. However, overdoing the same shows insecurity in a man, especially with his approach towards women. So stop doing the baby talk now and then, there is a time and place for everything, and she needs her time too.

Treat The Lady as Befits a Lady:

One should also learn how to appreciate the time she takes to doll up and be with her man. Don’t be critical of her weight, her hair, her looks, and what she wears. She has taken the time to be with you, and that is what should count. Just because your friends say she isn’t “cool” or “hot”. It doesn’t mean you should belittle her or ridicule her every now and then. If you want her to change, ensure that you too change with her. Make it an effort for the two of you, and not because you want her as a trophy in your life.

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3. Talking about a trophy girlfriend, such girlfriends are for material needs, and they don’t bother if you are in love with them or not. However, your girlfriend doesn’t treat you as a trophy lover, so why then should you treat her as one? Don’t take her love for granted, or else she may just throw in the towel on this relationship and walk out or over you.

4. Give her a surprise now and then, and make her feel special and magical. Women love surprises, take her out for a movie, lunch, dinner, a drive around the city, a weekend for two or a romantic time at home just the two of you.

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Be a Man:

True men always raise their women above them and respect them; they don’t look at women a notch lower. Hence, be a man and prove to her that a queen raised you as a prince.


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