It is so sad to see so many old age homes, not because we see so many of them. But because children these days don’t have the time because of varied reasons to take care of their parents. We are not judging anyone here, but there could be a way to manage our senior citizens and their needs better. Rather than just putting them in an old age home, to be looked after by someone for the rest of their lives. In this article, we will explore different ways to love your parents, whether you are a child, teenager, or adult, and how you can strengthen your bond with them.

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How To Love Your Parents?

They Gave Birth To You:

Remember, it is your mother and father who brought you into this world. Ever since you were in the cradle and in your nappies, it was your parents, who stayed up late nights to care for you and keep you warm and dry too.

While you were in school, they ensured you were given the best uniform, the right meals to pack for lunch and an awesome childhood of love, care and affection. Mom and Dad may have sacrificed their own needs, but ensured that you got the shoes you wanted, so you could flaunt and walk in style.

Yet, when you grew up more and joined college, it was your parents who mortgaged the house for your education. Finally, the job which pays you six figures now brought to you the name and fame you enjoy now.

Now think about all the sacrifices and countless blessings, it was a thankless job for the parents, but it should be a thankful gesture for you.

They Made You Who You Are:

There were nights when you shivered from fevers, coughs and colds, but your parents snuggled you into bed and kept you warm. It was your parents who fought against the world to ensure that no one ever pointed a finger against you or at your flaws.

Parents were the first friends who we shared secrets with; they know it all and hence guided us well. They picked us up every time we fell, we faltered and disobeyed them. In their harshest of punishments was love, love that smothered around and healed all wounds over time.

Without parents and the love they have shown so far, we wouldn’t have made it to where we are today. So now ask yourself this question;

Is it justified to not love and care for our parents? The way they did years back and still do now?

What You Need To Realise:

1. Old age is the second childhood. When parents reach an age where the body and mind don’t function as well as they can. It’s time for you to take charge. Right from helping them move around to sometimes feeding and bathing them. You need to ensure that everything is taken care of and in place. It is exactly at this stage in life when they turn stubborn and childlike, but they don’t mean to disrupt your life too. All they need is a little care and understanding, that’s it.

2. At this point in time, you could take out at least an hour a day from your busy lives. Sit with mom and dad to share a meal, hear their day’s story, and tell them about yours. Interact and communicate for an hour and this would keep them happy.

3. Try having a cup of tea every morning, and go for a walk around the area or the lake with them. This would give them the security that you are around, you care for them and that they won’t be abandoned.

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Parents in their old age fear that their own kin would abandon them. They live in constant fear that someday they would be asked to leave and move out. Since their health and mental issues at this age are too much to handle. Don’t ever let that happen. Dear friends, remember, it is the same mom and dad who gave you everything when they had nothing!


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