It is such a blessing to have friends, and not just friends who are there for the moment, but for life. Imagine not having someone to talk to, someone to share your inner feelings with, and someone who would patiently hear you and not judge? Nightmarish, isn’t it!! This is why, everyone needs someone as a friend, a friend who they can be just as they are in real life, no pretensions, no hang ups, no put on’s and someone you can be weird and crazy with at all times.

Shopping, dining out, luncheons, movies, drama and theater, or maybe talking about the new kid down the street, all of which would seem awesome and enjoyable, when someone close to you matches up, mentality wise isn’t it? And this is why it is important to have life long friends, someone you can have around and grow old with.

Below we enlisted some best steps on how to maintain old friends? throughout your life.

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The Real Life Scenario:

Let’s face it boys and girls, the grief of separation is inescapable. We all pick and choose friends for life from the time we are children, however, as we grow up we move on different paths. Some of us change college and have to move out of town for more than a year.

There are some of us who secure new high paying jobs and move out of home for good. Maybe the whole family has decided to relocate altogether for reasons best known to them. In such cases, friends stay behind and we have to move on, with a stone on our heart. Such situations happen almost everyday, but where there is a will there surely is a way. We have to find means to stay in touch and let the bond of friendship between friends not break.

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1. Calling your best friend over phone or skype these days isn’t a chore. Thanks to the advancement of technology, you now can stay in touch, catch up and even hang out online, even though the two of you or the whole group is miles away from each other. But if you do stay in the same city, once a month or once in two weeks, catching up on lunch, dinner or a couple of coffee shots or beer for that matter, seems apt and great to indulge in. friends who really care and want to keep in touch will take out time and put in the energy to meet up. Planning a hang out is great; however, ensure that it is at a centralized location, easily accessible for everyone and at a time when all can come. If someone cannot make it, try and understand rather than being miffed about it.

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2. Another way to ensure you and your close friends stay connected would be by joining a club. This could be online or at a brick and mortar venue, but do hold a club which makes sense and is in sync with everyone’s likings. This could be a book club; a coffee meet for the oldies, a charity club, and the list can be unending. In doing so, you would not only help one another stay in touch, but would be able to capture each others nuances in life as well. best practices on leading an adult life with ease can be shared too

Resolve Conflicts:

Many have sworn by having such hangouts as a blessing in disguise. They say that meeting old friends and staying in touch through such ideas has helped them resolve issues of the past, stay strongly closer to one another and also has created ever lasting bonds, both on personal and professional grounds as well. So are you ready to do all it takes to maintain old friendships!!

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