Just as the body requires some nutrients on a regular basis, the skin also requires specific nutrients to stay young, clean and clear for a long time. No matter whatever the season is, the increasing pollution, odd eating habits, and much more has led to a number of skin issues. And to get rid of it, women and even men generally go for harmful chemical-based face treatments, among which, face pack is a common one.

However, these days, people are getting more attracted for homemade easy to make face masks. With the help of natural ingredients, these face packs come with zero side effects, giving you amazing skin benefits.

There are different types of skin tones, and similarly, there are a number of skin problems that have emerged since long. Rather than spending money on the chemical based company products, it is simply good if you directly want to add some naturally helpful for the skin.

How To Make Your Own Face Mask At Home:

Here are the topmost adopted face masks to make at home for dealing with skin issues.

1. Citrus Fruit Face Pack for Oily Skin:

Are you having problems like pimples or acne, etc. due to oily skin! The fruit mask with citrus fruits in it is the best for your skin. The citrus texture in the fruits work effectively for removing that extra oil on your face, and which leads to a reduction in acne and pimple problems.

Along with all these, this pack is also popular as the skin exfoliator in the market. The Vitamin C present in the fruits along with salicylic acid and antioxidants help in reducing acne and give a soothing effect. Thinking about how to make face pack at home with citrus fruits? Here is how you would go for to make own face mask.

  • The list of citrus fruits for this mask includes strawberries, oranges, and cherries. Select any two from the three for making the mask.
  • Take the selected fruits in a bowl, and crush them properly forming a thickly textured mask.
  • Apply the mixture on your face, without adding any other liquid substance, even not water.
  • The juice from the fruits is enough to keep the mask semi-solid on your face.
  • If you wish, you can also add some turmeric to the mask, it is optional. Turmeric is used as a healer in this mask with some anti-inflammatory features.
  • Keep the mask on your face for nearly 15 minutes or till it is dry, and rinse off using normal water
  • Use some moisturizing lotion after pat drying.
  • Applying this paste to the face nearly twice a week would give you quick results.

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2. Mint, Cucumber, and Beetroot Face Mask:

This mask is also known as the pampering mask. The mask not only provides you with a good number of proteins for healthy skin, but it also gifts you with some cooling effect as it is made using cucumber and mint. Cucumber is also a rich source of Vitamin C, caffeic acid, etc. that helps in hydrating the skin and also to fight against irritation.

Along with this, the pack is also applicable for removing that greasy effect from the face. The pack is highly used in summers as it gives natural coolness. Wondering how to make a face mask at home using these ingredients? Here it is.

  • Get a raw beetroot and boil it for nearly 45 minutes. Let the beetroot get cold.
  • Get 1tsp of mint leaves (Fresh), chopped cucumber around 1tbsp and half of the beetroot you have boiled and cooled.
  • Blend all the ingredients in the mixture till it forms out a smooth paste. Make sure you maintain the consistency of the pack.
  • Apply the mixture on the face eventually.
  • Keep the mixture for nearly 5 – 10 minutes on your face and neck.
  • Wash off the paste using warm water and pat dry using a soft towel.
  • Apply the mixture for nearly 2-3 times in a week for getting that bouncy skin.

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3. Curd and Gram Flour Face Pack:

This is the best pack if you are looking for something to get rid of the tanning after vacations, especially in summers. Both curd and the gram flour come with skin whitening benefits, that are essential in rejuvenating the damaged skin and helping it gains its beauty and softness again.

Along with skin whitening benefits, curd also is rich in lactic acid, hydroxy acid, etc. that is helpful in improving the skin tone giving it a radiant and soothing effect. Following are some quick steps on how to make a face mask for your face using curd and gram flour for regaining the lost glow from the face.

  • Take equal parts of curd and gram flour in a bowl. This means, if you are using 1tbsp of gram flour, take similar quantity of curd.
  • Mix the ingredients forming a soft and well-mixed pack.
  • Apply the pack to the face and neck equally. You can also use this pack for de-tanning hands and legs too.
  • Allow the pack to dry or keep it for nearly 10 minutes.
  • Once dried, use lukewarm water and clean the face properly.
  • Pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Repeat the process 4 out of 7 days in a week for getting that desired tone back.

Today, there are a number of youths surfing for how to make a natural face mask for getting that desired look in a natural way. The packs made with natural ingredients like lemon, strawberry, eggs, honey, mint, sugar, turmeric, bananas, sandalwood, rosewater, and many more. This means it the best cost-effective way to handle the skin issues without any kind of side effects.

Applying the face pack on the face for nearly twice a week would surely give you desired results in few days. Hence, with such homely efforts you can also deal with other skin issues like tanning, wrinkles, aging, acne, pimples, etc. which can be best removed using the homemade ingredients.

The easy to make face mask made from natural ingredients are not only chemical free, but they are cost-effective as compared to other chemical based face packs.

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