We all have a friend or may have had a friend on whom we secretly had a crush, or may have dreamt of falling in love with. In this day and age, people say being friends and strong at that is better than being in love, but that’s not as true as it seems to be.  Yes, it is hard to convert the bond of friendship into love, but not impossible. The chemistry has to be just right; otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to make bones of the relationship to be. Here are thus ten tips on How to Make a Friend Fall in Love with You.

How To Make a Friend Fall In Love With You

1. Your Appearance Matters:

Work on the way you dress, walk, talk and look in public. Let’s admit it; we all are interested in outer appearance, too, no matter what we say about inner beauty. Most wouldn’t even want to date you if you don’t fit the bill, grooming wise. Keep your hair in place, your teeth should be clean, and so should the nails and the skin. An appearance that speaks spic and clean speaks a lot about you as a person to fall in love with.

2. Hone Your Interpersonal Skills:

People love those who know how to communicate well. This should be inborn or learnt since then you would know how to handle whom in which situation. It would also make you understand the skills of making him or her feel magically important when being with you. Conflicts at all times should be avoided, no shaming someone else around, and no playing the blame game when talking about your past relationships.

3. Listen And Listen Well:

Your mate would only be more interested in knowing you or being with you if you listen. When they speak, nod your head time and again to show that you are listening. Also, please put that phone down when someone talks to you, and maintain eye contact, which only shows you have respect for what they have to say.

4. Make The Talk Interesting:

Even if the talk is on the phone, Skype, what’s app or email and even if it is one on one, make it interesting for both of you to indulge in. The duration isn’t what you should be bothered about as much as the quality of the conversation. This helps the two to open up and be frank with one another.

5. Mind Not Being Someone Else:

No one wants a wannabe as a mate; trust us when we say that. So just be you, and focus on your skills and talents, which someone else you envy doesn’t have, without being loud or proud about it.

6. Make It Witty:

Women and men love having light-hearted talks and conversations, which means, let the humour bone tickle.

7. Groom And Dress Well:

Dress for the occasion and dress well. Women shouldn’t wear clothes that reveal too much, should it send out the wrong signals, and men shouldn’t ignore going in for a facial, a beard trim and a well kept pair of jeans or trousers and polished shoes.

8. Choose Someone Who Sends Out Happiness:

Your mate should be someone who loves being positive and happy at all times, no matter what. However, don’t overdo the act of being happy, it should come from within

9. No Playing Mind Games:

This would be the death of the beginning, since playing mind games with him or her would be an insult and an attack on their clear motives of loving you loyally. You cannot be a lover and a friend together, rather you should not hence make the right choice

10. Don’t Push It:

A NO means NO, don’t push for love or seek attention by doing something stupid. Please remember, sometimes falling in love with your bestie isn’t the right thing, or maybe it would take ages, so wait and be patient.

We wish you luck in wooing your best friend.

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