A birthday is never complete without a cake and in today’s article we would give you a hands down experience of how to celebrate the birthday with a little more personalized touch. Usually during the birthdays one would often order cakes from personalized shops but this time why not give your loved one a more personal touch. The process of cake making is indeed an easy one if you are working with the right ingredients.

In fact with your superb cake making skill why should cakes only be limited to birthday parties and weddings? Cakes can be used during the evenings over a cup of tea. Cakes can be an after breakfast desert and cakes can be a past time hobby. Either way enjoying a slice of cake every time doesn’t need to be a run to the store for you.

How To Make A Simple Cake Save

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How To Prepare A Simple Cake?

Get Your Materials Right:

The basic thing one would need for a cake would be some flour and some eggs. Baking powder is yet another ingredient that plays an important role in cake making and so is milk and milk powder. Some sugar and salt will be needed as well.

Now every cake comes with a slight flavor and it is up to you to decide which flavor to use best for you. A little vinegar can be kept handy for the best result. Butter will be the last ingredient to your list and if you are opting for a simple cake, you have all the ingredients that you should require over the course of time.

Other than that you would need some butter paper which can be purchased from any nearby grocery store, a proper shape making pan and a batter mixer, a wooden spoon maybe.

Start The Action:

The first step to cake making is to mix the essential ingredients together. In a bowl pour one and a half cups of flour and along with one cup of water and two eggs. Now add one cup of sugar and half a teaspoon spoon worth salt. In that drop one tablespoon of baking powder and one cup of powder milk. Have one cup of milk handy too which should be poured in along with two or three cubes of butter. A 100gm worth butter would be required.

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Now once all these are poured in the bowl, mix them properly with the wooden spoon. This is what we call the batter and often there are special batter mixers or cake mixers available that would help you fix the batter properly. You have to make sure the batter is mixed properly to avoid clumping of the ingredients. Smooth and fine consistency should be maintained to efficiently evaluate the cake. In case of an eggless cake, remove the egg from the equation and continue with the rest.

Midway to mixing the batter, add one teaspoon of vegetable oil along with the flavors which can be vanilla pod or powder or liquid. In case of chocolate, add cocoa powder along with the vanilla and then mix it again.

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Baking Session:

Now bring out the cake baking pan and grease and flour it well. Doing so will help the cake from sticking to the bottom of the pan so that at the end of the baking you can simply slide it out of the pan. Often in cases, we grease the pan and then cover the inner side along with the walls with butter paper. Now evenly pour out the consistency into the pan. Sift it to equalize the mixture.

Prior to this you can pre heat the oven if needed. This initiates the process.  Turn the oven to 350F for five minutes and then insert the cake mix.

Now continue baking at 350F for the next half an hour and by that time you will see your cake fluffing up and gaining consistency.

Bring out the cake and then turn over the pan to let it slide into the decoration plate.


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