A good hairstyle may be the factor between looking good and looking great at the event that you wish to be a part of and choosing the right hairstyle may leave you frustrated. This is because not many people know that choosing the right hairstyle is a process by which you must see what face tone, colour and structure you are. A good sock bun is always a great way to go because this type of hairstyle is perfect as it is flexible with almost all kinds of face types and will most definitely make you the centre of attention t the event that you wish to visit. There are a pretty large variety of good sock buns to choose from and given below is the best way to make a sock bun so that you can match it with your attire for any event-


The first step to making a sock bun requires you to wash your hair. A hair smoothener is recommended which is available in the market in both shampoo and conditioner. This hair smoothener will make it easier to tie your hair. Once washing your hair is complete dry it effectively with a towel and blow dryer but make sure to use a heat blocking serum that will help to keep your hair soft. Dry hair will hurt your scalp when you try to tie it thus a heat blocking serum is the best.

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Separate Set of Hands:

The best way to achieve a flawless sock is to have a separate set of hands to help you. If you are helping someone with their sock bun then the best way to do it is the first level out the entire hair in your hand and then tie it in a concentric circle to achieve the best results. The circle will slowly form a sock bun and you can match this with messy curls in the front or add the entire of your hair with the bun at the back. The best part about the sock bun is that you can wear it up or down as per your choice which makes it a very versatile bun hairstyle for all occasions. Once the hair has been rounded off you can add an accessory like a small or large clip to keep it in place so that no other type of maintenance is required. Tying a sock bun can be both a messy affair or a well-coordinated affair in accordance with the event that you wish to visit making it a very versatile hairstyle for all kinds of occasions.

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Add An Accessory:

To keep the entire of your hair in place the best thing to do is add a clip or a wooden accessory to the ends of your hair so that the bun looks more finished. The accessory you want to use is available easily at any market place and varies in variety.

Carrying it Off:

A sock bun is a perfect hairstyle for wedding, social event or even a corporate event It is also great if you are getting married because it compliments your traditional as well as western wedding look. The sock bun is easy to make compared to all other wedding hairstyles therefore it has gained in popularity. Other than that the sock bun can be used effectively for any social or corporate event. It will truly make you the centre of attention because o its bold voluptuous look which is the main feature of this great and versatile hairstyle.

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