How To Make Almond Butter?

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Almond butter, one of the best sources of protein is a paste made from almonds. It is considered as the best companion of whole grain bread. Almond butter contains monosaturated fat which is a good fat and is not harmful to your body. You can have almond butter with your breakfast every morning. This protein paste also contains hundred calories per tablespoon. You can easily make almond butter at home and it will be much more cost effective compared to the store jars.

How To Make Almond Butter

Benefits of Almond Butter:

Almond butter is very healthy compared to peanut butter. It contains healthy elements such as Magnesium, Vitamin E, Iron, etc. Being an ideal source of protein, almond butter has a massive role in repairing and regenerating tissues. Athletes and physique enthusiast consider almond butter as one of the main sources of protein.

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Steps To Make Delicious Almond Butter:

Do you like almond butter? You better do as it is one of the healthiest and affordable food substances ever. Following points will help you in making mouth-watering almond butter. This is the most simple and comfortable should not take more than 30 minutes. Now that we have arranged all the ingredients required, let’s begin!

Step 1 – Heating The Almonds:

Firstly take two cups of almond and warm it first. This will make the process of making almond butter a lot easier and it will save time as well. Heat the almonds for not more than 10 minutes. They are warm enough by now and are ready to be processed. This process will allow the almonds to propagate the oils stored inside while processing.

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Step 2 – Processing The Butter:

Secondly, put the heated almonds in your food processor. The food processor should contain an S-shaped blade. If the processor is large enough you can take more than 3 cups of almond, as discussed earlier. Taking more than 3 cups will delay the process and have a serious impact on the final product. Close the processor’s bowl and start it. The process of making almond butter will not take more than 30 minutes. The almond at the bottom will gather around the edges so you will have to brush down the sides for a number of times. If you’re using a big food process then you will see a drastic change in the processor by now. The oils have been extracted from the almond, which have assisted to form a mass structure inside the bowl. After 20-25 minutes, you will get a clear view of the processed almond butter within the processor. The butter will become smooth and look like warm paste. You’ve done it. The almond butter is ready. Now use it on a piece of bread and have a bite. It will be smoother that the artificial butter jars available in your nearby departmental stores.

Obviously, you won’t be able to eat it all at once. Store it in a glass jar and put in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

Now you can use this butter with a variety of food and recipes. While making the butter you can use spices like salt, according to your preference. The quality of the almonds will have a great influence on the taste of the finished product.

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